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  1. gnudist

    Make level that won't work in Freedoom?

    Yeah, the law doesn't aknowledge assists when it comes to following it. :P If someone tries to commit murder they don't get off scott free just because you stopped them from doing it.
  2. gnudist

    Make level that won't work in Freedoom?

    Er, the freedoom project holds no resposiblity for the DOOM end user license agreement other than not using DOOM art itself. As for you, it would clearly be unreasonable if id tried to phold you responseable for third party copatablilty projects not under your control. Hell, even if you did introduce boom incompatablites so it wouldn't someone else could decide to make a vanilla iWAD with pwad compatablity just for the nerd factor thus rendering your attempt to make users follow the EULA pointless. Also, trying to design things to work against the user's wishes is bad. Stop it.
  3. It just felt weird going from a connected research lab thin that sort of felt like it could be a real place as long as you did't examine things too closely(those weird offices that have no practical way for the scientists to enter or leave that you can see from the opening) to super freeman bros with dull artwork. Thing about hell is, doomguy has some sort of super not dying from the heat from nearby lava pools powers. You on the other hand would quickly be Hell Fried Human. Finger lickin' good!
  4. gnudist

    Modern Games that you do like?

    Xonotic http://xonotic.org is a quake engine(darkplaces) based FPS(though I hear it's more unreal tournament-ish Haven't played any of the UTs so I don't know) Based on the GPL version of nexuiz. Then there's some city management sims such lincity and it's NG fork http://sourceforge.net/projects/lincity-ng.berlios (duel licensed under gpl and the ploblematic version two of cc-by-sa) which adds a graphical update and water management. data files for propritary turned free warzone2100 (http://wz2100.net for the current versions) were only partly released at first before the cutscenes were also GPLv2+'d. The rizom(sp?) MMO opened up a bunch of it's art assets under CC-BY-SA 3.0 along with opening it's client/server code. The mana world MMO also has open assets IIRC. Then there's the liberated pixel cup contest which requires only free assets and code. There are 48 entries yet to be judged but you can dl them via the opengame art site metion earlier and by looking at the contestent's nice firm GITS
  5. I found it both out of place and boring and BURN IN HELL XEN LOVING SPAWN OF SATAN. Or you would, but doomguy blew it up.
  6. gnudist

    Make level that won't work in Freedoom?

    Yeah, I couldn't read that in my head without the vader voice. Sort of like reading "good news everyone, I've invented a device that makes you read this post in your head, in my voice"
  7. gnudist

    Make level that won't work in Freedoom?

    I find your assumption that most people read EULAs amusing. Hell, you could put a clause that the user must give up their firstborn to you as a sex slave and they'd still click OK.
  8. gnudist

    So.... Who are these guys?

    Teenage mutant ninja snakemen! Teenage mutant ninja snakemen! Villains slithering in a nuke shell, snakeman power!
  9. gnudist

    So.... Who are these guys?

    It's the "fling sprites to the wall and see what sticks" philosophy of art direction. Makes me wish all open source asset collab would turn out as wonderfully as the liberated pixel cup. *sigh*
  10. gnudist

    Revenant resizing

    Gah! badthoughtsbadthoughtsbadthoughts
  11. gnudist

    Pain Elemental

    Don't you mean "inproperly licensed material"? Under copyright law anything fixed is automatically copyrighted, including any and all material in freedoom.(last I checked you don't place FD stuff in the public domain, you use a copyright license) Still Wesley, what were you thinking? The whole point of this project is to have legally reuseable/shareable content. Ripping restricted content defeats that purpose.
  12. gnudist

    New official version

    This is why good communication is important. I agree that Completing resources*cougharchvillecough* should take priority over improving what we have. It's not like it can't be polished up later.
  13. gnudist

    Pain Elemental

    Tried this out with -merge. Certainly better than having "graphic not yet done" pop up whenever I encounter that cyclops jellyfish elemental thing.