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  1. I have this weird thing with myself which is that I wish I created a account on a site sooner than I did when I exactly joined so I could experience some of the things that were going on then. I joined this site about 9 months ago, I browsed these forums rather often before I joined. Do I wish I joined sooner? Yeah maybe. Do I wish I joined a lot lot sooner, like 8 years ago? Well, no considering that I was a toddler when Doomworld was in it's early days, but I vaguely remember me being on the computer ALL the time, but I knew nothing about forums so a chance that a four or five year old joining a forum (rather these fourms) is extremely unlikely (but hey, that would be pretty sweet). Does anyone experience something similar to this?

    1. Khorus


      Netherstorm said:

      so a chance that a four or five year old joining a forum (but hey, that would be pretty sweet)

      it really wouldn't

    2. GreyGhost


      The patter of little feet rampaging through the forums. Moderators reduced to tears by their new and unexpected role as child minders. Sounds like fun.

    3. Remiel


      Hey, girls dig early regdates.