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  1. Sooner or later, I'm going to have to make a thread for this... Just gotta make a couple more maps look sexier for screenshots.

    1. Decay


      It's about time, this has been WIP and under wraps for a couple years now right? Were you taking lessons from Chaos Core?? :O)

    2. Argent Agent

      Argent Agent

      No, because I make good maps. I'm not in this by the way.

  2. I want to see some more cooperative-oriented maps/mapsets that take the concept behind maps like the ones in Memento Mori (especially MAP09 and MAP31) and make them better. I like the concept of having the players separated yet still working together to get through the map, or even just areas that are only accessible in multiplayer. Even just starting at a completely separate location and having to fight through hellspawn to meet at a nexus point would make things much more interesting for multiplayer.
  3. yeah that's why he's looking around to make sure the monsters can't hear his music
  4. The names I give usually describe the map / something in the map, or refer to something else. Names of some of the maps I've worked on: DBABRM DBAB13: L'Hospital's Rule - This map was made during a period in which I was taking Calculus. The map is a castle. Pretty sure it explains itself. DBABRM DBAB16: Clientside Orbiter - Derived from a joke about Client-side scripts/DECORATE. DBABRM DBAB30: Captive Satellite - It's a satellite and is held in its orbit by a planet's gravity. DBABRM DBAB33: Within the Sea of Solaris - Name based off a song by Isao Tomita. Commonly gets called Sea of Psoriasis on Teamspeak. AEONDM AEON14: Temple of the Warbird - References the Romulan Warbird from Star Trek (I made this during a DS9 craze). AEONDM AEON26: The Heliomancers of Orionis - The result of desperately looking for a good name for a map, so why not use big words? Orionis refers to a star system, and heliomancers are sun worshippers. Makes sense since it's a temple. AEONDM AEON33: Prismatic - A map where many of the people who worked on DBAB and AEON constructed a room and detailed it in their own way (seven people, in fact). The name (I think I was the one who came up with it during some brainstorming, but I don't recollect for sure) refers to all of the different mapping styles the map was comprised of. Prismatic seemed like a good name considering the variety of mapping styles and detailing present was reminiscent of a prism dispersing light, with each color associated with its respective wavelengths. Likewise, each mapper who worked on the map had their own distinct styles. MAYHEM1500 MAP20: Somnolent Keep - I named it for the Cyberdemon in the middle of the map that is "sleeping" - The player should only wake it up when they're ready. MAYHEM16 MAP08: Vaalbara Reborn - Refers to an ancient supercontinent. MAYHEM16 MAP20: Kepler Communications - Refers to the Kepler Telescope.
  5. Set my name to Zakurum when I first made an account here. Ended up changing mine to a name I use for Zandronum (and everywhere else for the most part), so no more confusion.
  6. Being is the being of beings.

    1. Decay


      Yeah but do YOU want to be...





      Any of those things?

  7. This. Why not make the game even more fun and do something different with it at the same time without needing to read a manual?

    1. Combinebobnt


      thats what capo types in chat after too many bubbly orange sodas

  9. Rofl I forgot about that middle part that's a 3d Floor. Okay, never mind then. Can't wait to see what Joe-Ilya does with the Heliomancers. Always loved those vanilla "bridges" and especially in deathmatch.
  10. Good luck on detuning my maps. :) Sea of Solaris will be a piece of cake (except for that outer building you can go into), but all of my other maps I don't think so... So, again, Good Luck!
  11. Good luck on vertex slopes and the spiral staircase... Oh, and everything else.
  12. Maps which don't account for multiplayer and certain rooms/traps break the map. When hitscan shots drop or scatter around the enemy. Secrets with nothing useful in them ('Wow, I really needed that armor bonus' -No one). Forced Weapon Switch sucks. Secrets that are too entirely stupid to access or obtain. Generic predictable key traps.
  13. I only play UV, UV +Fast, or Nightmare. I think Sunlust had the right idea of placing a Cyberdemon at the spawn in Skill 1. :^) Too bad that's only in multiplayer on the first map...
  14. It is both the distance and the fact that I have two versions of the waterfall that I am still working on adapting to the palette. I just happened to have the darker, less defined version there. Ended up making a tweak to one of them: Bonus: