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  1. I've recently seen some videos for the newly released Call of Duty instalment, Black ops 2. It seems like they actually did something different with the franchise now, and actually looks pretty fun. My question is: does anybody here happen to own black ops 2? If so, is it worth buying?

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    2. RestlessRodent


      Why buy Black Ops 2 when you already have Doom with thousands and thousands of levels?

    3. Phobus


      Well, I got through the campaign yesterday in about 7 hours on Hardened. Managed to get the best ending, even though there's probably a few people that wanted to survive (some G20 leaders, in particular...) that definitely didn't!

      I thought the SOCOM-style ability to set your load-out before going into the campaign missions was pretty cool and the addition of 10 challenges for each mission, unlockables and a scoring system made the game a bit more interesting. The branched story paths (and some other in-game binary decisions) certainly introduces some replayability, as does the aforementioned ability to customise your equipment choice at the start of the missions... Although I'll admit that the second I got the ability to run around with a silenced, golden Barret .50 cal sniper rifle, that was my only real choice. The future stuff (Quadrotors, little robot tanks, etc.) is a lot of fun to play around with in the Strike Force missions (optional, but fairly important to beat) and lends itself nicely to some additional power in the campaign too - no idea how it works online or in Zombies, as I've not tried those and probably won't get the chance for a while.

      Basically, there's quite a lot of additions and tweaks when compared to Black Ops and I like it. I think it makes for a richer game experience with all the usual gung-ho spectacle that a CoD campaign is all about. This can go either way. They've either changed it too much (and now it sucks) or the experience isn't different enough to justify buying it (so it sucks) or the changes are good improvements (so the old ones suck :P ) depending entirely upon what you think of the previous games!

      I am in no way a CoD fanboy and I've never actually bought one for myself (Black Ops 2 is a present for my brother that he let me play before he gets it at Christmas) but I've quite enjoyed the campaigns on all of the ones I've played. If I was also an online player, it'd probably be worth the money to get each one as that's days of playability right there.

    4. ReFracture


      The fuck kind of question is this?

      Apply blunt force trauma to your cranium for even considering this piece of shit worthy of your time.