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  1. Huh, wonder why Bob decided on Odamex compatibility..... Probably would not have made a difference given that the maps were made in sixty minutes each. At least we got a Chinese bootleg of Greenwar from it.
  2. Reminds me a lot of the pretending-to-be-vanilla mentality that occurs on multiplayer PORTS despite advanced features being available.......
  3. Going to have to agree with this sentiment, given how limited vanilla is and how boring it has become over the years. At least BooM removes all of the limits Vanilla has... Why would I WANT to go back to visplane limits?
  4. Progress on detailing a DM Map:
  5. Not sure about this; last time was disappointing as most of the maps were just Vinesauce memes while the judge seemed amazed with maps covered in Startan.
  6. Yes; I have found Space Engine to be a great source for skyboxes.
  7. Work in progress for a Deathmatch map I've been detailing.
  8. Yeah someone could try inhaling it, but the Leidenfrost Effect will only work in their favor for a VERY short time before the liquid oxygen will start to cause their respiratory tract to freeze.
  9. Heaven on Earth

    1. Doomkid


      Thy Flesh Regurgitated

    2. Combinebobnt


      this isn't the gross out thread dk... (doomkid = decay?)

  10. No, not unless it's server-based multiplayer or something that's limited by time; the definition of nostalgia implies that you can't return back to that respective time. Same goes for single player DooM: It's not really nostalgic if you can play it anytime under the simplest of conditions.
  11. Maybe a few days late, but worth it.
  12. Something I'm still working on a little bit; might still need to touch up the sky, but I'll probably post more tonight.
  13. No.
  14. Going to have to agree with the majority of E1-E3 with a couple of exceptions. Only a couple of sour maps from E4 stick out in my mind (especially E4M9 since it was a cop-out map and since it can be annoying to play on in multiplayer).
  15. Yeah watch out Decay is going to challenge you for Iron Chef