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  1. For my honeymoon, I dragged my bride to some abandoned* Russian mining settlements that are as close to the North Pole as they are to the Arctic Circle. Fortunately she likes the polar regions and anything Russian, so this wasn't as bad a choice as it might sound.

    Pictures (click thumbnail for a larger image):



    <small>* Actually, Barentsburg isn't abandoned. But we also went to Grumant and Colesbukta, which are.</small>

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    2. Grazza


      Look up the Svalbard Treaty, and all will become clear. And if you look at a map of the Northern Hemisphere centred on the North Pole, you will see that there is every reason to care who has a presence there.

      Incidentally, Barentsburg seems to have been improved quite a bit since I was last there nearly three years ago. It is a lot cleaner, and the decaying old "deathtrap" steps up to the town from the harbour have been replaced with a sturdy new set of wide wooden steps. The heap of rusting junk at the harbour has been removed (and it looks like it is regularly cleared), and the underground fires appear to have been put out. Some of the abandoned buildings have been demolished and cleared away, and others have at least been given a new coat of paint. Generally speaking, someone with some resources behind them seems to be giving a damn about the place. That might just be due to the Russian government rediscovering the strategic usefulness of the place, of course.

    3. bytor


      Maes said:

      BTW, am I the only one seeing Doom textures and potential Doom mappability in this scenery? ;-)

      My first thought was; "DOOM SKIES!".

      The mountains in the background look like paintings.

      So clean, quiet, and beautiful.

      I'm amazed at seeing all those buildings and structures but no people. I need to get out of the city.

    4. 40oz


      Creaphis said:

      I see this anywhere, and anytime. It's almost gotten out of hand. Sometimes, I'll be visiting some interesting place or building, and I feel a feeling that can be best translated into words as, "This place would be awesome if it was made into a Doom level, because then I could explore it" - as if I wasn't already exploring it.

      Yeah, I've also gotten in modes in which I see every flat surface as a visplane, and all walls and otherwise vertically upright surfaces as middle textures, and anything else small, or oddly shaped is simply ignored.