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  1. Superrpgman

    Having issues getting a wad to show up. Please help.

    And I got it to work. Thanks people! Edit: Beat Acheron, moving onto Aliens TC
  2. Superrpgman

    Having issues getting a wad to show up. Please help.

    You know what? when you say command, you don't actually mean console command, like I thought you did, right? Please, tell me what you mean by command, and where exactly I put thest commands.
  3. Superrpgman

    Having issues getting a wad to show up. Please help.

    gzdoom is an unknown command, as is the chear code. It's very odd.
  4. I'll get straight to it First of all, I'm using GZDoom, and I have every Doom game and then some, minus the recent BFG edition. Anyways, for some reason I can't seem to get IWADs to show up in the list. For example, I downloaded this level: http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=502 and put everything in the IWAD Folder, but it's not selectable from the list when I try to start gzdoom. Any ideas people? Thank you for your time.
  5. Superrpgman

    Beat Doom, looking for suggestions for maps

    Holy cow this is awesome. Thanks pal!
  6. Superrpgman

    Whohoo! Finally beat the original Doom!(SPOILERS!)

    Thanks! And yeah, well, the spider may have been harder if I wasn't so prepared for him. the second CyberDemon was the hardest fight in the game, as I had no idea that he was going to show up.
  7. I finally have beaten the original Doom, and while I imagine that I'll go into Thy Flesh Consumed sometime in the future, and move onto Hell on Earth, right now I'm looking to play some user generated episodes/maps within the first game. So yeah, I'm looking for suggestions. I guess I'm mainly looking for ones that are short, easy, and have little to no puzzle solving, although feel free to suggest levels that are completely outside of that realm, just please let me know that they are that way so I can plan accordingly. Oh, and while I'd appreciate at least some minor details on the episodes/maps that are suggested, I certainly don't want to stop anyone from giving suggestions, so by all means, say as much as you desire. Thank you for your time.
  8. Spoiler Waring: Unless you have beaten E3 of Doom, you may not want to read this, as I am about describe the last parts of the game. I finally got myself to beat Doom, a game I've been playing off and on for quite a while! So to start off, when I last played I was at e6, looking for the secret level. I found it in about 15 or so minutes. I notice right away that the bonus level looked like a modified version of E3M1, only it ended up leading me to yet another cyberdemon, and the way this little "arena" was set up, it was a lot harder to take cover. I probably kept getting killed for over a half hour before noticing the green ball, making me temporarily invulnerable, which made the boss considerably easier, even though it wore off a minute or so before I killed him, and I was left with way more rocket boxes than I needed, which was pretty cool! Anyways, the next to last level was easily the hardest of all of E3. Thankfully, I found the blue +100 health ball, and he vlue armor, and decided to save them till I found the exit, which took me a while since I couldn't find the switch that created the bridge to the exit. So yeah, fully armed with all ammo save for the chaingun, and with full health and max armor I headed into the last level. I went out of my way to concentrate on the final level music for bit. It...wasn't bad, but it certainly wasn't anything special, especially compared E1M1. I looked for any final secrets in the hallway at the beginning, but I didn't find anything, not that I really needed them at this point, and I pulled out my BFG, a weapon I had specifically been saving for the area. Without thinking, I ended up using about 3 shots of the weapon on a few cacodemons, and then found the last boss, which turned out to be a...giant robot spider?!!! Anyways, he turned out be the easiest boss in the game, as all I had to do was charge and shoot him with the BFG about 8 or so times. I think I still had about enough ammo to shoot the gun at least 6 more times when I killed him, and my thought were "That's it? Seriously?!!!!" The ending of course left on a cliffhanger, which, correct me if I'm wrong, basically points out that you stopped demons from attack the planet earth...or did you! The beat the game music pretty disappointing too, Anyways, other than the last 15 minutes or so of the game, I had a lot of fun with Doom, so I have to say that I highly recommend this game to anyone who's into first person shooters. Oh, and technically, since I'm playing ULTIMATE Doom, I still have one more episode left to go, but until I do that, I'd like to try out a few user generated maps for the original Doom, preferably ones that are short, easy, and have little to no puzzle solving. But I think I'll ask for that in another topic. Oh, and if you want my thought on E1 and 2, check them out here: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/doom-general/59455-beat-the-first-episode-of-doom-1/ http://www.doomworld.com/vb/doom-general/62550-finally-beat-epsode-2-of-doom/ I leave this intro post reminding you guys of two things: For those who would ask the question "Are you for real?" I don't know what to say other than that yes, this post is 100% genuine. I've liked this game for a while, but I go back and forth between this and different games. Oh, and yes, other then the recent BFG Edition, as far as I know I have access to every single Doom game.
  9. Superrpgman

    Doom 19 Year Anniversary Live Stream

    Why would you announce this literally the day before?
  10. Superrpgman

    Looking for a code that adds more enemies in all modes

    I'd love to, but first this site has to stop logging me out every time I try to edit a message. BTW, this means that I beat E1 (and about half of E2) on the next to hardest setting. That makes me feel pretty badass actually.
  11. Superrpgman

    Looking for a code that adds more enemies in all modes

    Again sorry the now triple post, but this board really does not like me. Anyways, are you 100% positive that Ultra Violence doesn't give enemies more health than when on HEY, NOT TOO ROUGH? Because I seem to notice a huge difference.
  12. Superrpgman

    Looking for a code that adds more enemies in all modes

    Re-read what you said. I apologize for misunderstanding. Thank you. BTW, anyone know why the site would log me out whenever I try to delete a post I've made? I can't even close this topic.
  13. Superrpgman

    Looking for a code that adds more enemies in all modes

    I've actually used this code before, on all of Episode 1 actually, so I'm quite aware of its existence. So yeah, this exists, I just can't remember the code. I do have the skill to play on max violence, so I know that I didn't play through all of episodes one on max violence, just with its enemy placement.
  14. There's supposed to be a code that adds in as many enemies as on ultra violence on whatever difficulty you're on, making the game still harder, but not as hard as ultra violence Anyone know what said code is? Thanks.
  15. So yeah, I beat who I assume was the cyberdemon, and have finished Episode 2. Going into what is the final episode of the original version of Doom. Just thought that I'd ask a few questions here: 1. Are there any particular levels in this episode that people who have never gotten through them before will consider especially challenging? 2. On a side note, I know that there's a code you can use in zdoom that will make it so the levels will have the same amount of enemies as in Ultra Violence, but won't make the enemies as hard at the same time. It'll still make the game harder as I'll still play on Hurt me plenty difficulty, just not as hard. Can anyone tell me what that code is? And yeah, unfortunately I forgot to use it in Episode 2. 3. I usually find at least a few secret areas in each area, but I don't look for all of them. Are there any types of ammo that I should try to conserve? I thought that it would be a smart move to conserve rocket launcher ammo in Episode 2 for example, but it turned out to be pointless as you're given more than enough in the boss level. That covers what I wanted to ask. Thank you for your time.