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Everything posted by doom_is_great

  1. doom_is_great

    What would you want added from an expansion?

    Bigger levels with bigger battles. I'm talking on the scale of Alien Vendetta and Deus Vult, although that may be impossible due to hardware limitations. Maybe in Doom 2 they can do that? Anyway, everything must be bigger. The levels must be bigger, the battles need to be bigger, and their should be new and bigger weapons and more devastating weapon mods. Also, I would like to see some more puzzles like in the classic Doom games.
  2. doom_is_great

    Too much gibbing

    Gibbing is great! Makes the shotgun feel powerful.
  3. doom_is_great

    What would you want added from an expansion?

    More demons, more guns, more gore. Bigger, badder boss battles. And as someone else mentioned, mods for the BFG. They need to make it just like every other gun and not make it just some panic button for when you are being overwhelmed.
  4. doom_is_great

    The Next Doom

    Just give us a DOOM 2016: Hell on Earth. That's all we need.
  5. This. I wish they implemented some more of the original sounds, such as the Doomguy grunts and pain sounds, the door opening sounds, the platform moving sounds, etc. I also wish that they had implemented the original death animation of the cyberdemon. After you beat him the first time before you are warped into hell, I was expecting him to explode into a massive cloud of blood and gore just like in the original, but NO! THEY HAD YOU DO A LAME ASS GLORY KILL INSTEAD! I also wish that they had made the Doomguy look more like the original Doomguy, with short sleeved armor.
  6. doom_is_great

    John Carmack is not thanked in the end credits

    Of course they took some inspiration from Brutal Doom. At the very least, Brutal Doom demonstrated what a lot of people wanted: hard core, fast paced, brutal, bloody action.
  7. doom_is_great

    The campaign is too long

    If Doom was only 4-6 hours long, I'd be pissed. Took me about 17 hours to finish. I thought it was long enough. Can't wait for the sequel.
  8. doom_is_great


    I thought he was a great boss fight, much better than the Doom 3 cyberdemon. I mean, the Doom 2016 cyberdemon actually posed a challenge. I was only disappointed that he didn't have the same death animation as the classic Doom cybie. After all that fighting all you get is same lame glory kill? I was hoping for an explosion of blood and gore leaving behind only a bloody hoof and a rocket launcher.
  9. doom_is_great

    Reviews and Reviews in progress

    I think this game is great. Hopefully it makes enough money to warrant a remake of Doom 2. Hopefully these mediocre reviewers don't prevent that from happening.
  10. doom_is_great

    Things You Thought Would've Been Cool to See

    Reloading. I know that is kind of a weird thing I would have liked to have seen and it might have slowed down the combat a little bit, but it would have made the game a little more immersive and "believable" even though Doom is not about realism or about being believable. Would've added a little more strategy to the combat too.
  11. doom_is_great

    What Now?

    Remake of Doom 2. Then the world will be perfect.
  12. doom_is_great

    Disabling the vanishing corpses...

    Yes. We need a Doom 4 version of the nitro gore mod.
  13. doom_is_great

    The scariest moment of your life.

    Don't know. Maybe when I had a gall bladder attack. Felt like I was going to die.
  14. doom_is_great

    Doom Hard Difficulty gameplay

    My only fear is that the arena mechanic is going to get old and repetitive fast. It also will take away any of the surprise or suspense since it seems that each and every time you walk into an arena, the intercomm says "demonic presence at unsafe levels." Therefore, you always will know what's coming next.
  15. doom_is_great

    Predict The Metacritic Score

    I predict that it will get an average or fair score from the professional reviewers but the user reviews will scorch it because of all the idiots who think it's like Halo or COD and that it somehow is not Doom.
  16. doom_is_great

    How to lose 22 pounds ('really fast)

    Lift weights and eat at a caloric deficit.
  17. Live amongst Spanish speakers who don't speak a lick of English and try to speak Spanish with them. In approximately six months to a year, you will be able to speak decent Spanish. At least that is how long it took me. Just learn basic grammar, basic vocabulary, and practice, practice, practice. It will take time for you to be able to understand what they are saying, but eventually you will be able to distinguish the words and understand it just like you understand English.
  18. doom_is_great

    DOOM - Exclusive SnapMap and Singleplayer Streams

    Will have to watch later tonight or tomorrow.
  19. doom_is_great

    Do you guys think an in-depth story woud be a good idea?

    Doom should have an interesting story and should tell it in a similar way that FEAR told its story: through computer files and phone messages that are optional to listen too. Therefore, if you don't want to stop and listen to the story and just go on killing bad guys, then you can keep going.
  20. doom_is_great

    DOOM is getting ripped and torn by negative Steam reviews

    Ok, after increasing the FOV to the max, now the game seems fast enough. Despite being one of suckiest players in all the matches, I generally had a pretty good time playing this game even though I am not really that into MP. I just hope that singleplayer doesn't get raked over the coals even though it probably will since most so-called "fans" are impossible to please and really don't know what they want.
  21. doom_is_great

    DOOM is getting ripped and torn by negative Steam reviews

    So I just played the beta last night. Just some background, I never played Classic Doom MP, just SP, and the only Quake MP I played was Q3A on the Sega Dreamcast at my uncle's house. Anyway, even for somebody like me who didn't play much of Quake or Doom MP, Doom beta surprisingly did feel a little slow and sluggish. I was surprised by how slow the movement felt, and honestly, speeding up the movement could vastly improve the feel of the game.
  22. doom_is_great

    Interesting Video Review of the Beta

    Well, you can't please everybody. And even if Doom was exactly the way that this guy wanted it to be, there would still be other people out there that would bitch and say that Doom is stuck in the past. In fact, there probably are people saying that.
  23. I will have to try it out. Hopefully, I won't be too busy with school.
  24. doom_is_great

    DOOM - Fight Like Hell Cinematic Trailer

    If they did an original Doom song for this trailer, I think Running from Evil would have been a perfect fit since Doomguy is running around shotgunning.
  25. doom_is_great

    How much money will id make off of Doom 2016?

    It has the possibility of doing well. It also has the possibility of doing horribly. Who knows. Regardless of the outcome, I am confident that it won't be the end of Doom. It is just too legendary of a franchise to let it sit and collect dust. If Doom 4 sells horribly, then most likely id will be shut down or consolidated with some other more reliable studio, and the Doom franchise will be handed off to another studio like Machine Games. I am still dreaming of the day when we finally get a proper Doom 2 remake. Life won't be perfect until we get that.