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Bl4ck L0st Kn1ght

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  1. Bl4ck L0st Kn1ght

    -New WAD Idea-

    Great ID ;)
  2. Bl4ck L0st Kn1ght

    -New WAD Idea-

    Thank you for the (mostly) constructive replies. Much Thanks to ellmo, who helped me very well.
  3. Bl4ck L0st Kn1ght

    -New WAD Idea-

    I meant the DOOM2-Texture-Style ;) And I don't want to copy anything. ;) I thought I could learn mapping with making projects ;)
  4. Bl4ck L0st Kn1ght

    -New WAD Idea-

    Okay, no problem, you could join later, if you want or just give us a few tips. :)
  5. Bl4ck L0st Kn1ght

    -New WAD Idea-

    Okay awesome! Thank you for joining, I will post more information, if minimum 5 player will be found. Thank you! |EDIT: Would be nice, if you would join, hope you do! :)
  6. Bl4ck L0st Kn1ght

    -New WAD Idea-

    When I stood up yesterday, I had an idea in my brain: Lacrima! I thought about a quite big Community-Project, with some good Builder. I hope you like this idea and here is a little description of my idea: A Classic DOOM2-Style with about 2-10 secrets. You can play it quite easily and the difficulty is growing steadily. I hope, some outdoor parts can be found and the room-size is going from very little up to quite big. I wanted to make a real themed and storyful WAD. I hope some Builder will be found. Hope we'll see us. Thanks! -Bl4ck L0st Kn1ght