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Everything posted by Astral-Doomer

  1. Astral-Doomer

    The Incident - My very first map

    I didn't play through all of it but its very well made. I'm going to play through the rest of it. Well made, 5/5 for me so far. For a first map, very well done. B-)
  2. Astral-Doomer

    Deimos: The Damned Moon

    Looks like another good old school mega wad. Can't wait to see it released. :-)
  3. Astral-Doomer

    Doom 1 & 2 on Android!

    I wonder how long dooms legacy will last... if it will be carried over to other source ports/languages, etc. :-D
  4. Astral-Doomer

    Arctic Outpost [GZDoom Map]

    This is a great map, 5/5 for me. I liked the different sections(Cold, poison, etc). The game play is nice, its not too challenging or easy. The cyber demon fight was goofy but in a good way for me. I hope this wins an award. :-)
  5. Astral-Doomer

    Astral-Doomers wads

    First level, for my mega-wad. I don't have a name for it, for now.... I worked on it for a few days. Have fun! :-D Screenshots for Dinosaur Bones. Doom world download Dinosaur Bones.zip Drop box download https://www.dropbox.com/s/jzughzpphvlyrqy/Dinosaur Bones.zip?dl=0
  6. Astral-Doomer

    Astral-Doomers wads

    Alright, done with the first section of the map. 1/3 done. Re-uploaded and ready to go! :-D
  7. Astral-Doomer

    Astral-Doomers wads

    I'll used winzip, to make the file smaller. But, If that's the case, then I'll stick to adding the file manually. But, when I did, it wouldn't allow me, because of the file size. Yeah, I'm working on a mega-wad. Sorry about that, some of the switches make sense I guess. I just think it would be too easy but I might change something about it.... The size of the room is quite spacious, I'm going to shorten it a bit. For that, thinking of something interesting, to open or activate. Not sure what yet. :-P I'll address that for the first room, middle area. Thought I dealt with that, thanks for telling me. I'll get rid of that. Yes, I'll fix that. Might replace the chaingunner with someone else. >.> I saw that in perditions gate, in one of the last levels. I know some people use those secrets, I'll save that for later and make it open only. The secret RL? You mean, the last one. Hmm... I'll have to do something about that. I might replace the caco with a few pinkies and the revenant stays. But, we'll see... we'll see. Thank you, I consider it my first good map. Thanks again for the constructive criticism. I have a lot to do but I'll fix this map up real good and work on the next one. B-)
  8. Astral-Doomer

    Astral-Doomers wads

    Bump, spruced things up, it looks a lot better now. :-)
  9. Astral-Doomer

    Megawad first level gateway

    Hello, I'm uploading my first level, for my secret mega-wad. Have a go at it, at this link. http://www.mediafire.com/file/9lhp5p4999ca8k4/Gateway.wad Have fun! :-)
  10. Astral-Doomer

    Megawad first level gateway

    Here's the third level. https://www.dropbox.com/s/hxsz2a080yt9kfs/Cursed Isles.zip?dl=0
  11. Astral-Doomer

    Megawad first level gateway

    How do you take screenshots btw with gzdoom? lol.
  12. Astral-Doomer

    Megawad first level gateway

    Here's another level, demon forest. The second level. I'll upload some pics in a minute. But, here's the link. https://www.dropbox.com/s/6wmta0v1nxdawaz/Demon-Forest.zip?dl=0
  13. Astral-Doomer

    Megawad first level gateway

    Alright, here's an edited version. Its a lot better now. I will work on my second level for my series and make a topic for it. I'm happy that its doing this good so far. ;-) https://www.dropbox.com/s/zpwfg7n77d9bmem/Gateway.wad?dl=0
  14. Astral-Doomer

    Megawad first level gateway

    Thanks for all the posts. I appreciate it. I'll put some work into the map & correct some of the mistakes that I made on the map. That's about it, have a wonderful day all! :-D
  15. Astral-Doomer

    Antrywey (small vanilla level)

    Just beat it, I like this one a lot. Lots of trickery involved like others mentioned. :-)
  16. Astral-Doomer

    Antrywey (small vanilla level)

    Derp, it works. Man, this level is tough. Are you supposed to snag the key from the spider demon or access something through the level? That is all. :-)
  17. Astral-Doomer

    Antrywey (small vanilla level)

    How do you run this level. I keep copying and pasting the level with crispy & it doesn't work. ;-/
  18. Map name: Devils Dump Build time: Roughly 2 hours. Themes: 999x999, true devils number. Music: A jimmy tune. Story: Another demon invasion gets unleashed on earth, the UAC, decides to teleport you into hell directly to stop it at its source but by doing so, you get teleported into satans toilet, while hes taking a dump! Whoops! UAC messed up big this time. Try to escape if you can. ;-) https://www.dropbox.com/s/qkjkrma5oysnx7h/Devils%20Dump.wad?dl=0
  19. Astral-Doomer

    Marty Stratton vs John Carmack

    The original developers, willing to make it. That & probably people who are just as passionate about the series as they are(Team TNT). I feel a true retro doom sequel to doom 2, would be nice. I heard John Carmack wants to make his own version of doom, compatible with the VR head-set. :-) Perhaps, that might be what he plans to make(Retro Doom 3)? Or, a reboot, like doom 4. Funny, that there are 4 different types of doom(Doom 1 & 2, Doom 3, 64, Doom 2016). We might get 5 different types, if its a reboot. :-D Well, I guess, we'll see what happens. B-)
  20. Astral-Doomer

    Rare unused monster in Doom 3 files.

    The monster reminds me, of what the hellish growth, would take form into, in enemy form. It does look friendly. I always wondered, why they didn't release some of the other unused monsters but it was probably due to time constraints. ;-)
  21. Astral-Doomer

    Gearbox suing EDuke32 devs

    Gearbox...more like Turdbox. I definitely won't buy from them ever. I always thought they were a good company, but doing this to EDuke32 devs, is cruel. Its the best mod for DN3D, out there. If anything, they should be taking ideas from EDuke32 & making DNF into a better game from it, for more money, no? It seems like we live in a sue happy world. Oh well, hopefully good prevails. :-)
  22. Astral-Doomer

    Romero releases another new map: E1M4B

    I played through Romero's version of E1M4&8. My verdict? Awesome. I feel, like these are definite upgrades over the originals but the latter, still good as gold. I've played wads much better then this but I still had a fun time with it. Which is what counts, imho. :-) I hope his game takes off, I wish him & his team the best of luck. The concept is pretty cool, I always imagined, we'd have virtual reality by now, but seeing the horrors, it could bring, in video game format, might change peoples minds. ;-) But, I'm still for it, regardless. Doom is definitely the game for virtual reality, if you ask me. The atmosphere & all. 8-) Also, I really did like the crack traps, one of them caught me like a pitcher plant, after I rushed into it, trying to get away by a bunch of enemies. I had a smile on my face, when that happened. C-: Well, hope to see more of his doom levels. Always good, to see the original developers, making content for their games. It definitely plays well, for modern standards. Have a good day all! B-)
  23. Sorry about the bugs with my map(Daisy's dare). I'll take the revised map & finish the first part(1/3). But, if its good, then whatever, I guess. :-P
  24. Astral-Doomer

    Games you miss

    For diablo 2, it still has a fairly active community(Median XL), for vanilla(The community is somewhat active). Diablo 1, the hell is still active, the same can be said for belzebub(HD Diablo 1 mod). :-) They say torchlight takes the action RPG series further, but I can't see how. Diablo 3 bests it & Diablo 2 MXL, beats both(D3 & TL), on almost all fronts. But, that's my opinion, of course. ;-) I feel the diablo series, is timeless in a sense, nothing has taken over its throne yet. I agree with you TC, the atmosphere, is top-notch. Reminds me of lord of the rings, sometimes(In a good way). 8-) Thanks for reading, have a good day! B-)
  25. https://www.dropbox.com/s/t2f0zc6iehb4grl/Daisys-dare.wad?dl=0 :-) Map: Daisys-dare :-O Themes: All, of course. ;-) Time: 2-3 hours, lots of slade 3 crashes(Beta). ;-/ Music: E2M6 ftw! ;-D Summary: Only got 1/3 of the map done(1024x1024, has an exit), but its a speed-mapping session, after all. B-)