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  1. Recently I was telling mom a weird story I'd heard from an American friend on my recent travels. A true story as well, involving people obliquely related to his family:

    A couple of kids (well, in their 20s), neither of whom had their own place, were looking for somewhere to have sex. Not wanting to pay for a motel room, they just parked their car in the middle of a field and went at it.

    Now this was winter in the midwest, so they kept the heating on. And this car was a really beat-up piece of crap.
    Post coitus, they fell asleep and never woke up, overcome by carbon monoxide poisoning (exhaust gases were entering the cab, it was in that bad a state of repair).

    OK, a pretty shocking tale, but I was really taken aback by mom's first thought, which is the title of this post.

    But what do you think: is this a common way to die?

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    2. myk


      Dr. Zin said:
      Anyway, I'd assume the suicidee would inhale the aerosol.

      I think they mostly eat rat poison. At least that's how one of my aunts killed herself.

    3. Patrick


      I wouldn't say that death by carbon monoxide is frequent, but it happens enough to be a problem. It's not just associated with having sex in a car, but often in the winter (this is very true in Colorado) everyone warms up their car in the morning by letting it sit in idle. Sometimes people are unfortunate enough to have ice blocking the exhaust pipe or other kinds of mechanical issues.

    4. deathbringer


      In somewhere with shonky old rustbuckets, like Russia or My Garage, maybe, but Americans all (incoming stereotype) chuck away thier cars that are more than 10 years old and buy the latest shiny SUV with all sorts of fancy stuff on that'd prevent that happening. Also young people having sex in public in America would (incoming stereotype 2) be shot by the cops for terrible crimes against humanity anyway.