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  1. Guys, it's with a heavy heart that I must truly say goodbye to Doom and Doomworld. I've been having alot of issues with my family that I must take care of and I do have alot of issues dealing with my faith. I mean no disrespect to anyone here that I've known over the years and to anyone that I've had the honor to meet and establish great relationships with as well. For me, the memories of some great deathmatches and some great coop play over the years will always remain, it's not easy to forget all of it. I've been with Doom since the beginning and it's like pulling a tooth, it really does hurt me alot.
    The thrill of making maps and creating the worlds that we played in has always been a great sense of accomplishment for me and knowing that you guys were playing those maps...:). Thanks for everything, all of you have been great! I'm also going to be notifying Ty Halderman and resigning from TeamTNT.
    I mentioned earlier that I do have alot of issues dealing with my faith, I have been a Christian for a number of years, but I've been very hypocritical in my walk, at times I would preach it but not walk it and I have made my decision to walk the walk. I can't keep going like this and be like so many of the so-called Christians out there in the world today. This is important to me and I'm not going to shake my finger at you guys for continuing to play, that's your decision and I respect that. I just hope that you can respect my decision.
    I will not be returning to the forums to read any responses to this thread and I will not be able to respond to any e-mails or pm's because I have changed my e-mail address as well. This is it for me guys, I must go. Take care of yourselves, all-in-all I will miss all of you...thanks for the memories.

    Cadman - Dale Harris

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    2. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      Well, if he gets all that religious jazz sorted out, then he has no reason not to come back to Doom. :D

    3. Janderson


      Gokuma said:

      Congratulations on your newfound mediocrity and petty piety. It's good to know that you are making great bounds in progress by submitting to superstition and lies meant to gain authoritarian control over people such as yourself. With hundreds of thousands of people being murdered, oppressed, and poisoned worldwide, it's a milestone of a turning point that have you have managed to summon the strength to take a firm stance about playing a video game set in a fictional scenario you believe interferes with your personal salvation. Let you be a model for all those seeking to lead a rational life of reason and strive for individuality. So farewell Cadman. Godspeed in your sappy endeavors.

      *Looks at 'korn' thread.

      Are you copying and pasting these from somewhere?

    4. Jayextee


      As a lefty with a potentially very foul mouth (Combine swearing with a LARGE vocabulary, and see how much fun you can have! :D), I'm resisting the temptation to say anything here, let alone a strongly-worded *AHEM "goodbye"...