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  1. After a few months of laziness, I've resumed work on Doom_Goat's Map22. 3D-mode pic: http://teamhellspawn.com/geitmap_nov_3d.png I'd imagine, given the prolonged silence from Frades, there's still time if people want to go back and fiddle with their offerings a little. Not entirely sure he's started yet. Hoping I don't end up stuck doing his map as well, heh.
  2. DooMAD

    Post your Doom textures!

    There does, though, come a point where extreme proportions begin to detract from the cosmetic appeal. There are more aesthetically-pleasing ways of making a big door. The larger you make a repeating horizontal texture, the uglier it starts to look. Maybe find a way to break it up a bit. Add some variety. I'd even suggest, once it reaches that kind of scale, finding ways of building the door using multiple linedefs and sectors to add some actual shape to it. It doesn't have to be one big, flat surface.
  3. DooMAD

    Is anyone here still using a 32 bit operating system?

    I was using a 64-bit Win7 (sticking with 7 because 8, 10 and 11 suck by comparison). But that machine sadly blew up, so had to revert to an older 32-bit Win7 machine. I've encountered a few occasions where it's prevented me from doing stuff because the game or program doesn't support 32-bit, but nothing major. Then again, it helps that my taste in games is somewhat antiquated. Most of the stuff I play is at least a decade old.
  4. I was kinda hoping someone was going to take a guess, heh. Would it help if I said roughly 80% of the linedefs in that shot are missing a lower texture? Or does that just make it sound even more bizarre and unwarranted? :D There are certain ways to abuse the renderer in vanilla (or limit-removing in this case) to achieve a particular illusory effect. Those tiny thin sectors are a necessity in order for the trick to work.
  5. A harrowing insight into my latest and most egregious atrocity: (and yes, that's the 2x2 grid)
  6. They work in Heretic with a bit of tweaking. Managed to make a grey and yellow-ish-tan set:
  7. DooMAD

    Post your Doom textures!

    Yeah, Doom definitely seemed to prefer the "fresh blood" aesthetic over the dried, heh. Would either of these be any good?
  8. For me, some of these shots fall into the category of "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should". The one with the lava is fine. That lighting feels appropriate. But I'm not keen on the other two quoted. I can't even tell what's meant to be happening with the blue one or where that light is even supposed to be coming from. And the one with the red lighting looked better in your earlier shot:
  9. 2 on the outside, but 3 on the inside. :D
  10. Progress. The futuristic-type area was a little too minimalist, heh. Also, it wasn't very easy to see out the window to see what the switch does, so the floor need raising a bit. I may make further tweaks.
  11. I sadly haven't been able to lure DooMGoaT out of mapping retirement. He keeps pretty busy these days and doesn't have time for it. But I'm in regular contact with them and they've given me the thumbs up to tweak their map: I've got a decent amount of time off in Nov/Dec, so hoping to have it finished by end of year.
  12. DooMAD

    Doom Voxel Project

    The link in the first post was outdated. Fixed now. But yeah, I've been pretty lazy and I doubt there will be any further progress unless someone else offers to take the lead. GRAU's work is now the more complete project: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/111016-rdvox-voxelgraphics-pack-oriented-to-use-in-software-renderers-qlgzdoom-delphidoom/ And this shows great potential as well: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/127050-these-voxelized-doom-sprites-are-incredible/
  13. DooMAD

    Favorite shooter after 2000?

    Really thought more people would have said Borderlands / Borderlands 2 / etc. Probably gets my top spot. Honourable mention to Rainbow Six: Vegas 2, since I play that on occasion and it hasn't been mentioned yet (oddly enough, I've never actually tried the first Rainbow 6: Vegas, though). And, even though it's rarely played as the first-person shooter it technically is, because everyone just wants to run around with the lightsaber and force powers in third-person, Jedi Outcast/Academy.
  14. DooMAD

    These voxelized Doom sprites are incredible

    Happy someone is finally doing this. Just a shame my artistic talent and motivation are somewhat lacking and I wouldn't be able to assist with more complex stuff like this.
  15. DooMAD

    Post your Doom textures!

    Nice. It definitely "pops" more now and looks a bit more 3D with the highlights.