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  1. About 2 years ago I attempted to come back to Doom, then some very personal things came up in my life and I disappeared (again). I just wanted to apologize to everyone for all that! If you don't remember me then let me introduce myself again...

    This is Cadman from a long time ago...some of you may remember me and some of you have no idea what the hell I'm talking about...:) Most of those personal things that have been happening in my life are all settled now and I just fired up the editor and started to work on some unfinished maps. I'm looking for your feedback on what you want in a map and what engine you prefer it be designed for. I am an "old schooler" of Doom and Doom2. Bring me up to date so I can try to complete a good map for you and your playing enjoyment.

    I'll be reading forums and try to get back in the loop...thanks for keeping it going guys! You guys rock!

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    2. ReFracture
    3. Clonehunter


      Welcome back! Don't recall you at all, but it's good to see returning faces.

    4. Use


      Sodaholic said:

      I can't say I'm familiar with you, but welcome back. :)

      Cadman spearheaded Community Chest 1 and 2. Welcome back bud!