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  1. TheProphet

    Ashun Ashun Ashun Ashun Doom!

    Yet another WAD Linux'ers can't play.
  2. TheProphet

    On a Rampage

    If only ZDoom was available for Linux :(
  3. TheProphet

    EDGE 1.28 Released

    Five words: Where's the linux version gone?
  4. TheProphet

    Linux & PrBoom/Doom Legacy: Sound??

    arts is bad for realtime audio. You will probably have the same problem with most non-KDE games. Try "killall artsd" immediately before running prboom, or disable it in KControl. (I think, it's called "KDE Soundserver" there.)
  5. Very good and useful stuff! I made a few attempts to make some easy-to-use C++ WAD file classes myself, but I was unsatisfied with each of them. This one looks very clean and flexible.
  6. TheProphet

    The /newstuff Chronicles #157

    Actually I found Vrack 3 rather repetitive and annoying. Yes, there is a lot of detail and some nice traps. But I can't see anything else about it that I like. I liked Vrack 2 very much, but Vrack 3 is not more than a sequel that nobody really needed. Go ahead, Frederick, make something new!
  7. TheProphet

    The /newstuff Chronicles #150

    Fear Complex is amazing! Very nice layout, great gameplay. To me the difficulty level was perfect, too. (btw, I haven't posted anything here for the last years, but I really wanted to give some feedback, because I really love this WAD.) YES, PLEASE! oldstuff was great and there are still so many fantastic classics that probably most of you guys here don't know.
  8. TheProphet

    Doom Revisited

    54 maps? *lol* This will never be released! Just like the other hundreds of TCs we have read about.
  9. TheProphet

    Just Because

    Yeeeeees! Finally! A new DOOM editor for Linux! Jussi, if you need help, just contact me.
  10. TheProphet

    Revolution In The Demon Sanctuary

    I wonder why the link that says "Revolution!" leads to Paul Corfiatis' "Twilight Zone 2" (a good TC as well, but I think most of us have already played it)
  11. TheProphet

    New ZDoom Beta

    Has anybody got this running on linux? Besides the fact that "uname -s" returns "Linux" instead of "linux" (this can easily be fixed), gmake 3.79.1 seems to have other problems with the Makefile.
  12. TheProphet

    Express Message

    Good news
  13. TheProphet


    If you have Opera, you can simply switch Pop-Ups off, btw. (Press F12 and select "Refuse pop-up windows")
  14. TheProphet

    Alien Vendetta Released

    Hm, some of them are quiet good, but honestly I must say that they are not great or excellent. I mean, compared to Memento Mori, Requiem, Obituary, the Classic Epsiode ... It's fun to play the TC, but it's nothing revolutionary, I would say.
  15. TheProphet

    Alien Vendetta Released

    Thank you very much!
  16. TheProphet

    Alien Vendetta Released

    THIS SUCKS ! Don't you think that there are in fact people without Windows ??? What I want: a .WAD file and a .TXT file What I see: Some VB6 executable :-(
  17. TheProphet

    The /newstuff Chronicles #62-1

    nulspace.wad is very good. I really enjoyed playing it. Nice design, good challenge and such ;-)
  18. TheProphet

    The /newstuff Chronicles #60

    Take a look at this "Equinox" thing: ftp://3darchives.in-span.net/pub/idgames/newstuff/equinox.zip You'll be amazed! Too many dark area, too many monsters, but besides that it's a great PC!
  19. TheProphet

    The /newstuff Chronicles #60

    The incoming directory is not mirrored, that's why you can't see it. The original archive is here: ftp://archives.3dgamers.com But it should only be used for uploads. There is a user limit of 200 users that's why it's hard to access it without a good FTP client.
  20. TheProphet

    The /newstuff Chronicles #60

    No, wait, it's all there! More than 20 uploads in newstuff - Andrew, look at that again
  21. TheProphet

    The /newstuff Chronicles #60

    Look into the /incoming directory ! There is a lot of stuff there but nobody copies it to newstuff. I uploaded my map Thursday.
  22. TheProphet

    The /newstuff Chronicles #59

    In case you use ZDoom: Jumping is no good idea in my map since you would be able to skip some nice areas
  23. TheProphet

    The /newstuff Chronicles #59

    @ebola: Good idea ;-) I uploaded my map at http://www.saschamueller.com/doom/mueller03.zip - no txt file yet, but I will add that and upload the whole thing to cdrom.com before next weekend. SP map for DOOM2/MAP01, requires BOOM compatible source port, hope you like it. Please post comments, thanks.
  24. TheProphet

    The /newstuff Chronicles #59

    I already have a new level finished. It's quite big (~820 kb), detailed, fair, but probably nobody will every play it. And why? Because I always forget to upload it! Hm, maybe next week
  25. TheProphet


    That's from a German show called "Gl├╝cksspirale". I think, the guy won a digital camera and a "home entertainment center" (a tv with dolby surround sound and speakers and such).