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  1. I'm much more offended that Bucket chose to pay homage to a late-era Genesis track, when their earlier stuff exists. When can I get some midi-fied homages to White Mountain? Or The Fountain of Salmacis? On a more serious note, I think it's a little cute to be discussing the grey area of homage vs. plagiarism when Steve Hackett did this: (Not that I think it's a problem or anything, Hackett's one of my favourite guitarists.)
  2. an_mutt

    The 64 KB challenge (2 megawads completed and on Idgames!)

    I'd go the other way, let the mapper include whatever they want (new map, music, textures, etc.), but they aren't allowed to submit a WAD file larger than 128kb. It would be cool to see who pushes things with either a larger map using stock resources, or a smaller map but with more of a custom theme.
  3. There isn't much else left to be done, especially because I am posting what really should be my final update at this point. I spotted a couple errors with item placement, and I also fixed a couple other tiny bugs I'd noticed playing the map through earlier today.
  4. an_mutt

    Post your Mod/WAD ideas

    Somewhat, yeah, but I also want something that adheres to the hell with orange sky theme throughout.
  5. an_mutt

    Post your Mod/WAD ideas

    Doom 2's equivalent of 'Thy Flesh Consumed'.
  6. Love GZDoom, such a great port. One last fix: an_solate.zip
  7. Here's my final update (hopefully!), fixing the bugs shown in Leodoom's video as well as a couple others I noticed. I also added difficulties, finally. Also the midi was changed to something a little more fitting (and hopefully a little more indicative of the map's major influence, given the recent plagiarism drama lol). Feeling Run Down v. 3
  8. I wasn't aware of your video until now, but thanks for pointing it out! I'll make the necessary fixes now. One thing I'm worried about is that later in your video the silver key fight doesn't work properly, were you playing on the correct compatibility level? That floor which reveals the imps/invul sphere/ etc. is supposed to lower immediately. I just checked on my end and it works as intended in prBoom. Anyways, thanks for the vid!
  9. shitting would be one thing, but does doomguy wipe his ass????
  10. in response to last night's stream, I've made some slight changes to map visuals (to make progression clearer), as well as change the rad-suit area to make backtracking less of an issue. an_solate.zip v. 3
  11. an_mutt

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Dark Scythe

    To be fair that's only a quarter of the number of days March had
  12. an_mutt

    I need textures.....Please!!!!

    To expand on this, I collected most of what had been posted in this thread into its own texture pack: https://www.dropbox.com/s/12l441getc7m2dg/MISCTEX.wad?dl=1 (That reminds me, I need to do another look through there to see what's been posted lately)
  13. an_mutt

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Dark Scythe

    Posting on the ground floor of a legendary thread. Good job, everyone.
  14. Hello, updated my map to be not broken and a bit fairer. an_solate.zip v.2
  15. Back to Saturn X Scythe 2 UAC Ultra Nihility Eviternity Valiant Counterattack Suspended in Dusk