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  1. I've been playing for the past 5 years or so now, although over the last year I've not had much time to play anything besides draft/sealed. I've had a lot of free time this summer though, so I've gotten back into playing Modern - Snapcasters 4 lyf. B^> I've had an interest in getting into Legacy, but at the same time - yeah, I'm not interested in paying ££££ for cards that I'll be lucky to actually play more than, say, once a month. There just aren't enough people who play it. Online has a more extensive player base as most of the format staples are relatively cheap on MODO, but with WotC announcing Magic: Arena, I have no idea if the main MODO client will have a significant amount of its player base pulled away from it towards the new online client. Also, Ixalan pre-releases are happening this weekend, and I'm deffo heading to a couple of them. Anybody else planning on playing one?
  2. I'm dumb and nearly forgot to link my stream from the other night. Died on map 06 to the first custom enemy of the wad I guess. \_o_/
  3. My first blind Ironman stream in many months. Will I survive Osiris?
  4. > named hardcore_gamer > doesn't understand something as basic as armour letting you take less damage you are an exceptional individual
  5. My run is a done deal.
  6. Ironman, whatever.
  7. For you and a few other people here, sure. For the OP? It comes across as pathetic overly-considered wish fulfillment, with obnoxious baby's first survival-of-the-weakest philosophy thrown on top. Look at that first post and how seamlessly it shifts from harmless role-play (take your career skills and convert them to a post-apocalyptic setting) into creepy and callous power fantasy (if you can't contribute to my society then you die. If your children can't assimilate then they die). Yet another skeezy Tracer post. Put it in the fucking bin.
  8. But sure, Martin Prince here is gonna try and co-ordinate humanity's restoration after the world has ended. Give me a fucking break.
  9. Why do fat pasty white dudes have such a hard-on for post-apocalyptic scenarios? As if you wouldn't be some of the first people to be hunted for sport, have your asshole turned into a larger dude's plaything, or decapitated and thrown into the nearest river.
  10. please shut up and post doom images you dummies
  11. I apologize in advance for Map 31.
  12. Oh my goodness, nobody cares. The 2017 Cacowards are specifically for mods made or posted in 2017. Who cares if a few posts in previous threads have stated otherwise? Use your goddamn brain. People over the last few years on other message boards besides Doomworld have probably called you a dumbass at some point or another, but I don't need those posts to arrive at such a conclusion.
  13. Oh hey, cool! I streamed the first 15 maps of Moonblood a few months back - I'll probably get around to streaming the rest of set now that it's this month's Megawad Club choice.
  14. +1 for lilith.pk3 - genuinely weird and creepy, in all of the right ways. Here's hoping it helps to influence future forays into what the weird and uncanny side of Doom modding can offer.