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  1. This is the continuation of the "Post your Doom picture!" thread, which was the longest in the forum's history and had become so large that the forum software was straining under its weight. The topic is simple: if you have any interesting pictures of Doom simply post it here. You may post picture of wads in progress if you wish. Note: The forums' image-posting rules are here. NB: 800x600 Max, and no more than 200K. Thumbnails are a good idea if you want to link to a bigger image. Note on using thumbnails: Most of the main image-uploading sites provide thumbnails that have a similar file-name to the image itself. For, the thumbnail image has "_th" added before the file extension. For imageshack, you add ".th" (so a jpg filename would end ".th.jpg"), and for, you add "s" for a small thumbnail or "m" for it to be medium sized. For photobucket, add "th_" at the start of the file-name. For, add "_e" before the file extension.
  2. Bear in mind that some maps are better suited to certain categories than others. Also some maps are simply more demo-friendly than others, and it also depends very much on the player's style. It could be that you're trying to Max maps where the monsters "spray" all over the map or can get stuck in all sorts of stupid places (in which case you may need a different strategy) or to Speed maps where it's not realistic without slow play and killing a fair number of monsters. Or perhaps you're unaware of how many attempts and how much planning can be needed to produce the smooth elegant demos that you're seeing others make. So I am saying adjust your goals. Find some maps (possibly smaller ones) where you can see yourself enjoying recording in some particular categories (there are plenty of them) and take it from there. Your skillset should develop as you take on more and varied challenges, and you'll have a better idea how to make things less frustrating for yourself, or at least what kind of tasks you should best avoid. Also read some of the discussion threads in the demos forum. By the way, if you had posted this thread there (where it certainly belongs), you would have ensured it would have been seen by those best placed to offer useful advice. A couple of threads worth looking at: Learning to Speedrun What makes a good Max? Of course, it's possible that you're just not temperamentally suited to recording demos. It can be a time-consuming and frustrating activity at the best of times. And yes, c209 pacifist I'm looking at you. Edit: oh, you're just interested in setting par times? Seriously, who cares about that?
  3. Why not be hardkoar and add Tor to the poll?
  4. A few stray thoughts after skimming through some comments in this thread: Originality and creative thought are much rarer - in any field - than people imagine. Even most works that are praised for extreme creativity are largely based on something - even if from many sources and reworked in new and impressive ways, and with the author not being remotely aware of this. There is a great deal of skill in reusing existing ideas in new ways, but that is not the same as coming up with new ideas from scratch. Dvoretsky drew attention to the rarity of truly creative thought in a chess context. Of course, there is extreme resistance to this notion, because everyone likes to think of themselves and their favourite artists as creative. But consider how rare major leaps forward in Theoretical Physics are, for instance. If you naturally find you like something in a genre with which you are familiar, then you should trust that feeling more than some twisted logical reason you somehow concoct for finding it to be bad. It's much more likely that the logic is flawed than well-tuned intuition being mistaken. Eight months for a team of full-time professionals to make 32 levels is not rushed. That's at least a few thousand man hours - you can get a hell of a lot done in that amount of time. Oh, and it's Petersen. As he's hardly a minor figure in Doom's history, it's odd that some people get his name so consistently wrong.
  5. Both in the Bear Islands, Scoresbysund, East Greenland.
  6. I've tried uBlock and it just seemed like crap. I don't see why people rave about it and why ABP gets such flak (well, other than the fact that latest version does seem like a uBlock wannabe). The permissible ads stuff? That's just one click. EHP is flexible and powerful and offers all the control you might want.
  7. Interestingly, the -turbo 10 one is a Sedlo-beater (though I think he recorded more as a joke than anything else). Despite his use of -turbo 3, this was actually a -turbo 10 demo. Relevant Discussion here. Some of the competn contest demos don't seem to have made it to DSDA, btw.
  8. Yeah, when I got wind of the oncoming shitstorm I downgraded to some 56 version (56.0.2 to be precise) and disabled updates. Even the "getting ready for Quantum" business had cocked up Adblock-plus Element Hiding Helper (as ABP had been forced to make changes that caused it not to work), without which I find many websites unpalatable. Using ABP 2.9.1 did the trick. Firefox labels them with its "Legacy" BS, but they still work. Anyway, you should be able to roll it back to a sane version. Good luck! And if you value your sanity, you also need Classic Shell.
  9. For me, 30nm stands clearly above everything else. There's also something special when someone accomplishes any difficult undone task, of course. Otherwise, it all depends on the specifics of the demo itself. A really good runner can make something amazing out of even the most humdrum task. And a new trick is always cool.
  10. Even weirder: the majority of his images are places I've been to. The Mayan sites in Belize could certainly make nice levels. If anyone is seriously thinking of it, I have a bunch of relevant photos from Lamanai and Altun Ha. Actually, the most memorable thing about Lamanai was the road to get there, but that could be said about many places in Belize.
  11. I verified that map07 can be exited using void glide and impse glide. Whether that's of any real use, I'm not sure.
  12. Random enough? Crossing the Antarctic Circle. Round about here.
  13. Taken at Teakettle Junction, Death Valley last month.
  14. This thread is more pointless than "Where is all the demon poo?" and "BFG is tits".
  15. I'll quote myself again:
  16. So this might have confused the hell out of you.
  17. I'm shocked that not everyone is saying D_RUNNIN. It's pure concentrated elevator muzak.
  18. I'm going to take a wild guess and say 5000. That's if you don't count ones where I've only watched demos or tested demos for playback. Could be more. It's all been downhill since Phoenix and Battlezone. I think Defender was where it started to go wrong.
  19. I don't care as long as it isn't "Doom 2". Some things are sacred.
  20. Visual Flight Rules You should watch more Air Crash Investigation.
  21. In Unreal I'd always do everything I could to avoid any harm coming to the Nali Cows, Calves and Rabbits. Then again, I try to avoid even killing actual enemies that are shooting at me, so yeah. Here's a horror movie:
  22. Sounds like Cringe by Mark Klem. You may need these three zips to get all the sounds and graphics in their original form:!1.ZIP!2.ZIP!3.ZIP The version in the archive may have everything, but I'm not 100% sure:
  23. Ugh, presumably the script that automatically changed it was lost in the move to the new forum software.
  24. That's not much to go on, but "massive UAC tech base" immediately makes me think of Maintenance Complex.
  25. The Banzai Predicament - Orphaned Skies This is the version without the smoke detector.