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    2. Grazza


      Super Jamie said:

      enjoy your -9C

      I'm sure I would have done, if it had got anything like that warm.


      Plenty of sunshine though. :p The weather satellites were showing it as having thin cloud, because they were fooled by the coldness of the air.

      View across Lake Superior from the Duluth Canal Park one bitterly cold morning:

    3. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      Grazza said:

      Wow. I cannot imagine it being that cold, I have no perception of what it must feel like. Can you even go outside in -29C temperatures? It's crazy to think 60C separates where I am to where you are.

      That's an awesome photo btw, I will hack that into a wallpaper later on :)

    4. Grazza


      That photo was taken at breakfast through a window. When I went outside, it had warmed up to about -10F, and there was less wind.

      The coldest air temperature I have personally experienced is -38F (that's about -39C). There wasn't much wind, and there were tiny ice particles crystallizing out of the air - known as "diamond dust" because of the way they sparkle in the sunlight. When it's that cold, any exposed flesh is in danger of getting frost-bitten, and the danger increases drastically as the wind speed increases. Obviously if you're doing something like skiing or snowmobiling, you are immediately making the windchill life-threatening, so everything needs to be well covered (balaclava, good goggles, etc.)

      If you want to get a feel for what it is like, put part of your body inside a freezer with the "quick freeze" setting on.

      Glad you like the photo!