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  1. Hi Gang....
    Updated my Blog Site >>>>


    Lots of Doom2 Goodies for your Downloadable Pleasure...

    Stay tuned real soon in the wads section to see

    Castle of the Corrupt.wad go live

    1. kb1


      Download links aren't functional (yet?)

    2. lupinx-Kassman


      Just played the superbowl wad. That was pretty cool, stuff like this sort of returns my child-like awe from when I first started playing pwads. =)

    3. Grazza


      Your posts/threads are getting too much like advertising. I've deleted one thread and blogged this one (as it kind of fits in here).

      Please stop making posts (and especially new threads) that just tell people to go to your site. If there is new content posted there, then feel free to make a new post about it, but generally speaking this wouldn't be a reason for a whole new thread.