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  1. Grazza

    Random Image Thread

    More lens testing. A couple of barred owls presented themselves at one of the local state parks. They were a fair distance away and the light was fairly low, so not too bad. Unfortunately, when a black bear (extremely rarely seen in these parts - pretty much the southern tip of their range) appeared earlier, my camera wasn't handy. Though if we're talking about being fortunate, there is the fact that it wasn't inclined to be aggressive...
  2. Post your demos for 2sectors here. Use -complevel 2 (Doom2.exe format) and use the naming convention 2sXY-ZZZ.lmp, where XY is the map number and ZZZ is the time. Replace the "-" with a letter representing categories other than UV-speed and max. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I've recorded a bunch of 15 demos on 2sectors. They're mostly very short, and the category varies - for the most part I just chose whatever seemed the most entertaining way to play it. Two maps are demoless, because I couldn't immediately think of anything that would be fun either to play or to watch.
  3. Grazza

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

  4. Grazza

    Condolences to my Pet's Passing.

    Very sorry to hear that. Pet loss can be devastating. They are not just like close family members; they are close family members. You may wish to look for a pet loss support group in your area. They can be very helpful. Also, as you recover from your loss, you may be able to assist others who are in earlier stages of their own grief to handle what they are experiencing. This is one near me.
  5. Grazza

    Random Image Thread

    Nikon Coolpix P1000. It's kind of bulky. I have a couple of trips coming up (Greenland/Iceland and Chile/Bolivia) and felt a camera upgrade was in order.
  6. Grazza

    Random Image Thread

    New camera arrived today. Testing the zoom lens.
  7. Ever since its inception, this forum has always been a place to post demos of absolutely any type of category you wish (including "advanced" port or "incompatible" demos if you see fit for whatever reason). So you should feel free to post anything here that you wish to record. While closely linked with this forum, DSDA is an external site with its own set of rules, and while you may wish to consider how your demos will be classified (or rejected) there, it does not set the rules for this forum.
  8. Grazza

    Random Image Thread

    Aerial shot. My notes from the time say: "probably Nathorstfjellet in the foreground and Kolspissfjella on the other side of the lake, Nordenskiøld Land".
  9. For some reason I decided to do one of the connecting maps in Equinox. Just a quickie: Map08 UV Max in 0:32. Feel free to beat it if you like; sub-30 would be nice.
  10. Grazza

    Random Image Thread

    Powers Lake, Minnesota, yesterday
  11. Death Tormention aka pe4m_all // pe4m_all.wad [cl3] Death Tormention 2 aka pe4_dt2 // pe4_dt2.wad [cl3] Death Tormention 3 aka pe4_dt3 // pe4_dt3.wad [cl9] Death Tormention II, E4M6, UV Pacifist in 0:37. Thing glide/wobble to skip a linedef. I got a blister on one of my fingers from this. :(
  12. 10 Sectors Part 2 (10secto2.wad) Map28 NM Pacifist in 0:09. Nothing special. Deciding what to name the file took nearly as long as the recording session. There's a 1% health moment, for those who like such things. t228np09.zip
  13. Grazza

    Quake needs a "doomworld"

    The place for that is here: https://speeddemosarchive.com/quake/ Pretty active of late, after a few years in the doldrums. And Joequake is AFAIK still the port of choice for Quake demos: http://joequake.runecentral.com/news.html
  14. Grazza

    Random Image Thread

  15. DSDA page I haven't much time at all to record ATM, but here's one demo at least: Slugfest by Shamus Young, map09 UV Pacifist in 0:52. The zip also includes a Pacifist on map10, but it is kind of trivial. slg9p052.zip
  16. I wandered through STRAIN recently, looking for suitable maps for strolling. Apart from map01 and the trivial map21 (too trivial to be worth recording), I didn't find much. However, having reminded myself how cool this wad is, I decided to record a few non-strollers: map20 UV Pacifist(?) in 0:58 map31 UV Speed in 0:39 map32 UV Speed in 1:51 Somewhat scrappy demos, but fun. They'll all play back with strnhack.exe (i.e. doom2.exe with strain.deh applied), Eternity or Prboom 2.2.6.
  17. Grazza

    Favorite Beavis and butthead moment?

    Woodshop. The whole thing from start to finish was non-stop best moments (right from the initial "we've got wood" to the final nosepick incident). But so much good stuff. Yes, the whole Alcoholics Anonymous deal was "clever". And whenever any body part suffers any sort of impact, I yell "Arghh! My liver!". And that time a guy asked me (all serious) "Are you threatening me?" and I damn near burst out laughing.
  18. Grazza

    post about your favorite dinosaur

    Oddly enough, I was apparently the first person to use the word Triceratops in these forums, and I shall now become the most recent.
  19. Grazza

    Random Image Thread

    Map of yesterday's hiking at a local state park, courtesy of my Garmin watch: I swear the choice of route was completely accidental, even if I have previously joked about finding such routes. One side of the, uh, shaft is called the Walter Mondale trail.
  20. Grazza

    Known lost WADs of our history?

    Bunch of Kesler stuff attached, which includes two versions of that. kkesler.zip
  21. The only real-ish gun I ever fired was a starting pistol. Very loud and realistic, but harmless. We were doing a Spanish/French school play kind of thing for a parents' evening or something of that nature. I was playing a Spanish cop dealing with some bank robbers. "¡Entreguen sus armas, en seguida!" and other such awesome lines. Anyway, I thought the kid's toy capgun would be much too tame, and my dad was able to get this starting pistol from somewhere. So yeah, when I fired the thing in a school classroom during this play it was just a little bit too loud. You could see into other rooms the other side of the quadrangle where other events were taking place, and everyone there was looking towards where the gunshot had come from. For the second and third performances we used the capgun instead. Back on topic, no one should enjoy firing guns, FFS. Grow up.
  22. Grazza

    80's and 90's pc games Set in haunted houses...

    Nitemare 3D (lol) TAS speedrun that is perhaps a little more confusing even than these things normally are:
  23. Grazza

    need tips for killing archviles

    One useful tip is that if your strategy means accepting that the bugger is going to blast you once (or more), then you might as well be standing right next to him when that happens. Not only does that mean your own shots will connect with him that much better (assuming you're not doing a pacifist run), but he will also take some damage (and pain chance) from his own blast too. My favourite archvile kill in a pacifist run was, while invulnerable, standing right next to a bunch of barrels and letting archie blast me (and thus the barrels), killing himself in the process.
  24. Grazza

    How often do you drop to 1% health?

    Very common if the map ends with a telefrag of a voodoo doll in an exit/damage sector. Otherwise I always try to finish a map with 0% health. It's just the right thing to do, if it is at all possible. I do recall some demo recording sessions where a finish around 1% health was the norm. You were bound to take a certain amount of damage and didn't have time to pick up any health, so you either made it to the exit with a few percent, or you didn't.
  25. Grazza

    I have surprise dental surgery Monday

    I had a fun dental experience a few months back. I finished skiing one day in Colorado and noticed that one of my front teeth felt a bit funny. The tooth in question has never been quite right after some kid punched me many years ago at high school, and I just thought it was being sensitive to cold, as usual. But it didn't go back to normal as I warmed up, but started getting worse and worse. Well, as the snow was kind of crappy, the car wasn't running well, and some dental work was clearly going to be needed, I decided to start the 15-hour drive home. This turned out to be a day with 60-100 mph winds along much of my route, with a great many overturned semi-trucks littering the median of the interstate. Severe tumbleweed "storms" in many places. A few places with dust reducing visibility to dangerous levels. A car that had trouble climbing hills. Great. And through all this I was trying to time my rest stops to take enough ibuprofen to keep the pain from this tooth to a mere annoying tingle. Driving though the night helped as it meant there was hardly any traffic. Anyway, got home to MN, made an appointment with a dentist almost immediately ("yes, please give me a referral to the guy the other side of town who's available today"). Once home I had a few more painkiller options (my wife being a pharmacist and all...). Dentist did a root canal pretty well I thought. I saw some online reviews of the guy, the most common complaint being that he wasn't too chatty. Frankly I was very happy that he just got on with the work rather than engaging in what would have been rather one-sided chit-chat. The car problem wasn't completely resolved until four months later, but that's another saga all in itself.