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  1. @Youda008 I just wanted to say, thanks so much for creating this awesome launcher for ZDoom! For me, it strikes the perfect balance between ZDL and a more full-featured frontend such as Doom Launcher.
  2. Many thanks @intacowetrust for releasing 1.0. You really have done an amazing job with this port! The new launcher is great but I wondered if there was an option to remember previous settings and launch straight into the game? I'd love to run this on a keyboard-less setup via LaunchBox.
  3. Thanks very much, I found the option.
  4. This is great! Thank you for creating this mod. Is there a way to suppress the "Thank you for playing" message upon quit, as it can't be closed with a controller button (am running it on a keyboard-less TV setup via launchbox). PSX version
  5. ozy

    The DWIronman League dies to: Epic

    Died on map 4 to some spidery cargo.. This was a really enjoyable mapset. :) Cat 1 dwironman_epic_ozy.zip
  6. Gang beatdown on map 2. Cat 1 dwironman_rl2_ozy.zip
  7. @intacowetrust this is fantastic. Amazing job! Will you consider implementing shaders such as scanlines and bloom to simulate playing it on a CRT TV?
  8. Here's my effort. Cat1. vrack 117/414 - tunnel vision vrack2b 109/722 - when one revenant rocket just isn't enough vrack3 54/553 - nope, they weren't letting me have that chaingun dwironman_vrack_ozy.zip
  9. Here's my effort. Managed to get to MAP02 but soon found myself on the wrong end of a revenant rocket. Cat 1 dwironman_bludrust_ozy.zip
  10. Well, that didn't last as long as i'd hoped. Cat 1 for both. DBP21: dead on MAP02 DBP22: dead on MAP03 Megasphere woes contributed to both deaths. My demise in DBP21 was especially embarrassing - should I get the powerup or get back to safety? Nah, let's take the 3rd option and slowly melt in something toxic. DBP22 ended in a more unexpected death but I had every opportunity to avoid it. Sigh. Having said that, I was very fortunate to make it out of the first map. Both maps were very interesting! https://youtu.be/b9PE8Jk7BgI https://youtu.be/wBCyYo88QDs Demo's attached. dwironman_dbp21_rc2_ozy.zip dwironman_dbp22_rc1_ozy.zip
  11. Category 1. Dead on map 2. After a decent first map I got complacent and the game subsequently kicked my ass for it. I was enjoying the maps and liked all the little graphical tweaks on the monsters. Video here: https://youtu.be/8a9FiRFtNCc Demo attached. dwironman_bd_ozy.zip
  12. I uploaded my run to YouTube just now. Sweaty palms moments at 25:44, 33:26 and 1:20:09! Link
  13. Category 1 Finished all 8 main levels in 1:21:27 although after watching the run, you'll probably wonder how I even made it to the end. This was my first completed ironman run and the experience was just intense! The wad itself is fantastic and really well paced. ozy_nsftd_12127.zip YouTube
  14. OK thanks for the info i'll remember that for the next wad.
  15. Hi all here's my Ironman submission. I had a perpetual ammo problem throughout and ended up getting harassed by Cacodemons into some lava on the first map. :( Category 1 I used Eternity Engine with the below parameters, hope this is OK (first Ironman for me). eternity -file d2hs-lutz.wad -deh D2HS.bex -complevel 9 -warp 21 -skill 4 -record DWIronman-d2hs-ozy.lmp DWIronman-d2hs-ozy.zip