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  1. 'Monster Truck Rally' on the NES had a track editor if that counts? You could make a somewhat Escherian track that consisted of 99% downhill sections that still somehow formed a complete circuit, heh. That's probably the earliest example I can think of. For PC, Warcraft II and Age Of Empires II are probably the first ones where I might have actually put a limited amount of thought and design into it.
  2. All those nu-metal songs that got requested -way- too often at the local nightclub. Like, almost every week. Down With The Sickness Bodies Halo BYOB Ugh. They have other songs! If 'Bodies' comes on, I now sing the words to 'Psychostick - Numbers' instead.
  3. While this is technically version 6, I thought I'd give it a proper name: Stalungcraeft (translation: Stolen art) Now contains just over 1000 textures for each of the four palettes (at least twice as many as version 5 had). All the transparency stuff should be sorted now. All that's missing is *.wad format because I'm currently too lazy to rename all the earlier textures in the pack that go over the 8 character limit.
  4. DooMAD

    British or American spelling?

    As a Brit who spent a few years living in Canada, there are maybe a couple of words where I prefer the Americanised spelling, but not many. "Skeptic", "tire" and "kilometer/meter/millimeter/etc" are the main ones. I don't think I have a preference for "theater" vs "theatre", so I probably use those interchangeably without even realising. Lightsaber too.
  5. Existing. Almost all sourced from trawling google image search. Couldn't draw from scratch if my life depended on it.
  6. DooMAD

    Post your Doom textures!

    Cross-pasting this here since my Blasphemer/Heretic/Hexen pack has also now been paletted for Doom: Not all of it will be useful for Doom, since it's more medieval-themed, but some bits are universally handy. Still slightly work-in-progress, but feel free to use anything you like the look of. Credit again to Dragonfly and Fuzzball for some of the bits I borrowed from their contributions earlier in this thread.
  7. Big update in Version 5: Palette versions for Blasphemer, Heretic, Hexen *AND* Doom (even if some of them don't quite fit thematically in a standard map, but they might be useful for someone) Partial *.wad support (haven't done any transparent background textures like fences yet and it's just Blasphemer and Doom so far) Even more new textures Still some tweaks to come, as some of the textures might be a little too bright for their respective palettes. Blasphemer paletted flats: Blasphemer paletted textures: Doom paletted flats: Doom paletted textures:
  8. Version 3. The original two are still online if anyone wanted to salvage anything I've subsequently cut from the most recent one. Completely replaced one of the floor textures because I didn't like how it tiled. Fixed a few other tiling issues with the wood textures. Added more stuff generally. I'm hoping the next version might actually end up in a wad format. Poorly formatted preview: //EDIT: Version 4 now. Still no *.wad file as I keep finding new shit to add.
  9. I was starting to put a texture pack together for Heretic / Blasphemer, but my PC has just blown up, so it might delay my progress. Some of them are borrowed from the Doom texture thread, so credit to Fuzzball, Dragonfly and possibly a few others for those ones. Most are sourced from google image search, though. While they currently use the Blasphemer palette, I have to stress they can't be included directly in the Blasphemer project itself because they're all derivatives of existing material. None are made from scratch. However, if you want to make your own PWADS for Blasphemer (because it's a damn nice palette), some of these will be ideal. Small disclaimer, I haven't had a chance to test any of them in-game yet. I'm also not convinced any of the current "ice" textures are going to look any good, so I might replace those later. The snow footprints are probably dumb, given the limitations of aligning textures on the floor grid, so I don't know how useful those will be. Footprints removed in version 2. Added some doors and quite a few window textures. It's literally a zip full of PNGs at the moment, I haven't even put them in a WAD yet: www.teamhellspawn.com/2018tex2.zip I'll likely make a second version for the native Heretic palette once I'm up and running, unless someone beats me to it. They might be suitable for Hexen too, so it could be a trilogy, heh. Lemme know if any of them suck/don't tile correctly/etc.
  10. DooMAD

    What are you listening to?

    Part I and II:
  11. DooMAD

    Blasphemer discussion

    Sorry, though. It always had a problem where it would fall over once a month or so, but emptying the sessions table would fix it. But no idea what's causing the current error. Probably should have learned some basics for php and SQL before deciding it would be a great idea to host my own forum. Frankly, I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did, heh.
  12. DooMAD

    Blasphemer discussion

    Just a quick mention that I still have no idea what's wrong with the teamhellspawn phpBB forum. You may wish to remove that link from the Blasphemer wiki, as I don't see a fix forthcoming any time soon. It's probably better to keep all the chat in one place here anyway.
  13. DooMAD

    What is your favorite Heavy Metal Band?

    Might as well do it alphabetically, but trying really hard not to just list every band I listen to. Decided to be strict, so limited it to 20, skewed it towards the slightly heavier end of the spectrum (or my spectrum, at least) and left out the most of the nu-metal/radio-friendly/ambient djent/instrumental/etc stuff: After The Burial Allegaeon Anterior Battlecross Blinded Colony Divine Heresy Eye Of The Enemy Fear Factory Heart Of A Coward In Flames Lamb Of God Misery Signals Pantera Parkway Drive Solipsist Sylosis Threat Signal Wage War Westfield Massacre Within The Ruins
  14. DooMAD

    Forum Update?

    I might have to start lurking in a more up to date browser. But other than that, I like it.