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  1. Hi Gang....
    Updated my Blog Site >>>>


    Lots of Doom2 Goodies for your Downloadable Pleasure...

    Stay tuned real soon in the wads section to see

    Castle of the Corrupt.wad go live

    1. kb1


      Download links aren't functional (yet?)

    2. lupinx-Kassman


      Just played the superbowl wad. That was pretty cool, stuff like this sort of returns my child-like awe from when I first started playing pwads. =)

    3. Grazza


      Your posts/threads are getting too much like advertising. I've deleted one thread and blogged this one (as it kind of fits in here).

      Please stop making posts (and especially new threads) that just tell people to go to your site. If there is new content posted there, then feel free to make a new post about it, but generally speaking this wouldn't be a reason for a whole new thread.

  2. TY Memfis... added green armor at the start and a box of rockets....
  3. Hi Gang.... Just released Greyscale.wad onto my website : http://azeraaron.0fees.net/page1.htm Blog : http://azeraaron.wordpress.com/ This is the 3rd installment of my set of lvls being released and plays as map3 when loaded up... Please remember that if you are goin to play each installment as a stand alone map you will struggle a little more on ammo but they have been tested and can be completed... If you wish to play all 3 maps as a compound thus far then load up all 3 maps..... Orchard of the Macabre.wad map 1 Trust.wad map 2 Greyscale.wad map 3 ***** Castle of the Corrupt.wad map 4 ( Closed Beta at this time ) The Dreaded Vaults.wad map 5 ( Closed Beta at this time ) Good luck and Hope you Enjoy... Feedback on maps always helps )
  4. aware

    Trust.wad....the horror continues !

    hi....i have 3 more lvls finished except for placing secrets and monsters....i dont have anyone really to play test my maps for me so i get kinda stuck at that point each time and move on to the next map
  5. aware

    Trust.wad....the horror continues !

    Doh memfis heheh....glad i called it open beta heh
  6. aware

    Trust.wad....the horror continues !

    Ok mate will rename the map...had a fealing the name might be used.... If you are referring to fistful3 to a Fistful of Doom ( the doom2 western conversion )yes i was the lvl designer back in the day and still in close contact with the graphics designer who sadly doesnt have time for Doom2 anymore...we have a ton of doom2 material we created inc patch that turns the doom2 guy into a clown for deathmatch
  7. Hi Gang... Just released Trust.wad a single player map and sequel to Orchard of the Macabre . Can Download the map here > http://azeraaron.0fees.net/page1.htm or visit my blog site here > http://azeraaron.wordpress.com/ Thanks...Hope you all enjoy the map... AZERAARON .
  8. aware

    Orchard of the Macabre

    hi again ) thing i should of mention about this lvl was its start of a new compound of maps single player and i didnt want to introduce too many weapons and too many different monsters too early on... but i understand about the teleporting of the mobs i will blame that on my play testers hehe thanks for feedbak memf...
  9. aware

    Orchard of the Macabre

    hi kmx.... ye me and my partner called Gar who was the mastermind behind fistful changing all the sounds and textures done soo much doom2 stuff and we never put anything up on the net.... i made over a 120 dm lvls and at least 50 compound lvls so we could play a new wad everytime we use to link up... and Gar done some nice things like a wad that would change the player into a clown and a special xmas wad yu can visit Gars website he designs miniatures now his site is http://www.ebobminiatures.com/
  10. aware

    Orchard of the Macabre

    Hi all =) Just got bak into level building in a big way and have released a new map called Orchard of the Macabre and would appreciate a few reveiws . http://wadfac.110mb.com/page1.htm is quite a hard single player map and plays nice 2 player co-op uses an external texture pack using mostly hexen textures enjoy ! comments and abuse welcome