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  1. Grazza

    Working Out thread

    Hike. In winter, ski or snowshoe. I have cross-country skis but need to get around to using them. (Maybe subconsciously I fear looking like an idiot if I am lousy on them, despite being an expert alpine skier.)
  2. Grazza

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I normally give darker roast coffees a finer grind than lighter roasts. I don't know why. It just seems right to me.
  3. Grazza

    Post your pet pictures!

    October pets of the month
  4. Grazza

    Nomonster speedrunning

    Earth by Roger Ritenour Map01 (The Ruins) Nomonsters Speed in 0:59 I've actually no idea what the intended route is, but I'm certain this isn't it! Kind of sloppy running, but my target time was <1:00, so yeah. ear1o059.zip
  5. Grazza

    Post your pet pictures!

  6. Grazza

    'Wads of Wads' CD from 1994

    I see that there is a LMP section in there that might be of some historical interest. Judging from the number of files alone, it must have some demos that aren't included in the "The DOOM Hall of Fame: Collectors Edition", which has a similar vintage. From their date-stamps, most of the demos must be 1.2 format, which Prboom+ can attempt to play back, with a good degree of success. (I have only tested a few of them though.)
  7. Grazza

    Random Image Thread

    The obelisk marks the center of the foot of the 100-foot tower on which the device was detonated. In the blast photos (such as this one), it is the point at ground level below the center of the fireball. The tower was mostly vaporized, but a small distance from the obelisk you can still see the twisted, melted remnants of one of the feet of the tower. It is safe to visit the site. Radiation is all around us, and the radiation level in the area is fairly low. While it is elevated above that of the surrounding area, there are many sources of radiation that expose us to higher levels and that we tend to view as inoccuous. There was a sign at the site that gave information on this, presumably to reassure anyone who was nervous. I could post an image of it, but it's simpler to quote from this page: So you wouldn't want to live there long term - that would be similar exposure to having a CAT Scan twice a month. Trinitite is indeed radioactive, though at relatively low levels. Geiger counters get quite noisy when pointed at the stuff. Making jewelry out of it probably isn't great idea, and wearing it for long periods even less so. But you won't get sick just from being near the stuff for a while. If you're keen to investigate radiation in the world around you, then there are some inexpensive Geiger counters available. Strongly recommended if you plan to visit the Russian Arctic too. Since this is the random image thread, here's an admittedly not so random image: Taken in Roswell, New Mexico
  8. Grazza

    Random Image Thread

    Views from the top: Ben Lomond Sarcophagus From the air: Faddeyevsky Peninsula
  9. Grazza


    The "Phase 1 Beta Release" of Boom (attached) was dated 31-Mar-1998 in the README file; the file-stamps in the zip are 1-Apr-1998. My local copy of the zip is dated 3-Apr-1998, which is presumably the date I downloaded it. I think what really propelled Zdoom to "dominant port" status was when TeamTNT discontinued Boom development and basically told everyone that Zdoom could pretty much be viewed as the successor to it (and would be used for future TeamTNT projects - on 20-Mar-1999). That created major headwinds for ports based on the Boom source code. boombet0.zip
  10. Grazza

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    MADE OF METALS series by John Hahn Map01 Nightmare! Speed in 0:14 mom1n014.zip Simple enough, but it still took a fair number of attempts. UV Speed would be slower, since you'd need to collect some additional rockets.
  11. It's a reference to Doom2 map22. I didn't particularly like the idea at the time either, but it isn't just random.
  12. Grazza

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    It opens OK in 7zip. But I have repackaged it in any case. momser_.zip
  13. Grazza

    Random Image Thread

    Mount Erebus info: Taken at McMurdo Station, Antarctica. Not the greatest quality images, but readable.
  14. Grazza

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    MADE OF METALS series by John Hahn Map01 UV Pacifist in 7:58 mom1p758.zip It's one of the those aggravating and swearing-inducing Pacifists that I sometimes do. The plan is simple enough: get a lost soul to attack a Romero head. But setting it up is a bit of a mess. See the txt for info. The zip includes a few fail demos. The wad was posted in the Compuserve Action Games forum but never made it into the Archive.
  15. Not quite sure what you're getting at here, but HR was made by two Israeli guys.