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  1. Grazza

    Name meanings of some doom ports

    A few years ago I bought up some random copies of my first book just so I wouldn't become that guy. Back on topic, OGRE stood for "Open Gaming Resource Engine".
  2. Grazza

    Name meanings of some doom ports

    Do you mean the J. R. Hartley reference?
  3. Grazza

    The Next Iteration of DSDA

    Natalya Shilyaeva and QWERTY are the same person.
  4. Grazza

    Are you supposed to kill every demon?

    "It does not kill me, so why should I kill it?" - Steffen Winterfeldt in 30nm6520.txt. That sums it up pretty neatly.
  5. Asylum of the Wretched also starts with zero bullets (and 23 health). Though that might be mainly so that you don't immediately shoot the two guards dead and end up stuck in your cell.
  6. This is the thread to post your demos on the classic megawad Icarus by Team TNT. This is a vanilla Doom2.exe-compatible wad, so it makes sense to record demos in that format. Feel free to use Doom2.exe, Chocolate-Doom or of course Prboom+ with -complevel 2. For a table of existing demos on Icarus, look here. -------------------------------------------------- (There follows the original thread-opener:) This demo is just to demonstrate that a standard exit trick can be used in many maps in Icarus. From the text-file: Icarus map24 NM Pacifist in 0:18.
  7. Grazza

    Warnings on Doomworld.

    Didn't there use to be a cover-all rule "Don't be a jerk"? It's basically the only rule you need (though there is of course no harm in also specifying some things that are not allowed), and it also avoids rule-lawyering, where people try to pick holes in a set of detailed rules in order to justify, well, being a jerk.
  8. Grazza

    Cheese tactics!

    Any tactic that enables you to achieve your goals (whatever they may be) better/faster/more safely/whatever is a good idea and not using it is simply perverse.
  9. Grazza

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    If this accidental deletion occurred recently, then it might be simplest to use data recovery. I've always found PhotoRec easy to use and reliable.
  10. Grazza

    Vanilla Doom secret level behaviour

    There is something you can do about Doom2's secret exists with dehacked, but it's not tremendously useful. See the end of fraggle's post here. Uber geek mode on. Doom checks for the existence of a lump named "map01". If the player is playing Doom II and that lump isn't present, it assumes that the special "store demo" version of the game is playing, so any inputs (keyboard, mouse etc) are ignored. The "map31" is used to disable the Doom 2 secret exit when playing the German version with no wolfenstein levels. So, e.g., change that to map33, and secret exits won't take you to the secret levels.
  11. Grazza

    What Is Your Opinion On Free Speech?

    Opinean on Free Speech? I think there's nothing to add to what Username wrote:
  12. I wandered through STRAIN recently, looking for suitable maps for strolling. Apart from map01 and the trivial map21 (too trivial to be worth recording), I didn't find much. However, having reminded myself how cool this wad is, I decided to record a few non-strollers: map20 UV Pacifist(?) in 0:58 map31 UV Speed in 0:39 map32 UV Speed in 1:51 Somewhat scrappy demos, but fun. They'll all play back with strnhack.exe (i.e. doom2.exe with strain.deh applied), Eternity or Prboom 2.2.6.
  13. Grazza

    Quick ramble on gravity

    I believe your understanding of gravity equals that which both Hawking and Einstein currently possess.
  14. Ah, I thought this was going to be like one of those things where people think they have seen Jesus's face in a pile of vomit, or Hitler's moustache on a piece of toast or a photo from Mars or whatever. Funniest thing like that I recall was my sister thinking she saw Ronald Reagan's face in my shirt pocket (when folded up). Just from a particular angle. She quickly ended up regretting saying that one out loud.
  15. Grazza

    What are you doing to keep yourself busy?

    Try these.
  16. You mean the fact that it is a torus? You can verify for yourself that it satisfies the topological properties of a torus by noclipping out of a map and seeing how you wrap around at the edges. The other properties I mentioned are self-evident.
  17. Besides, the whole Doom space is a finite flat non-fractal torus that has somehow been embedded in three-dimensional Euclidean space. It would be odd to assume that any of the standard laws of physics should therefore apply.
  18. It's possibly notable that Dario Casali released a full set of UV demos on each level from a pistol start. His accompanying text-file is worth reading for several reasons.
  19. Grazza

    I want to collect rocks

    Reminds me of what a tourist guide once told me about a guest they had on a coach tour (the fancy sort where they load your cases on and off the coach for you). One guy's bag was empty at the start, and they wondered why he'd even bothered with it. Day by day it got heavier and heavier, and by the end it took a couple of hefty guys to drag the thing around. Turned out this guest was an amateur geologist and was collecting rock samples each day. Yeah, a little knowledge and info is useful so you're only collecting the interesting stuff, and some tools are useful to reduce the size of samples, etc. Geology is really interesting, and for the USA I can recommend the Roadside Geology series (there are ones for most states). They pick out interesting sites in areas where you wouldn't find much just poking around on your own. Sometimes the flattest landscapes (e.g. Nebraska) can have the richest geological story. I also found a nice guide for the parks of Western Australia, if you happen to find yourself in that part of the world. This post would not be complete without a random photo of some rocks: colourful metamorphic rocks, Minebukta, Duvefjorden
  20. Maybe they just want to play with Doomguy and don't realize that they are harming him. Imps might expect him to play catch with their fireballs, who knows? Perhaps the demons are trying to feed him and some of the other guys are looking for a little sparring. Come on, the guy's already got his protective head gear on.
  21. Grazza

    Post your Desktop Background

    I've currently got the background as a slideshow changing every hour using pictures from a selection called "Italy". Right now: View of the Langkoffel Group from Sass Pordoi. Something like this.
  22. I think people with your view of things are the reason why the USA will have far more deaths than the rest of the world put together and become an international pariah state, whose citizens won't be allowed into other countries until there is a vaccine, and possibly well beyond that point.
  23. Grazza

    Random Image Thread

    From here.
  24. Grazza

    If Classic Revenants Could Fly...

    The holobots and invisible holobots in STRAIN are basically flying revenants (with new graphics and sounds). They aren't terribly annoying, as they don't move very fast and don't have a lot of health.