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    As much as I enjoyed playing this map, the requirement of playing the wad in an advanced port which supports UDMF is pretty baffling to me, as it could very easily be simplified down to Vanilla or Boom while losing basically nothing. The only things I could recognise were a few out of place stealth imps (which aren't inherently bad, but are poorly utilised here), along with some scripting at the end of the map for one particular fight. Otherwise, this map could easily be part of any given old-school vanilla mapset and I wouldn't bat an eyelid. One aspect of this 'old-school' feel is the texturing, and the fact that Yummy Pie goes for the almost Wolfenstein 3D-esque approach of having most areas have their own wallpaper of a single texture throughout, and a few supporting texture variants for detail. This works for most parts of the map, with the exception of the opening area - its use of brick being too repetitive and garish, and making me wish that some different textures were also incorporated to support said bricks visually. The 'old-school' feel is also enforced by the fairly ordinary architecture within the map - the most dynamic changing of architecture you're going to see here is some doors being opened and a few blocks being raised out of lava. While this isn't a problem, it does continue to raise the question of why the mapper would choose UDMF as their map format of choice if they aren't going to experiment with what UDMF is capable of. Because of this, the map feels very safe, artistically - too by-the-numbers. Some final points about this map, and keeping on the topic of it feeling too safe: the monster placement and general gameplay progression also falls into this same feel. The map is quite nicely paced, with gameplay difficulty ramping up at points where it feels like it should, and the map ending at a satisfying point. (it doesn't end too abruptly, or go on for too long once you feel you've experienced everything it has to offer) This is definitely the strongest part of the map's design. Unfortunately, the final areas is too by-the-numbers and generic as a final boss fight that things go from "natural" to "predictable" once you reach the final areas. As for the map's 'multiple paths and branching areas', it was not something I particularly picked up on until reading the wad's description after the fact. While there were multiple areas that had some additional areas, they usually amounted to single off-shoot rooms or pathways that gave me either a few monsters to fight, or some goodies to pick up. Again, unfortunately, it feels very safe. It would be interesting to see the mapper move into some more experimental non-linear design, if they're interested in including it in their maps going forward. Lastly, I felt that the final baron "fight" was laughably bad, and I simply sunk 40 cells into it before leaving. For some reason it's not a scripted fight, and I can just lower the bars to avoid it and walk into the exit. Once again, this raises questions on the use of UDMF, as the fight before this does use scripting for what is essentially a very similar fight, fundamentally speaking (kill a thing, then be allowed to leave). The baron encounter is a strong sign that a similar approach could have been made in the previous fight too. Again: baffling.
  1. No Alfonzo user HUD. 0/10!
  2. I was at the perfect age when Pokemon & Digimon started airing over at the UK (7-8 years of age), so I was totally into those shows. I also really enjoyed Flint the Time Detective for some reason? I remember having watched a lot of it around the same time, although I remember basically nothing of it now. A few years later, once I'd gotten the 'net around '05-'06, I was watching a livestream of Adult Swim with a few other people, and we were watching random shows. Most of it was pretty bleh, but this little show called FLCL aired. I had no idea what was going on for the most part, but it basically changed my life? I'd never seen a show like this, production and animation-wise. The soundtrack was so good, too. I found the rest of the series, and was on the road to becoming weeb trash immediately after I finished it.
  3. Hey chaps, many thanks for the demos! I watched 'em all a few days back and made some edits to the map, and the final version is now on /idgames. Nothing big has been changed, just a few small tweaks (the blue key switch trap now lowers more quickly, and the soulsphere secret is less tedious to grab) along with some further visual polish.
  4. Nihility e2 was my favourite wad last year, so I'm super excited for more! Speaking of which, still plodding away at my own thing: (still a very rough version of it so far)
  5. Now on /idgames! (v1.0) A map I made for last Saturday's Pigeon Speedmapping Session, which I subsequently decided to pull and release standalone. Original build time was roughly 4 hours, and I spent another couple hours this morning polishing it to how it is now. Screens
  6. Hi folks, I'm gonna kindly ask that my map not be included in any compilations for this session. I was super put off by how bonnie reacted to how it turned out - apparently 10+ maps is 'bombing', and a huge failure, in speedmapping sessions these days. 10+ maps isn't worth compiling, and you think it's cool to just ditch it and let other people do all the work? Please don't run any more projects if you are just going to shit on other people's time & efforts. Thanks.
  7. doot-de-doot, pls ignore.
  8. Now that I've (mostly) gotten all my community project maps outta the way, I can get back to personal stuff: (Still unnamed thing) (Return to Necropolis) Hoping to have the first done by the end of this year, and hoping the second done by the end of the next.
  9. Oh for fuck's sake, John... (The stream of my efforts has since been purged from Twitch, so I can no longer post them! Whee.)
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  11. I so want to do some wacky flat change actions with error boxes like that now. Screw changing solid floors to liquids, that's old news.
  12. Download v1.0 5 maps for Boom, compiled over the last 12 months. People following my 'Scrapper' project will recognise most of these maps, but there is one additional map not posted anywhere until now. Enjoy! Screenshots Automaps (because I love them)
  13. Fantastic idea for an episode aesthetic! The happy-sounding midis jarred pretty heavily with the tone I was feeling from the visuals though, so I wasn't able to get into the maps themselves all that well. Likewise, I found the gameplay a little too run-and-gun to let the gross and hellish theme really make an impact on me - I was expecting something a little more tense, something with more unsettling atmosphere. Dripping in atmosphere, if you'd pardon the pun. :V Anyway yeah the aesthetic is what drew me in, but it felt like everything else was kinda trying to pull me back out. It's a shame, 'cause I feel like this has a lot of potential as an episode idea.
  14. ironman