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  1. GingerPickle

    Doom 4 should have...

    I think Doom 4 should focus on having solid, consistent, well designed gameplay flow. I really don't think that heavy metal and cartoonish monsters would really work well in the game.
  2. GingerPickle

    Stupid, totally unfounded Doom rumors

    One of my classmates once told me that there was an easteregg in Doom 1 that had a 3D model of the Master Chief. I can't believe how stupid he was.
  3. GingerPickle

    Air Force Osprey crash at Florida base injures five

    Man, they should just junk these things if they're that unstable. :/
  4. GingerPickle

    Libertarian Socialism

    Okay, sorry about that last thread, I should've been more elaborate. I hope you guys don't mind me reposting it with more detail. Anyway, I recently discovered Libertarian Socialism, and thought that it was an interesting ideology, and something I'd like to see implemented in the US. I want there to be a state, but one that is essentially decentralized and completely democratic. There needs to be a state to ensure that things are organized, but the leader would only be a figurehead that organizes and is obliged to the people's will, while keeping rights in mind. There should also be many more defined rights than the US constitution defines. There should be things in place such as rights for LGBT people, and legalizing drugs. They should also be guaranteed the right to not be subject to police brutality. What do you guys think of this?