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  1. manny

    Crispy Doom 5.3 (Update: August 12, 2018)

    It seems that flats get more distorted the closer they are to the right edge of the screen. This is also visible in low quality mode and Chocolate Doom, but is less pronounced because of the low resolution. Other software rendering ports, in particular Doom Retro which is also based on Chocolate Doom, do not seem to have this problem. Here are some comparison shots: . Additionally, the flats seem to twitch on the right side when slowly turning.
  2. manny

    Chocolate Doom

    Done. For some reason I couldn't select 'None' as a milestone, only 'v1.0 (example)'. I hope that doesn't mess up your administration.
  3. manny

    Chocolate Doom

    If the novert option was implemented to emulate novert.com's behaviour, shouldn't vertical mouse movement be disabled in menus too? Atm you can scroll through menu options by moving the mouse, with novert enabled.
  4. manny

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    I'm experiencing some rendering issues: when standing onto or directly underneath a section of wall, the wall texture is twitching. I've put some screens with comments here. I've searched the bug tracker but I couldn't find any related unclosed issues. This only happens with the software renderer (prboom-plus.exe). This happens while using the default config, but it's more noticable on higher resolutions (linedefs seem to move more). My version is, PrBoom (regular) 2.5.0 has the same problem. My OS is Windows 7 32-bit. Also, I've tried to Fraps it, but I couldn't find the "Use GL surface for software mode" option entryway was talking about. Selecting OpenGL as video mode doesn't work.