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  1. an_mutt

    My Dexter wad for ZDoom and GZDoom

    The first two seasons were good but holy shit yeah, this.
  2. an_mutt

    Doom Streams

    Finishing Dimensions of the Boomed, then maybe some Mayhem 2016 afterwards!
  3. an_mutt

    Doom Streams

    Dimensions of the Boomed for the DW Megawad club!
  4. an_mutt

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    heliotrope version 1 Still requires settings, multi, automap, and detailing, but here's a map.
  5. an_mutt

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    Started a map last week and it's almost done! Just needs some gameplay balancing and some extra detailing, then it will be in yr hands soon. Images:
  6. an_mutt

    Doom Streams

    Mapping for Mayhem (Purple Edition)!
  7. an_mutt

    The DWIronman League dies to: Double Impact

    Did my runs last week, forgot to post them. Part 1, Part 2. Chopped it in half because I'd set encoding to too high in the first part. I dunno whether to call this a category 1 or 2 run, as I'd played the first 2 maps last year, and I looked up where the secret exit in e1m3 was, but aside from that it was all blind.
  8. an_mutt

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    When you don't have any more time to map but you've just come up with a cool idea, and you're afraid you might forget it by tomorrow.
  9. an_mutt

    Female Protagonist in the new Doom movie?

    I did a poor job of expressing the main point I wanted to make in my last post (and people I like are telling me off elsewhere for being an angry dipshit on the Internet), so let's try this again. When I say "nobody gives a shit about the artistic integrity of a franchise/piece of media", I specifically mean that people who complain about topics like the one we're currently in don't care about the artistic integrity of the media/entertainment they consume, until that piece of media makes a production choice that goes against their own internalised canonicity of what that piece of media is. A very low number of people will be watching a Marvel/DC movie, or the next Doom movie, with the intention of exploring the artistic landscapes of these movies afterwards. There will probably never be a written/video essay produced that discusses, say, the socio-economic topic of the Marvel cinematic universe, or the colonial or environmental aspects of the upcoming Doom movie. And that's because these pieces of media aren't being made for artistic exploration, but because they're made by companies that want to pry the money from your wallet. The 'artistic integrity' of a product rarely comes up as a topic for discussion, until fans of a product are informed that it isn't being made 100% as they want it - of course, you'd look like a crying moron if you say "This movie isn't being made exactly how I want it!", so instead these people dress up their concerns as an anxiety over 'artistic integrity' and to make it sound more important than it actually is. So, basically, nobody gives a shit about any given internalised canonical opinion, except for whoever internalised that opinion in the first place, along whoever happens to share that opinion. But these same people are very eager to tell you that you should be concerned about the violation of 'artistic integrity' that is occurring when Doomguy is suddenly Doomgal, or when some random comic book character who will barely effect the plot of the movie they are in is played by a black/BAME actor, which is why I'm happy enough to tell these people that nobody gives a shit about (their perceived notion of) the 'artistic integrity' of the thing they like. Another thing in Impie's post that sat completely off with me was his assertion that this corruption of "artistic integrity" is just as much the fault of left-wing political ideology as it is the Capitalist drive to garner as much attention and profit from every human being that they possibly can, and that the only people not at fault for recent mainstream media trends is the most voluminous and frequent consumers of these pieces of media - i.e. young white males. As if production companies don't purposefully do these things, knowing that angry dipshits on the Internet will do a significant amount of the advertisement of their schlock for them, such as RIGHT NOW WITH THIS VERY THREAD. And like when Impie reminded me about comic book movies doing it too. I'm, like, roughly 99% certain that I would not have known anything about this Doom movie, or Ghostbusters 2016, or who Nick Fury even is, had pissed off assholes on Youtube not have found their way into my recommendations feed to inform me via their screaming mugs in their video thumbnails, with their all-caps titles, that FEMINISM/MARXISM IS DESTROYING ARTISTIC INTEGRITY*. And Impie has - along with this random bullshit about The Left suddenly being to blame - the nerve to try and enforce the idea that left-leaning people are hypocritical and just as prone to being outraged when a white actor is cast in a role previously defined by a non-white actor. I don't know about anybody else, but I recall the most recently significant example of this (Scarlett Johansson in Ghost in the Shell) being met almost uniformly with exasperation and "why am I not surprised at the latest bullshit from Hollywood". Versus the fucking cataclysm of anger at just the trailer (a bad trailer, admittedly) for Ghostbusters 2016. But nah, it's the outrage of the left we have to always be aware of. These companies would not follow these practices if it brought them less attention and made them less money than they otherwise would have made, except they can rely on people like Impie and the thread's OP to do their work for them. Is it their fault that they get played like this? No. They just want to enjoy the media they consume. Is it the fault of left-wing ideology that identity politics has been completely commodified by Capital practice? No. I am completely fucked off, however, when the assertion is made that The Left and identity politics itself is as equally culpable for the modern day decay of mainstream cinema as a production company's prioritising of profit above actual artistic integrity.
  10. an_mutt

    Female Protagonist in the new Doom movie?

    Congrats on making the worst post in one of the most dogshit threads we've had in a while. Nobody cares about the 'artistic integrity' of mainstream cinematic shlock like the next Doom movie or whatever mindless comic book movies Nick Fury or Iron Fist are in. The degradation of mainstream cinema is just as much down to the fucking drooling morons like you who hand over cash every time companies release the next instalment in their overly self-important shitheap of a 'cinematic universe', which proceed to make infinite money because you will never raise yourselves from the lowest rung of """art""" like comic book adaptations and fan fiction. But nah, it's Capitalism and The Left who are at fault. You are half-way to a correct opinion here - one of these things absolutely is to blame for the commodification of art and entertainment. Try and use your brain to figure out which one of them it is, and then email your answer to ispendhundredsofdollars@cinemastobefedshitdownmygapingmouth.org EDIT: actually I'm being too harsh on fan fiction - pretty much all of Renaissance-era drama is fanfiction of greek/roman/historic figures and that shit rules.
  11. an_mutt

    Doom Streams

    https://www.twitch.tv/an_mutt Double Impact for the DW Ironman league!
  12. an_mutt

    Female Protagonist in the new Doom movie?

    you literally made a thread complaining about the next (possible) Doom movie having a female protagonist, so you clearly have a big problem with it. Go away.
  13. an_mutt

    Female Protagonist in the new Doom movie?

    mmm, that's the good shit right here.
  14. an_mutt

    Interception II: It's Back, and It's in Boom Format! (CL9 Doom II Megawad)

    I spot an open Map 15 slot, and I can't not claim it.
  15. an_mutt

    Port Glacia - now on /idgames!

    And it's now on /idgames. Thanks to everyone who tested this out for me! To everyone else, I hope you enjoy my latest offering. Happy playing!