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  1. This is the continuation of the "Post your Doom picture!" thread, which was the longest in the forum's history and had become so large that the forum software was straining under its weight. The topic is simple: if you have any interesting pictures of Doom simply post it here. You may post picture of wads in progress if you wish. Note: The forums' image-posting rules are here. NB: 800x600 Max, and no more than 200K. Thumbnails are a good idea if you want to link to a bigger image. Note on using thumbnails: Most of the main image-uploading sites provide thumbnails that have a similar file-name to the image itself. For, the thumbnail image has "_th" added before the file extension. For imageshack, you add ".th" (so a jpg filename would end ".th.jpg"), and for, you add "s" for a small thumbnail or "m" for it to be medium sized. For photobucket, add "th_" at the start of the file-name. For, add "_e" before the file extension.
  2. Taken in Smeerenburgfjorden. Easily mistaken for the more famous Magdalenefjorden, which is a little further south.
  3. Icarus, TVR and Extremal spring instantly to mind. All are roughly similar in difficulty level and size/compexity of maps. Others you might consider (with reasons in parenthesis as to why I hesitate to recommend them quite so instantly) are 2002ado (some convoluted routes/secrets), STRAIN (uses dehacked; also harder in places), Marswar (variable quality/size of maps) and h2h-xmas (contains some slaughter maps and revenant hoardes).
  4. Boss shooter. Invisible and can't be killed. Can't move either, but then it's only for a day. Edit: I'll respond in advance to the inevitable objection: No, they are two separate things.
  5. I'll be at Cape Horn, so if you can handle a 17000 mile detour and your vehicle is semi-amphibious (for the Darien Gap et al.), then I'll see you there! The timing should work out pretty well.
  6. Is there anyone who can help you prepare? Once I helped my sister prepare for exams, and I read her notes to her aloud, using silly voices for some parts of them. She stayed focused and remembered the stuff pretty well. How well that might work depends on the subject though. And as Shanoa says, take breaks. Maybe even use them as 'rewards' to yourself for a good spell of concentrated effort. Maybe for every 6 hours work, you permit yourself to watch a favourite TV show. Or for every two hours' effort, you reward yourself by playing a Doom level (preferably a small one). I have heard it claimed that the brain works best in 25-minute chunks, so maybe take very short breaks twice an hour. If you can convince yourself that you love the subject you're revising, that might help too.
  7. There's already a 1:24 for UV Speed, so the second demo doesn't belong in this thread. Edit: Ah, I see: there's an error on the pernicious hr site.
  9. Some aspects of the description make me think it might be this:
  10. Just reading these last few posts is giving me a headache. Editing posts to fix errors or clarify things is fine, but completely changing their meaning leads to a mess.
  11. Maybe allow users to type in a category, rather than either creating a massive drop-down list (or leaving it impossible to give the correct category). I've submitted a couple of WTF demos. Seemed to work, though the category is given wrongly in one case (actually they are both NM Pacifist, though this only matters for the Build.wad one).
  12. They don't exactly match your description, but maybe take a look at:
  13. The best option I am aware of for moving money around internationally is Transferwise. Much lower fees than regular bank transfers, and reliable and quick. There are fees, but they are minimal, and as people have pointed out, it isn't a simple process, and there are regulatory requirements. How it works diagram from Wikipedia
  14. Let's not forget pa02. As I wrote at the time: This edges out p2m8 for best pacifist of the year, though both are remarkable achievements that were also completely unexpected. And pretty much all of ZM's movie runs, especially the new 30nm on Doom2. Best demo of the year: ZM's 30uv on AV. Best new trick is of course the impse glide. Best max: gotta go with SAV's hr22. Best newcomer: GarrettChan. He's demonstrated skill and style in a wide range of categories and wads, and also has a knack for producing demos that are good to watch. Sorry if have overlooked anything really obvious; I haven't been following demo activity as closely as I used to. There are obviously some amazing Tyson achievements, but I find it hard to pick out which are the most impressive.
  15. This is the thread to post your demos on the classic megawad Icarus by Team TNT. This is a vanilla Doom2.exe-compatible wad, so it makes sense to record demos in that format. Feel free to use Doom2.exe, Chocolate-Doom or of course Prboom+ with -complevel 2. For a table of existing demos on Icarus, look here. -------------------------------------------------- (There follows the original thread-opener:) This demo is just to demonstrate that a standard exit trick can be used in many maps in Icarus. From the text-file: Icarus map24 NM Pacifist in 0:18.
  16. HR perfected the "Doom story": "Story in a game is like story in a porn movie. It's expected to be there, but it's not that important." - John Carmack
  17. Perhaps you misread. The thread title says "Worst", not "Best".
  18. That might be "Monsters don't give up pursuit of targets" (Options - Setup - Doom Compatibility). But wouldn't it be simpler to use a proper complevel? A lot of these settings options are hangovers from MBF, and unless you're playing a map designed for MBF (hardly any are), then there is little reason not to use the original behaviour (i.e. Doom or Boom depending on the map type).
  19. It seems like you are setting the threshold for "slaughterwad" rather lower than most, so I suggest this thread might be worth looking at.
  20. The night before last, I gave a lecture about my new book (and preparation/finding ideas generally) at Chess Castle in Minneapolis. With the audience ranging from three grandmasters to several non-players (0-2800 FIDE Elo!), it was hard to get the level right, so I mostly tried to throw in a few jokes.


    For those unfortunate enough not to be enjoying the Minnesota winter and who couldn't attend, I have attached some materials from the lecture - a ChessBase file and a PDF.


  21. Do you have Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Home? Pro gives you a few more options in when, how and if to receive updates. Specifically, it lets you pause updates. A crude way to stop it updating is to tell it your internet is on a metered connection. Some information here, for instance.
  22. I wasn't suggesting that you should have done - quite the opposite, as my intent was to explain to Kroc that the mere existence of shared features is not the basis for lineage in this chart (which would indeed make it look like a spider's web).
  23. Yes, it does, as do several other ports. However, the code for these extensions was added into Prboom, rather than MBF being used as the base for Prboom. The base code for Prboom (from 2.1.0 onward) was LxDoom and LSDLDoom (more info in my post here).
  24. I've blocked the fucker for the time being. I imagine I'll have to let it "upgrade" at some point, but maybe by then they'll have squished some of the more serious bugs. However, the deliberate features are also a cause for concern.
  25. This whole thread seems like something from a parallel universe. I'll just address the most important points. Pressing this exit switch was understood long ago. People weren't just stabbing at it as if it were a normal switch from the side (like the ancient e3m6). At least, those who were, were failing (because the walls eat the presses, so you need not to be pressing through them). Cack_handed understood that you were pressing the very end vertex of the exit switch, that you were pressing it wholly end-on, and that the mechanics of it were very much like those for a glide, with perfect positioning essential. If you want to name this after anyone, then it should be cack_handed. As it is, this particular trick doesn't have a name. Creaphis was perhaps the first to understand what was going on at a detailed level (for the related 32-unit glides too). I also demonstrated that this idea could be used in another contexts, such as this, where the player is not in the void, but needs to press the exit switch end-on, since the wall linedefs are also of a type that would "eat" presses from an angle. Zero_Master's new insight (and a huge one) was that these switch tricks could also be done when there was a gap between the point you are pressing and the switch. That is, you still need to be perfectly end-on, but you don't need to be in contact with the switch linedef. This also increases the range for presses where "eating" is not a problem but distance would be if you were pressing from an angle. Just to clarify for anyone reading this without any background in these tricks: two basic points were understood in the mid-1990s: that height differences don't matter, and that you could often press switches through walls. This discussion is about more recent discoveries (c. 2010 and 2017 respectively).