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Status Updates posted by an_mutt

  1. (Whoa, oah, oah, ooaahhh)


    Ain't psf74Xh.png 

    loves me better

    makes me happy

    makes me feel this way

    Ain't psf74Xh.png

    loves me better than you

    1. Megalyth


      That was AASHITTY pun


      yok yok yok

    2. an_mutt


      you wanna be STARTAN something?

  2. Behold this idiot, who has aged an entire year over the previous ten days.

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    2. an_mutt


      @Nine Inch Heels it really is just a severe lack of time, yeah. Having to miss several weeks' worth of classes around March due to illness meant I had a ton of catching up to do, and I basically did all that catching up over the last couple weeks. I'm a guy who loves his sleep, so the idea of pulling all-nighters usually makes me want to curl up into a ball and cry. When you're staring at a pile of work to do under a screaming "You will literally fail this class if you don't do this tonight" klaxon siren though, fatigue and tiredness pretty much go out of the window to be replaced with that deadly mix of panic and delusional pragmatism.

    3. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels


      I heard someone say that when you are in school, you may pick any two of the three: sleep, good grades, social life.

      Let's not "derail" this too much. I just think that all nighters aren't a good idea unless they're necessary. Usually, they make you tired the next day, meaning when in school/university, you're already less good at processing information than you'd normally be. That in and off itself seems like a faustian bargain to me, not to mention that being tired usually lasts the rest of the day as well, which then impedes studying at home for that matter. That's why I have a hard time understanding how people are able to put all-nighters to good use to begin with.

    4. Fonze


      If you study tired, you should take the test tired! Simple psychology ;p


      In all seriousness I'm gald essel took a sec to ask how you're doing and I'm glad to hear that you're well. Good luck on your final exam!

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    1. esselfortium


      Mothra vs Gothbara

    2. Grain of Salt

      Grain of Salt

      Is it even possible to be both goth and bara

  4. kfvW20s.png


    A scathing commentary on my mapping output.

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    2. Marcaek


      We will collab again in the hopefully near future

    3. Ichor


      Me trying to make a map:



    4. Dragonfly


      Me when I consider mapping:



  5. *Going to bed at midnight yesterday*


    "Oh boy, I'm gonna get up early tomorrow and get so much work done!"


    *Wake up at 1PM today*


    Oh, well, that works too.

    1. Pavera


      I slept in until 6:30 AM yesterday, missing my alarm by almost 45 minutes. I know that feel.