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  1. Grazza

    I love Youtube's war on ad-blockers

    Recently I have been finding Brave pretty good in terms of letting me use my existing Youtube account while blocking ads and sidestepping the anti-adblock measures. Makes it very easy to import settings, links and logins too. Blocks invasive ads on Twitter.
  2. I dunno, it kind of looks like most other threads.
  3. What do you get if you multiply six by nine?
  4. Grazza

    What's in a Name?

    Of serious map names, I find "Last Look at Eden" (HR map13) rather evocative, while among funnier names, "Lava Pits that Suck" (The Lord, map05) is straightforward, and apt. Hilarious that someone would carefully create a map and then blast it like this in its very name. And then you get the weird/recherché ones like Phragmobasidium (TVR! map26) or Hausterium (TVR! map21) - the latter at least having something vaguely to do with the map design.
  5. Grazza

    Question Regarding Rules

    This suggests it might not be such a big deal: https://web.archive.org/web/20120412200006/http://www.doomworld.com/vb/post-hell/22129-in-this-thread-is-a-picture-of-a-womans-naked-breasts/
  6. Grazza

    Known lost WADs of our history?

    A few screenshots appear to have survived: https://web.archive.org/web/19981202074932/http://www.doomworld.com:80/ninja/screenshots.htm
  7. Grazza

    Cant find x mod

  8. Grazza

    Which musicians have you seen live?

    Hawkwind (twice) Motörhead Gong Ozric Tentacles (a few times) Dead or Alive Roy Harper and a few others (esp at Midtfyns Festival, but I forget who was there*). Main regrets were missing Iron Maiden and Marillion (IIRC, I had a ticket but it was cancelled). * Looking it up, there was Simply Red, TV-2, Joe Cocker, Marillion(!), Curtis Stigers, Glenn Frey, Gnags, Procol Harum, Gun, Roxette and Suzi Quatro. So them too. I was there each day because I was on a chess club stall playing all comers for a few kroner, which also gave me a full pass for everything. It was muddy, but just a few stops on the train from home. Motörhead was at the Corn Exchange (Cambridge), which was much too small a venue given that they clearly were not interested in turning down the volume: square-wave clipping galore! Hawkwind had a supporting band (The Babysitters) that was generally disliked (they were not only awful, but a terrible fit stylistically), so they must have had a miserable time; many attendees went to multiple venues on the same tour, and roundly booed and insulted them as soon as they took the stage. Forgot the Cambridge May Ball, so add Circus Circus Circus and George Melly. And the Taste of Minnesota, so add Elvis Costello.
  9. Grazza

    Times you've talked to the police

    Last time I spoke to police was, IIRC, in a local state park. We were in the "prairie loop" trail (somewhere around here), relatively high up (by Minnesota standards) with long views in all directions. Very few other people around. Vehicle appeared in the distance on the walking trail. A little odd, but park ranger vehicles sometimes do so, but not generally on this one. (Ruining our deer count, damn it!) But it soon became clear it was a police vehicle. When they reached us, they asked if we had seen two people who looked out of place in some way. Well, we hadn't seen anyone for ages, and the few people we had seen in the park in the last couple of hours had looked like ordinary hikers. Tried to get some information about in what way odd (someone abducted? lost? Alzheimers patient wandering around disorientated?) but they weren't divulging much. When we later got back to the parking lot, there were a few other police vehicles, and other police going into the park. This was around sunset by this point. We told them we hadn't seen anyone else since they had spoken to us. Later looked on local news sites and local police web sites, but no indication about what the situation had been. So that was that. Yeah, cool story and stuff. Otherwise just routine stuff. There was one time when I was going to be a witness in some minor court case, but the defendant didn't show up. I don't think I had actually spoken to any police then, but just given a written statement at the request of the aggrieved party.
  10. Grazza

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    Other than grocery items and Xmas gifts, this heater: It was a Cyber Monday deal on Amazon, so the price was pretty good. Having had solar panels (plus battery storage) installed a few months ago, it makes sense to use electric heating as much as possible. In terms of non-grocery over-the-counter purchases, a bunch of maps, a woolly hat and a mug from the Post Office and Museum in Grytviken. One of those "I'll probably never be back here again" places, so you kind of go a bit crazy buying anything that you think you might want and can also fit in your backpack without getting broken.
  11. Grazza

    Post a picture...that you took

    King penguin, Whistle Cove, South Georgia, a couple of weeks ago
  12. Grazza

    I love Youtube's war on ad-blockers

    Simplest solution I have found is to use your preferred adblocker as normal and to be logged out of your account when watching anything (or to log out as necessary when youtube starts being an ass). It should be possible to keep your viewing within useful limits without being "forced" to by invasive corporate policies.
  13. DSDA page aka equinox.wad For some reason I decided to do one of the connecting maps in Equinox. Just a quickie: Map08 UV Max in 0:32. Feel free to beat it if you like; sub-30 would be nice.
  14. A.L.T. by [B0S] Clan 2012-05 (old) 2012-12 (current) Naming convention: alXYZ, where X is the map, Y is the category, Z is the time. Map04 NM Speed in 0:58 That'll teach map makers to put windows near crates. :p al04n058.zip
  15. DSDA page This is the thread to post your demos on the classic megawad Icarus by Team TNT. This is a vanilla Doom2.exe-compatible wad, so it makes sense to record demos in that format. Feel free to use Doom2.exe, Chocolate-Doom or of course Prboom+ with -complevel 2. For a table of existing demos on Icarus, look here. [removed old DSDA link - Maribo] -------------------------------------------------- (There follows the original thread-opener:) This demo is just to demonstrate that a standard exit trick can be used in many maps in Icarus. From the text-file: Icarus map24 NM Pacifist in 0:18.
  16. Grazza

    Nonviolent Doom Wads

    I suppose the most obvious is Ars Doom. A few links: https://www.gamescenes.org/2009/11/interview-orphan-kipcak-arsdoom-arsdoom-ii-1995.html https://www.amazon.com/Pioneers-Game-Art-ArsDoom-SimBee/dp/9186915185 https://www.mfru.org/projects/arsdoom-1 https://medium.com/@gzliu777/where-is-the-game-in-artists-art-game-art-7cace418f014 Doomball and Doomball2 are worth a mention, though you'll need to convert the deh file using dehacked.exe. There are also some Zdoom projects that basically had games inside Doom (such as Pong), but that's a different category really.
  17. Grazza

    Random Video Thread

    Another good new crash channel that deserves a few more views/subscribers.
  18. Grazza

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    A MAP OF TASMANIA!!! Uh, no, an actual map of the island. A bit disappointed that it doesn't include Macquarie Island, given that it is technically in Tasmania. Good job I took photos of the maps last time I was there.
  19. Post your demos for 2sectors here. Use -complevel 2 (Doom2.exe format) and use the naming convention 2sXY-ZZZ.lmp, where XY is the map number and ZZZ is the time. Replace the "-" with a letter representing categories other than UV-speed and max. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I've recorded a bunch of 15 demos on 2sectors. They're mostly very short, and the category varies - for the most part I just chose whatever seemed the most entertaining way to play it. Two maps are demoless, because I couldn't immediately think of anything that would be fun either to play or to watch.
  20. DSDA page aka 10 sectors 2 // 10secto2 // 10secto2.wad Part 1 10 Sectors Part 2 (10secto2.wad) Map28 NM Pacifist in 0:09. Nothing special. Deciding what to name the file took nearly as long as the recording session. There's a 1% health moment, for those who like such things. t228np09.zip
  21. If you're really interested in this kind of shit, then Post Hell is (mostly) preserved for public viewing via Wayback Machine. You can sort by thread starter.
  22. Warm soapy water. Wipe gently with fingers. Rinse. Leave to dry on their own for a while. Then wipe with a suitable and fairly dry cloth. Main thing (which goes for any lens) is always to use cloth to wipe them, never paper. At a microscopic level paper is wood splinters, which will quickly ruin any glass lens with countless tiny scrataches. Make sure the cloth you use is clean, and ideally one specifically designed for lenses. Also, if you can get suitable glasses off the shelf, buy a whole bunch of cheap ones from Amazon, and dot them round the house, place of work, vehicle, back pack, travel bag, etc. Then you will always have a pair in an emergency, rather than getting paranoid about losing your only pair. With astigmatism this might be trickier than just (e.g.) myopia, but you can probably find emergency glasses that are of some use. Even if it is just to help find where you've put the real ones.
  23. Grazza

    Post a picture...that you took

    Taken in my 'hood: Behind me is the house that burned down, and forward on the right is the area where I release mice.
  24. This old thread mentions a few wads/levels of this type. There's also Anti-Christ. Can be downloaded via wayback machine. They did attempt to upload this to the idgames archive, but a while before KDIZD blew the doors off for this type of wad, so it was rejected. Info page still exists here, but as far as I can tell the download links from there no longer work.