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  1. Yeah someone could try inhaling it, but the Leidenfrost Effect will only work in their favor for a VERY short time before the liquid oxygen will start to cause their respiratory tract to freeze.
  2. Heaven on Earth

    1. Doomkid


      Thy Flesh Regurgitated

    2. Combinebobnt


      this isn't the gross out thread dk... (doomkid = decay?)

  3. No, not unless it's server-based multiplayer or something that's limited by time; the definition of nostalgia implies that you can't return back to that respective time. Same goes for single player DooM: It's not really nostalgic if you can play it anytime under the simplest of conditions.
  4. Maybe a few days late, but worth it.
  5. Something I'm still working on a little bit; might still need to touch up the sky, but I'll probably post more tonight.
  6. No.
  7. Going to have to agree with the majority of E1-E3 with a couple of exceptions. Only a couple of sour maps from E4 stick out in my mind (especially E4M9 since it was a cop-out map and since it can be annoying to play on in multiplayer).
  8. Yeah watch out Decay is going to challenge you for Iron Chef
  9. Going to have to second Decay on this; I've seen wads that made vanilla's texture limitations look okay. This isn't one of them; most of map is empty and void of any detail, with questionable brick walls and rocks scattered outside and an underwhelming base inside (the player apparently starts at a giant toilet too). I ended up having to use the automap for most of the map because nothing looks defined in this map of hallways and large, empty rooms, and ended up spending about a third of the time just trying to find a weapon.
  10. Pretty generic, particularly for maps that are just shooting rockets from a box into a smaller box with a boss brain in it (the original MAP30 was shitty as it is). I don't mind the monster spawners if used appropriately (fuck telefragging).
  11. I think Jdagenet said he wanted someone to make a rap about him; he said he'd also do a rap in return. :)
  12. No. Just, No.
  13. Fist is bad (along with berserk fist) with vanilla/compat emulation settings because the fist can't even hit fat enemies. Otherwise berserk fist is okay, but the fist will always suck.
  14. Yeah I never really cared for this; I'd also pair it with the lack of freelook as well. Also: -Archvile ignoring Z-Height. -Archviles resurrecting Barons of Hell. -Items getting crushed by doors. -"Old Weapon Switch" (automatically switching weapons upon pickup between ANY weapon - problem solved by most source ports, though some people apparently think this feature is necessary) -Both the limit of 256 colors and Doom/Doom II's original palette - It's pretty tiring seeing the same awful colors in the palette. -Generic Projectile Monsters (Imp/Cacodemon/Hell Knight/Baron of Hell/Revenant (when firing non-homing missiles)) that could use more interesting behavior -Wide Damage Ranges over Small Damage Ranges (10 to 80 instead of 20/30 to 60) -Slow Projectiles
  15. Had some fun for a few days modifying some textures; pretty happy with the results and am finally getting on to making a map...