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  1. Root canal treatment that fails.

    Yes, I've just sat in the dentist's chair for well over two hours while he scraped out the inside of a tooth and filled it back in. Near the end of this whole difficult process, he noticed that the tooth's roots were fractured. (Up until then, he had been mystified as to why an apparently healthy tooth had died.) This means the RCT won't save the tooth, which will now need to be extracted.

    Well damn it. Of course, I still need to take the pain meds and antibiotics, just as I would if the treatment had been successful.

    I'm planning to get implants done in Budapest.

    So, share your own funny dental stories, if you wish.

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    2. Kirby


      Planky said:

      My wisdom teeth have impacted, so have to get them to removed. Not looking forward to that.

      I've heard the laughing gas is rather quite trippy. OTOH I went with having them knock me out, which made the whole thing go by in a flash. Last thing I remember was watching the orthodontist plunge the syringe and trying to see how long I would stay awake before passing out. Next thing I know I'm woken up in the waiting room, still drowsy as hell, and I couldn't focus my right eye because I was shot up with so much novocaine.

      Percocets daily in the following week or two made my days much nicer. It's actually not a bad experience once you're done with it, but make sure you get the perscription for pain meds filled out ASAP because once the novocaine wears off you're gonna need 'em.

    3. Danarchy


      deathbringer said:

      Tooth removal is nothing compared to a root canal, though. Apart from the anaesthetic injections you (actually) won't feel a thing.

      I had a root canal once and it was quite painless due to the drugd.

      Actually, I had teeth removed, too (baby teeth that needed to GTFO so I could get braces), and they weren't painful either. It felt really weird, though.

    4. Grazza


      Tooth 31 has now been removed, and not a moment too soon, as it was getting quite painful (understatement). It came out cleanly. The thing was huge.

      I plan to get a replacement tooth at this place.