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  1. Custom sky texture.

    Though do be aware that this isn't actually a Boom feature. It was introduced in MBF, but is additionally supported by some "Boom-compatible" ports.
  2. Random Image Thread

    Magellanic penguin, Isla Magdalena, Chile 10th penguin species I have seen in the wild.
  3. Complete /idgames Archive Downloads

    Why fucken' comrpess it at all? Dos every1 have sh1t internet or sommat? Seriously, if you want a local copy of the idgames archive, what's the objection to using an FTP client? Set it to download the lot, and come back later and it's done. Then you can update it any time you want by just asking it to download new or changed files. Simples.
  4. Random Image Thread

    Can you see the man on the horse on this rock face? Some context.
  5. How to form a plan in chess?

    A bit late to this, as you posted when I had just set off for a trip into the Patagonian wilderness. It sounds like the problem is that you are viewing the opening and middlegame as two separate units. That is, in the opening you are following the standard opening goals of getting your pieces out and controlling the centre. That's fair enough as a way to avoid an opening disaster, but may leave your pieces without any natural plans going forward. Further opening goals (which become more important as you become stronger as a player) are to develop purposefully with a view to possible middlegame plans. Carve out possible strong squares. Inflict weaknesses. Maybe building up a strong and flexible pawn-centre. Maybe keep the king flexible if it isn't yet clear where you will want to attack. If your opening play has been purposeful in this way, then your possible plans should become clearer. Do you have some strong squares? Then use them. Have you inflicted weaknesses? Put pressure on them. Can you advance your centre pawns and stifle the enemy pieces? Then, er, do so. You get the picture. And if you have a clear plan to attack the enemy king, and have still kept your king flexible, then determine how best to make use of that situation: maybe castle on the opposite side (assuming the centre isn't safe) and throw everything into an attack. But remember that it might be best to castle on the same side and attack mostly with pieces. Don't confuse "defence" with "being passive". Defence is rather a dynamic thing, as you are trying to counter the opponent's ideas by minimal means while seeking ways to counterattack, possibly using sacrifices of your own. Simply sitting there waiting to be attacked and hoping the opponent screws it up is not defence. Always when playing chess, spare a thought for what the opponent is intending. This will sometimes suggest your best move straight away, but don't always assume you must respond. You might be able to reply with threats of your own that render your opponent's ideas irrelevant. Or neatly parry the opponent's plan while doing something useful for your own position. Bear in mind that abstract considerations have limited value. You'll only really learn how to play better by playing, but you'll progress faster if you have a good idea of what you should be doing in general terms. Like going to Patagonia: you can read a guide book all you like, but it is no substitute for visiting. And once you have visited, a lot of that stuff in the guidebook will make a lot more sense. Edit: "I also usually want to exchange as much as possible as quick as possible so that we can enter endgame where it's easier to see what my goal should be." This is a really common error in pretty much all levels of play below master. Reducing tension (generally by initiating exchanges of pieces or pawns) is in general a concession. Only do so if you really gain something specific (or truly have no better option). Otherwise let the opponent initiate exchanges if he wishes (as long as he isn't gaining something specific, of course). Why? Well, by keeping your options open, you increase your range of possibilities, and this means that your opponent will have to be ready to meet all of them. There may be an ideal reply to each of them in isolation, but a reply that serves best in all cases may be more of a compromise choice, and allow you then to choose which option (e.g. exchange, advance or retain the tension) is most favourable to you. This is a real point, and not just a psychological one. A situation where you can resolve tension without conceding much (but the opponent cannot) is called favourable tension, and something that strong players seek to create. Yes, this is an advanced topic that will make more sense with experience, so feel free just to take my word for it right now.
  6. New Scythe 2b Demos [-complevel 2]

    There is absolutely nothing stopping people creating new categories and recording to any set of rules and selection of levels they like, but if you use standard terms, then people will naturally assume that you are using them to mean the standard things.
  7. Things about Doom you just found out

    It is more nuanced than that - death exits are and were completely OK in coop. For instance, this was uncontroversially accepted as a Compet-n record in 2002: http://doomedsda.us/lmps/946/7/pc01-007.zip What is not OK (unless the non-standard category "coop with deaths" is specified) is one player simply getting killed (e.g. early on in the level) and another later exiting. There are inevitably borderline cases where it gets a little messy.
  8. Share a random fact about yourself

    And that's your lame excuse for not getting to the Horn, I suppose?
  9. Sphere Camera


    Yay, new toy. Basically a 180-degree fisheye that makes panoramas easy, as well as getting distorted images of fingers, etc., around the edge of the image.



    Forest canopy



    Ice cave






    new possibilities in alcohol photography


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    2. Memfis


      They kinda look like crystal balls with tiny worlds inside.

    3. Grazza


      Linguica: no, selfies suck.


      Glad people like the ice cave. Though it should be said that any photos of the cave looked amazing. If you want to see it, it is at the Perito Moreno Glacier (around 50.4906 S, 73.0532 W), but it will soon be gone as water pressure will break it apart. New ones will form of course, here and in other places, but this one was relatively stable and pretty easily accessible (well, once you were in that part of Patagonia...).

    4. Grazza


      Another one, taken today:


      Champagne Pool, Waiotapu, New Zealand

  10. Random Image Thread

    Taken in Smeerenburgfjorden. Easily mistaken for the more famous Magdalenefjorden, which is a little further south.
  11. Megawads as easy as doom/2/tnt?

    Icarus, TVR and Extremal spring instantly to mind. All are roughly similar in difficulty level and size/complexity of maps. Others you might consider (with reasons in parenthesis as to why I hesitate to recommend them quite so instantly) are 2002ado (some convoluted routes/secrets), STRAIN (uses dehacked; also harder in places), Marswar (variable quality/size of maps) and h2h-xmas (contains some slaughter maps and revenant hoardes).
  12. Boss shooter. Invisible and can't be killed. Can't move either, but then it's only for a day. Edit: I'll respond in advance to the inevitable objection: No, they are two separate things.
  13. Taking a road trip

    I'll be at Cape Horn, so if you can handle a 17000 mile detour and your vehicle is semi-amphibious (for the Darien Gap et al.), then I'll see you there! The timing should work out pretty well.
  14. Good Ol' Exams

    Is there anyone who can help you prepare? Once I helped my sister prepare for exams, and I read her notes to her aloud, using silly voices for some parts of them. She stayed focused and remembered the stuff pretty well. How well that might work depends on the subject though. And as Shanoa says, take breaks. Maybe even use them as 'rewards' to yourself for a good spell of concentrated effort. Maybe for every 6 hours work, you permit yourself to watch a favourite TV show. Or for every two hours' effort, you reward yourself by playing a Doom level (preferably a small one). I have heard it claimed that the brain works best in 25-minute chunks, so maybe take very short breaks twice an hour. If you can convince yourself that you love the subject you're revising, that might help too.
  15. There's already a 1:24 for UV Speed, so the second demo doesn't belong in this thread. Edit: Ah, I see: there's an error on the pernicious hr site. http://doomedsda.us/wad944m230.html