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  1. Argent Agent

    MAYhem 2022 - MEMENTO MORON (Beta 1.1 is a go!)

    A belated update to my map: https://www.mediafire.com/file/n8w2uhhjnekpxrp/AA_SimutechInc_V4.wad/file Fixes pretty much everything that galileo31dos01 pointed out.
  2. Argent Agent

    Skirmish - 20 Short Slaughter Maps - Final Release

    If no major issues are to be found in this release, this will be the final release for this project (and it's about time, too). Thanks to all of those who tested this out and helped me iron out any issues with this map set. No particularly major changes to the WAD, mainly just added some demos. Otherwise, it's pretty much the same as in RC4 (after the hotfix, of course). DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/e3ua695ta7ebubi/skirmish_pvm.wad/file
  3. Argent Agent

    Misc. Deathmatch/Duel Map Demos

    I bring gifts. Gothic Deathmatches D2ALL NoMo - 1:53 gthdm_nomo_153.zip LBDWANGO D2ALL NoMo - 2:47 lbdw_nomo_247.zip
  4. My dumbass thought your pfp was Hector Salamanca for a sec lmao

  5. Argent Agent


    Do you want to be...
  6. Argent Agent

    What are your pet peeves in maps when speedrunning?

    Getting bullshit RNG damage rolls from Revenants Having Fatso projectiles going through the wall and hitting me Inescapable pits
  7. Argent Agent

    MAYhem 2022 - MEMENTO MORON (Beta 1.1 is a go!)

    Update on my map: Fixes: -Fixed sky issues in the Icarus section. -Removed and replaced pure black texture/flat with ones used by texture resource pack I have no idea how the bridges and tables got fucked, but they weren't in the original map. It could be from a node builder issue if this map were previously opened in Doom Builder and saved under a different node builder. For this map, the node builder I have used is ZDBSP - Normal (Zero Reject). (see below for how they appear on my end). Anyways, download link here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/u77laubv3xpmneg/AA_SimutechInc_V3.wad/file
  8. Argent Agent


    hear iz mi mahp https://www.mediafire.com/file/rr3ts9c6g74msmy/khantezhtsuhbmishin.wad/file
  9. Argent Agent

    MAYhem 2022 - MEMENTO MORON (Beta 1.1 is a go!)

    Apologies for late reply; busy times. I've fixed the skies in the blue key area. I've also looked in OpenGL and Software in DSDA Doom and Zandronum for issues occurring in the timed-switch area and with the tables and haven't seen any rendering issues on my side (apart from a slight bleed on occasion in the timed-switch area). As for the bridges there are slime trails at the bottom of the slime pit (hence why I lowered it out of view. Not sure of what would be the best way to fix that at the moment). What does it look like on your end?
  10. Argent Agent

    MAYhem 2022 - MEMENTO MORON (Beta 1.1 is a go!)

    An overdue update on my map; Contains many bug fixes, some updated traps/combat, removes duplicate keys, also contains some custom skies for the different areas. AA_SimutechInc_V2.zip
  11. Argent Agent

    MAYhem 2022 - MEMENTO MORON (Beta 1.1 is a go!)

    Name: Simutech Inc. Build Time: 20 Days Music: Icarus MAP29 Tested with: DSDA Doom, Zandronum (ran out of time to extensively test, so there may be bugs) I took the concept of simulations in Icarus to a new level; using a hub similar to that of MAP29 from Icarus, I have three simulations within the map, each dedicated to a different set of wads: Icarus, Memento Mori, and Requiem/Dystopia 3 (mostly the latter of the two). Got caught in a time crunch at the end so hopefully public testing will get some bugs ironed out. AA_SimutechInc_V1.zip
  12. Argent Agent

    Losing Interest In Video Games

    When I was younger I used to binge video games to a pretty heavy degree and invest entire weekends into a particular game. Nowadays I just find can't find myself getting into binging games like I used to as I want to spend my time more constructively on projects, Doom- or non-Doom-related. I'm not too interested in finding new games unless something about a game intrigues me either.
  13. Argent Agent

    What's the point of deathmatch exits?

    It is worth noting that exits on modern ports seem more of a way to reset your health/ammo should you need to, particularly in a more strategic game mode such as duel or 2v2 TDM, without giving the opponent a frag as servers nowadays have it so that you can't exit the map through the exit switch and instead it just kills the player activating it.
  14. Former Human/Zombieman. Don't find much use for it in my maps where there are stronger alternatives for hitscanners.
  15. Argent Agent

    MAYhem 2022 - MEMENTO MORON (Beta 1.1 is a go!)

    I'll throw my hat into the ring. I have some ideas based off of the larger maps in Memento Mori I and II (MMI MAP15 and MMII MAP28, in particular). Though I might try something gimmicky from one of the simulation maps in Icarus: Alien Vanguard and mesh all of those concepts together!