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  1. I ordered, never tried this page, hope it will be works. I am from europe here is doom for 60 euros, so this is goddamn good price. (by 50% less) Thanks. :D
  2. Damn you are more mad than metalguy213 and decay together. lmao
  3. See only random players or SUR? lol you are funny man. edit also its not entirely your wads man, do you know how ended your its only wad "essay duels", unplayble maps about which joke ppl from russia to canada. Ofc you won cacoward but on this point Mobius won too basically thx drek and dusk which actually know how to map in MXU. :))
  4. I think the little amount of ppl on server (10-15). Was also bcz, YOU was on server. Reminds me this old days when you managed nitros and nobody was playing bcz of you. lmao
  5. LOL i really hate eonweapons everywhere, its really good for nos duels, good for lms but put it for for every DM servers is just terrible. But well some uknown players will be always join your events.
  6. Maybe i should play i dislike tho how its EON and A3 oriented, should be better event with right ppl and settings. edit: dont get me wrong, eon weapons are good but its not good for every event (dm, tdm) and stuff, i actually liked it only in eonduels. heh
  7. Lol so many advices here. Thx. I basically know how lose weight, i am just kinda pissed i got so big weight this winter like never, so i am kinda mad at me lol. I wanted just some advices how lose weight really fast. Its basically almost impossible to make it healty way. Oh well time for more rowing machine again. I found this the best excercise ever, at least for me. Its not boring and with right machine it can be also nice competitive and the hour of excersise fly really fast, which i need. Thx guys. :D
  8. Removing getting spawn fragged like motherfucker is just about respawn slower. :)
  9. Damn decay you really need some other hobby than shitting my threads dude. :D I mean try rework your epsilon another time. The map is really good and can be better in year or two. Its only 4 years old map anyway.
  10. I like this thread tho. And many my friends i posted them this threar like it too.
  11. I need lose 22 pounds in month and half. Do you guys have any tips how lose fast this weight? Pleas dont tell me google it and stuff. I know theme like this is full internet. I want just some infos from some1 with has this experience. Or losing weight fast in particular. KK thx
  12. There were many maps which was never in duel40/32/16 like mancerx, moo1m, AZDWANGO, d2m3, 2high2care, elv_x and many others, basically maps good for OS dueling. edit: what was your rest time Decay anyway, you up so early edit2: it must be nice wake up and pump up on dw forums to start day faster.. GJ
  13. I dunno after all this years there is really not many new maps which i played and was like "ok i am playing next couple years", which is bad. But i think there are some good maps which are worth play but they are not in duel40. I think the whole duel40 is aimed for new players anyway. I had much fun playing maps in nada. heh
  14. I dunno i dont think duel40 maps are this good. But i played many "new" maps in nada? In dews tournaments? etc? I said it maybe wrong, the maps arent shit but there is no point play them for me in pub games, its not fun for me. I rather play judas, king, d5m7, ssl etc. But in tournament i am open for "any" map almost. edit: but its really nice how you are still bashing me for any stuff, like i am supposed to like any map in doom competition or something. heh You have clearly no idea what is competition just go back in time and check ppl like sedlo. He will never play any map but entryway (he is sure dement) or ocelot which played also his classic 5 maps. WOW what a idiot. ANd many others ppl.