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  1. Argent Agent

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Dyst301 UV-Max in 4:27 D301b_UVM_427.zip
  2. Argent Agent

    Hangar or Entryway?

    For Single-Player/Coop/Survival: Hangar For Deathmatch/Duel: Entryway (only because Hangar and Doom/Ultimate Doom has no SSG and less weapon variety)
  3. Argent Agent

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Table Filler Time for Dystopia 3! MAP01 UV-NoMo in 0:19 D301_NoMo_019.zip MAP02 UV-NoMo in 0:21 D302_NoMo_021.zip MAP03 UV-NoMo in 0:44 D303_NoMo_044.zip MAP04 UV-NoMo in 0:59 D304_NoMo_059.zip MAP05 UV-NoMo in 0:32 D305_NoMo_032.zip MAP06 UV-NoMo-100S in 1:01 D306_NoMo100S_101.zip MAP07 UV-NoMo in 1:34 D307_NoMo_134.zip MAP08 UV-NoMo in 1:25 D308_NoMo_125.zip MAP09 UV-NoMo in 0:39 D309_NoMo_039.zip MAP10 UV-NoMo in 1:47 D310_NoMo_147.zip MAP11 UV-NoMo-100S in 1:15 D311_NoMo100S_115.zip
  4. Argent Agent

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Dystopia 3 MAP07 UV-Fast in 8:22 D307_UVF_822.zip
  5. A weapon that can freeze/incinerate/vaporize monsters so that they cannot be resurrected. That and pretty much what @Doomkid said except maybe with a minigun that doesn't invalidate the chaingun and a railgun that isn't overpowered like the carntag railgun (and one that actually shoots like a real railgun with an explosive impact).
  6. Argent Agent

    Beat 1000 Table Fillers Month

    Memento Mori 2 MAP28 UV-NoMo in 3:36 MM228_NoMo_336.zip
  7. Argent Agent

    Beat 1000 Table Fillers Month

    Icarus MAP26 UV Pacifist in 0:30 Ic26_UVP_030.zip
  8. Argent Agent

    Beat 1000 Table Fillers Month

    Silly me forgot to add -complevel 2 when recording, so I made a new demo in complevel 2, also beating my record for this map. Icarus MAP29 UV-Fast in 6:47 Ic29_UVF_647.zip
  9. Argent Agent

    Beat 1000 Table Fillers Month

    Icarus MAP29 UV-Fast in 7:19 Ic29_UVF_719.zip
  10. Argent Agent

    Chex Quest series demos [-complevel 3]

    Chex Quest 1 NM-Speed in 3:44 cq1_nm_344.zip
  11. Argent Agent

    Chex Quest series demos [-complevel 3]

    Chex Quest 1 NM-Speed in 3:47 cq1_nm_347.zip
  12. Argent Agent

    Were old creepypasta's just built different?

    Think this is all that I need to say about Creepypasta.
  13. Argent Agent

    Herschel Spaceport -- One MBF21 Map for Doom II

    Pretty nice map and a nice demonstration of MBF21's extended DEHACKED! Took a few tries on UV but eventually got it. 30 shells kind of felt limiting since the player tends to go through the shotgun shells pretty quickly which leads to a bit of backtracking in this map (as I had an excess of shells).
  14. Argent Agent

    Your opinion on nuclear power?

    Nuclear is far safer, cleaner, and has killed far fewer people than fossil fuels have... plus nuclear waste is fairly low in volume and has multiple purposes (from being reprocessed into plutonium fuel to nuclear medicine and scientific purposes). Just don't cut corners when building plants and build them in smart locations. We'll need every bit of clean technology that we can use to get ourselves out of this big pit that the fossil fuel industry has dug for humanity...
  15. Argent Agent

    Doomworld Writes A Grocery List

    Some old Jello Salad you found in your grandpappy's cupboards.