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  1. Can you care to elaborate on this? I have no idea what you're talking about otherwise.
  2. Haven't had the chance to map for a few weeks, so I've spent the last hour or so trying to shake off some rust. I'm pretty glad with this new approach to mapping, where I texture/detail one room at a time instead of doing the entire layout first! Boy, that sure saves me a lot of stress nowadays whenever I open up an editor!!
  3. I've always enjoyed Mechadon's avatars - they somehow manage to convey the kind of content that he produces.
    A single level for Doom I, set in the E2M8 slot to make use of the Cyberdemon death trigger. (Spoilers: this map has a Cyberdemon in it!) This is a fun little romp lasting for the best part of five minutes, albeit with little-to-no replay value outside of simply experiencing the map again. The mapper makes good use of the map's central gimmick to encourage you to exploit in-fighting, which goes a long way in shoring up the negative aspects of Ultimate Doom's limited bestiary. Indeed, the full gang of demons are here: Cacodemons, Barons (a lot of them!), Lost Souls and a few Imps on ledges to add a little crossfire to the mix. It's a fairly stock gimmick, but one that is well deployed here - while there's a lot of beef, much of the enjoyment is in jockeying your way through the two map segments, steering Cyberdemon rockets into enemies as best as you can in order to alleviate pressure. One disappointing aspect of the map is its fairly straightforward architecture - each map section is simply a large box, with the player's movement areas consisting of a chain of corridors around a turret, or a larger, more open space around a turret. More unorthodox room shaping could go a long way in opening up these kind of encounters, and making them feel more unique. As it is, while I appreciate that the mapper has a decent grasp of designing gameplay, their potential for more interesting set-pieces or encounters is limited by the fact that what I've seen in the architectural department here is very stock, and there's only so much that you can do with monster placement in levels consisting of box arenas. One other negative of the map is its aesthetics: it is an ugly mish-mash of flesh, marble and brimstone, with little consistency throughout. I am absolutely not a fan of "Garish, visually noisy Hell", which is exactly what's on display here. One strong motif I did notice is the use of sky as a floor texture, which pops up a couple times throughout the map in small slivers. Unfortunately, this is only a small part of the level's visual aesthetic, which is a shame as a map focusing more on this visual style would certainly be more striking and unique. Two stars feels a little harsh (to me, it should represent a little below average, which a significant number of maps inherently must be), but I hope the mapper recognizes that there are a few good ideas within this level. Furthermore, I hope they are able to continue designing solid gameplay ideas like that which is present in The Demon's Keep, while working to improve other aspects of their design.
  4. The BTSX & TNT 2 teams can absolutely attest to my ability to not finish maps, so I hold my hands up in resignation here. Sorry guys, I've let the community down.
  5. The feedback is much appreciated Nate, thanks! On the topic of the limited ammo in both maps, that is definitely a deliberate thing which is designed to make pistol starts a difficult thing even if the player knows where everything is. I want to try and create maps where players have to scramble about to find purchase at various points in the map, although they're definitely gonna go through some tweaking prior to any full release that will happen. Balancing for continuous is a tricky task when you don't have every map already finished, so as to best figure out how things will play out concurrently. As for the ending of Map 02, I can definitely see where you're coming from. I'm gonna wait to see how other people receive it before I go about making any changes, because I want to present players with the option of simply rushing for the exit should they wish to do so. If it's the easiest way to deal with that area though, then I'll see what I can do about it. With the lava area after the blue door, I didn't even consider that the player can simply run for the teleporter and camp the encounter, especially when it seems so obvious in hindsight. Luckily I can just have the teleport raise during that part of the fight, and then lower it back once they've finished off the room.
  6. Hi chappers, thanks for the feedback. I come bearing maps that are not just tyson-centric! Scrapper v0.3 - now at 5 maps First off: I've swapped around episodes 1 and 2 so now the Gothic maps come first. Its maps are most likely gonna be much tamer than those of the Thy Flesh Consumed episode, so I decided to get that sorted out now. Secondly, episodes 1 and 2 now contain a second map - they're more balanced for continuous, although I've made sure they're beatable from pistol start if that's more to your liking. The first map of the Aquatex episode continues to be the final map of the beta, and I was hoping to include map 02 of the Aquatex episode but I haven't found much time in which to work on it, so I'm gonna return to it in a couple weeks and hopefully post it then. I bring this up because map 05 is currently the easiest of the bunch, which is weird in terms of difficulty progression, and I won't have much access to a computer over the next couple weeks as I'm heading home for Easter break. Aquatex Map 02 would do what I hope is a good job in introducing the expected difficulty of the final episode, but for now that will have to wait for the next update. :< Anyway, happy playing! (EDIT: I should also note that Map 04 is a collab between myself and AD_79, who will be more appropriately credited when I stop being lazy enough to figure out mapnames for this thing and make CVILVs and such)
  7. Mine is the humble dog! Here is a picture of my baby: Should I ask what the original image was?
  8. Had a pretty productive weekend. I'd show more but I want to keep the rest of it a surprise. Shame you won't be able to play this map for another five years or so!
  9. The last thing I want to see from someone's first map is just a mapper spinning the ol' wheels of what a typical map is. Starting room. Shotgun. Some imps and zombies, with a pinkie thrown in for good measure. A door leading to another room, maybe linked by a corridor. This room has a window with some imps in it and probably a secret armour. Everything has been on the 32-unit grid, and everything is 128/256 units high, and 128/256 units wide. You get the idea. Don't just spin your wheels. This is meant to be a creative endeavor!
  10. Uhh, I prefer to access my message boards from a devoted piece of computer hardware, thank you very much?? Fucking millenials and their phones and their social media - you're totally ruining Doomworld!!
    It's pretty good!
    First few rooms are fairly stock in terms of appearance and gameplay, and a bit on the tough side due to a lack of armour against a good number of hitscan enemies. The yellow key room is pretty interesting, and was fun to play, although I think it needs some tweaking. Final area stands out as the best part of the map, with its unique set-up and much more enjoyable gameplay. I would play more maps from this author if they maintained a level of skill shown in this area!
  11. Best of luck, AD! I'm sad that I couldn't continue carrying things for everyone, but luckily everything's in good hands. I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes!