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  1. Moktar

    Doom quality of life (Its really not)

    Yeah, nice. So, how is this Doom Quality of Life different to Doom Retro?
  2. Moktar

    Bobby Prince or Mick Gordon

    Bobby Prince. While I don't think Mick Gordon's music is bad, it turns that noisy metal is not my kind of music. I'm more of thrash and art rock/metal and basically anything that has a distinguishable good melody. This is why I absolutely love the music from the first games, while the music from DOOM 2016 is totally indifferent to me. Just not the kind of tracks I would search on YouTube to hear one more time.
  3. Moktar

    Doom: Lost Alpha

    Glad this is not dead — Just looks great! Is this gonna be compatible with gameplay mods as Doom Delta?
  4. Moktar

    Does anyone think that DOOM 64 sucks?

    While I don't think DOOM 64 is a bad game, I find the level design rather boring. At least it get's better after Level 20.
  5. Moktar

    DOOM Retro v5.0.7 (updated October 21, 2023)

    I have found Doom Retro a insanely pleasant way to play oldschool DOOM 😁. But, is there any way to stretch horizontally the screen size like in Delta Touch?
  6. Moktar

    Crispy Doom 6.0 (Update: Mar 31, 2023)

    I'm having the same issues with the AV. Windows Defender in my system reports the latest Crispy Doom build (5.7.2) at a threat. It was built from a batch file, or has a batch file built-in?
  7. ¡Ay, mi cabesa! En serio, sí, hablo español, pues resulta que soy de Perú.
  8. Moktar

    Doom Streams

    There's a lady —Major Arlene— that absolutely loves DOOM: https://www.twitch.tv/majorarlene https://www.youtube.com/user/cabellochica1001
  9. Moktar

    SIGIL v1.21 - New Romero megawad [released!]

    From the little I understand, it was because Romero wanted to pull more heavy fantasy content and some meele mechanics to Quake, while Carmack just wanted it to be some sort of «DOOM-on-a-brand-new-engine» (which Quake in fact is), which made Romero certainly upset and unmotivated, a thing that is very common on workplaces.
  10. Moktar

    SIGIL v1.21 - New Romero megawad [released!]

    That explains why I can't stand playing Quake II for more than 3 minutes without uninstalling it forever, that, and why I've never finished DOOM 3, I can't stand that game for more than 1 hour, and I've tried so many times to beat it, but I find it terribly boring, soulless and uninspired.
  11. Moktar

    People Still Play Quake 1-2 SP? Any Maps?

    Quake 2 solo campaign is (at least to me) boring as hell, I can't even stand playing it more than 5 minutes, I have never passed thru the first level, and is not that I wouldn't have tried. Quake, on the other hand, is my second favorite Id game, and I play it very often.
  12. Alice in Chains, my current favorite after Pink Floyd and Eloy.
  13. Moktar

    SmoothDoom WARDUST sprites

    Dat lost soul looks amazing...
  14. Moktar

    DOOM source port on iOS when?

    If there's a possibility for a DOOM source-port for iOS? -- Yes, there are lots of possibilities. The thing is that it will NEVER go through the Apple Store, and jailbreak isn't always a possibility these days.
  15. Moktar

    WWII Movies for Wolfenstein Fans

    Stalingrad -- but the german version from 1993 (directed by Joseph Vilsmaier), not the crappy russian one made in 2013.