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  1. doom_is_great

    Hour long interview with Hugo Martin via /noclip

    I never said that Doom 4's glory kill system was inspired by Brutal Doom. Neither did I say that Brutal Doom was the sole inspiration of the psycho-badass interpretation of Doomguy. I said that it simply has CONTRIBUTED to the idea, and considering Brutal Doom's popularity not just in the Doom community but in the broader gaming community, it's undebatable that Brutal Doom has shifted people's views and interpretations on Doomguy and caused them to view him more as a psycho-badass rather than a lone survivor badass.
  2. doom_is_great

    Hour long interview with Hugo Martin via /noclip

    I think, unfortunately, Brutal Doom has contributed to this idea that Doomguy is this psycho-badass who loves killing and torturing demons. And that unfortunately has caused lots of people to think of Doomguy that way rather than the way Touchdown and also I viewed him in my earlier years of playing Doom. I like the idea of Doomguy being just a regular guy who is really good at killing demons but just does it to survive and to try to stop the invasion. To me, that makes him more relatable because that's how I would feel if I were in his position. I don't want to go to hell and I don't want to spend all my time killing demons and possibly get killed doing it, but I have to do it because that's the only thing that's going to save humanity and also save myself. Doomguy as some psycho-badass demon killing god is just totally unrelatable to me.
  3. doom_is_great

    Bloodfall map Empyrian - Argent d'nur pre hell architecture???

    I would be careful about trying to inject too much religious meaning into Doom. It would just come out really dumb. However, hell in Doom is real hell. Not just some alien planet.
  4. doom_is_great

    Noclip Documentary: DOOM Resurrected

    Definitely. Sign of Evil is by far one of the more memorable tracks from the original Doom. To me, it's memorable because it gives off that sense and feeling of doom, that no matter what you do, the demons are going win, which is what happened at the end of episode one anyway. Even after defeating "the big badasses" or the hell barons, you die anyway and go to hell.
  5. doom_is_great

    Noclip Documentary: DOOM Resurrected

    I wish that hell would have been interpreted that way in Doom 4. I always viewed hell that way in the originals: some undefeatable, oppressive, monstrous force that, no matter what you did, would eventually defeat you in the end. I guess I viewed it that way back then because when I was young, I was really bad at Doom and I died a lot. Anyway, the name of the game is DOOM afterall. Not Demon Asskicker. The very name describes what, in my opinion, one should be feeling throughout the game: an overwhelming feeling and sense of doom because you are up against overwhelming odds. However, through sheer will and might coupled with massive firepower, you overcome the overwhelming odds and win. Hopefully in Doom 5, Id will be able to strike a balance between the two. Afterall, if Doom 5 is set on earth, then it will have to have that tone because you are talking about all of earth being invaded and overwhelmed by a massive demonic force determined to exterminate humanity.
  6. doom_is_great

    What is wrong with you?

    Wow. Now that you mention this, I have realized that this is a big one for me too. I almost get sick and mad jealous seeing former acquaintances and friends posting lovey dubby status updates on their Facebook walls that end up in my news feed. Especially girls that I have gone out with in the past or was interested in but are now in a relationship with some other guy. Makes me pissed and sometimes even depressed.
  7. doom_is_great

    Noclip Documentary: DOOM Resurrected

    I liked Doom 4 too, but like Touchdown, I wish they had taken the atmosphere and story a little more seriously. I always thought that the original Doom's story and gameplay was so arcadey and unserious simply because that was what the technology allowed at the time. If I recall correctly, I believe that some of the old devs said that Doom 3 was basically the game that Id would have made if they had the tech back in 1993. It was their modern vision of Doom. I am not saying that Doom 3 was the perfect version of Doom or that Id should have just remade Doom 3 instead of making Doom 4, however, I wish they had kept a serious atmosphere and combined it with the fast paced and hard hitting combat of Doom 4.
  8. doom_is_great

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I placed first in a sexy legs contest on a Caribbean cruise.
  9. doom_is_great

    What is wrong with you?

    -26 years old and still living off and on with my parents. -Never have had a girlfriend or even kissed a girl. This probably is mostly due to me not having much "game" as some would call it and not setting aside enough time to actually get one. -I have struggled with OCD and intrusive thoughts in the past which have been quite debilitating. However, I have recovered quite a bit and now am able to function a lot better. I still struggle a little bit with intrusive thoughts though. And that's all I can really think of. Oh wait: -Pretty lazy and unmotivated when it comes to important things like school and work. I am currently pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering and have made it all the way to my junior level classes, but due to my laziness and procrastination in my past classes, I now have a 2.9 overall GPA. I am going to try to kick it into high gear in the upcoming semester, but it is going to be really tough. I wish I would have tried harder in my other classes because some of those classes were a lot easier then the ones that I will be taking and I probably could have gotten a B or an A if I had applied myself more and studied hard like I was supposed to. However, I only scraped by in those classes with a C. And now, I have a GPA below a 3.0 and it's going to be a real bitch to get it back up above that. Hopefully, I can do it. Other than that, I can't see really anything else wrong with me. I love working out and bodybuilding and what not and look pretty impressive physically, so if I actually set aside the time and effort, I probably can get a girl friend. I just need to set aside the time to do it and find one with which I have some chemistry.
  10. doom_is_great

    Fidel Castro dead at 90

    "A study by the State Department’s Hugo Llorens and Kirby Smith shows, for example, that in infant mortality, literacy rates, per capita food consumption, passenger cars per capita, number of telephones, radios, televisions, and many other indicators, Cuba led when Castro took over on New Year’s Eve 1958. The United Nations statistics leave no doubt. In infant mortality, Cuba’s 32 deaths per 1,000 live births was well ahead of Japan, West Germany, Luxembourg, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain (40, 36, 39, 33, 34, 50, and 53 respectively), and many others. In food consumption, in terms of calories per day, Cuba was ahead of all of Latin America except cattle-rich Argentina and Uruguay. In automobiles per 1,000 inhabitants, Cuba’s 24 was ahead over everyone in Latin America expect oil-producing Venezuela (27). As for literacy rates, Cuba’s 76 percent in the late 1950s put it closely behind only Argentina, Chile, and Costa Rica. Giant Brazil’s percentage, by comparison, was 49 percent. And Cuba’s gross domestic product per capita in 1959 was higher than those of Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, most of Latin America, Asia, and Africa, again according to U.N. statistics. In most vital statistics, therefore, Cuba was on a par with Mediterranean countries and southern U.S. states." Yeah, Cuba was a really terrible place back then. Good thing Fidel and Che showed up and fixed it right up.
  11. doom_is_great

    Fidel Castro dead at 90

    The US embargo is not a sufficient explanation for Cuba's poverty. Cuba is free to do business with the rest of the world, and many nations that the US considers close allies do business with Cuba. If Cuba had a somewhat competent government that respected human rights and gave its people economic freedom, Cuba would be somewhat of a wealthy country. The little island nation receives millions of tourists every year. There is no reason for it to be poor.
  12. doom_is_great

    Fidel Castro dead at 90

    I am a little saddened by his death...sad that it was a natural one. Men like Fidel deserve a bullet to the head. Anyway, good riddance to shit.
  13. doom_is_great

    What's the point of Double Trouble?

    Uhh, you can kill more monsters faster?
  14. doom_is_great

    So...about the disappearing corpses

    I agree with jello that non-disappearing corpses should be an option. Even if computers can't handle it now, I am certain PCs in the future will be able to handle it. Plus, it's fun to further disfigure the corpses after they die. It's just the little things that make games so much fun.
  15. doom_is_great

    Games you wished had one more sequel...?

    I would also want an actual single player MechWarrior campaign rather than all the multiplayer stuff that's been coming out. MechWarrior 3 gave me many fun memories in my childhood.
  16. doom_is_great

    Games you wished had one more sequel...?

    I wish somebody would make a proper sequel to FEAR. FEAR 3 was just crap.
  17. doom_is_great

    Doom 2016 Passes 1 Million Sales On Steam (Maybe)

    It better. The world won't be complete until we have a remake of Doom 2.
  18. doom_is_great

    The Sound Design of Doom Interview - DOOM 2?

    The only really good gore sound in the game is the exploding mancubus sound. Everything else is meh.
  19. I would want super healing, anti aging powers like Wolverine has. A metal skeleton would be pretty cool too.
  20. doom_is_great

    Classic levels are poorly balanced

    They should have removed the face armor of the pinkies and also had the majority of the possessed consist of the regular stumbling, bumbling possessed in the classic levels intermixed with possessed soldiers. Then the maps would be a little more balanced like the originals. House of Pain is a damn hard level in Doom 2016, at least for me. In the original, all these levels were easy to dominate. So yeah, they made the Classic maps REALLY poorly balanced in terms of difficulty.
  21. doom_is_great

    Great analysis of DOOM 2016

    This is perhaps the best analysis and review of the new Doom game that I have seen. It is so good that I have rewatched it several times. I really like this guy's intelligent commentary and insight on video games. This really is a whole new level of gaming criticism that I have yet to find elsewhere.
  22. doom_is_great

    Great analysis of DOOM 2016

    That's why I really like his videos. His type commentary really is something you don't hear often in gaming criticism, at least I don't. Most often all you hear are whiny little bastards like the guy that Agentbromsnor linked to. And that guy probably made such a critical review just to be "controversial" or just to go against the consensus for the sake of going against the consensus for the sake of views. Plus the guy is just plain annoying and insufferable to listen to.
  23. doom_is_great

    Russian Space Marine move to US, need support

    The south also has cheaper cost of living, MUCH cheaper that NY or California. If I were immigrating to the US, I would want to move where it's the least expensive to live.
  24. doom_is_great

    The Worst Thing You've Ever Seen

    Probably a photo taken by photojournalist Kevin Carter of a naked, starving, and emaciated Sudanese boy that was so desperate from hunger that he was eating shit directly out of an oxen's ass. That stuck with for a while.
  25. doom_is_great

    What would you want added from an expansion?

    Oh, I also want more juicy death animations like the one for mancubus. It was the only monster that had a juicy death animation where you could hear the guts spilling out everywhere. They need to not only have more gory visual effects, but more gory sound effects as well. You should be able to hear the monsters go SPLAT when you gib them or blow off their head.