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  1. Supermario123311

    ...Just no.

    So from what my friend told me any of the songs that sounded SIMILAR to Doom's is being replaced and making a new entirely indie game from freedoom and dropping pwad support. Honestly, This is far as I can stand. No. What happened to the simple "Keep it Doom but not Doom" concept of FreeDoom? Keep your Lizard saving TC as it's own thing. I'm sorry but this has gotten on my nerves since I viewed this board and whatnot. Don't change something that has been worked on for years to something it shouldn't be. FreeDoom is meant to be basically Doom but at the same time not Doom. What the FUCK is going on here? I apologize if I am sounding like a moaning bitch but this is just... I'm sorry... This is just taking something and ruining it. I love the spriters and all, But changing everything from hell to brainwashed lizards? Just... Hell no.You are making something FreeDoom just SHOULDN'T BE. It's like censoring everything in the original doom to remove blood and all the unholy references from it... It just seems stupid in hindsight. If you want to make your thing: Make it yourselves. Don't try and derail a project that's been ongoing to something it was never intended to be.
  2. Supermario123311

    ...Just no.

    Why is it anything remotely Doom-at is being removed at this point anyway? Again, I thought FreeDoom was supposed to be "Doom but not Doom". And I hear they are trying to get away from that? Just... Why though?