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  1. doom_is_great

    Hypothetical Question: What if the USA Collapsed?

    I honestly wouldn't mind if the US federal government ceased to exist and then the US broke up into smaller countries. Much of the regions could be self-sustaining anyway. Many states like California, Texas, New York, etc. have economies that could sustain them. We would have much more variety here in the states since people would have more freedom to choose which laws they want for their particular state or country. Southern states could be as conservative/religious as they want to be and also have as much capitalism as they desire. Northern and western states could be as liberal/secular as they want to be and also have as much socialism as they desire. They could have all the gun control in the world and no powerful lobby up in Washington like the NRA could impede them. I think it would be a very interesting experiment.
  2. I am not trying to be negative about the game or trying to jinx it. I am actually just discussing a hypothetical here. If this game doesn't deliver critically and financially, what does that mean for Id and Doom? Are they done for? This is what I think. Judging by what happened after Rage, there could be some consequences if this game doesn't deliver. If worst comes to worst, I think that Id will finally be completely disbanded or just reduced to a tech studio. However, I don't think that Id's IPs will be shelved and left to rot for the rest of eternity. DOOM, Quake, and Wolfenstein are just too big of names to sit on and do nothing with. Zenimax or Bethesda will probably assign other studios to develop games for those IPs and we will still get DOOM, Quake, and Wolfenstein sequels. How they will be or by whom they would be made is anyone's guess. One thing is for certain. No matter what the future DOOM games will be like, hard core DOOM fans will hate them because they aren't exactly like the originals. Anyway, any other thoughts on this?
  3. Except TNO was made by Machine Games, not by Id. Doom 4 will be the litmus test for Id Software.
  4. doom_is_great

    Bethesda E3 Conference - DOOM4 Unveiling

  5. doom_is_great

    Bethesda E3 Conference - DOOM4 Unveiling

    I want them to improve it though. I want better, more satisfying blood and gore effects and some more grisly death animations like the mancubus's death animation. I want to see some disembowelments and watch a hell knight's guts fall out like in the original.
  6. doom_is_great

    Do the enemies take gradual damage?

    I think I noticed some injury decals on the hell knights in the hell level. Specifically when one of them was getting shot by the chaingun.
  7. doom_is_great

    What about PC version of new DOOM?

    Yeah, I noticed that too. In the beginning of the demo, after some of the imps get shot with the shotgun, their models disappear and they just turn into a small pile of gibs. Hopefully they fix that by the time they release the game.
  8. doom_is_great

    Lets talk about the story

    Well, the enemies disintegrated just for performance issues. It was a design decision meant to improve performance just like not being able to hold the flashlight and a gun at the same time. I honestly thought that Doom 3's story had some interesting elements to it, such as the ancient alien civilization. Would have been cool if they had some more levels where you explored more of the ancient ruins. Doom 3 could have been an awesome game if they had just made the combat better, the levels not so linear, allowed you to hold a flashlight and a gun at the same time, etc. Not everything from Doom 3 was crap.
  9. doom_is_great

    What about PC version of new DOOM?

    I think I read somewhere that the weapon wheel is optional and that you still can instantly switch weapons like in traditional FPS.
  10. doom_is_great

    Let's Talk about the Weapons

    You know, a little google search could easily answer that question, but here's an article that might answer it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plasma_weapon
  11. doom_is_great

    So, what did you REALLY expect of Doom 4?

    It's really hard to pinpoint exactly what I disliked about the reveal. I guess I was a little let down about it because I felt that it look liked just another shooter. After hearing about how awesome the game was at the exclusive Quakecon reveal, I guess I was sort of expecting it to be absolutely mind blowing rather than quite average. Don't get me wrong, it still looks pretty cool and I will still probably play it, but it just didn't make the impact that I hope it would at the reveal. I guess one main gripe I have over it is just the design of some of the monsters. The imps and the zombies have a generic grey color to them. They look like generic enemies that you would see in any other shooter. I would have preferred it if the imps had been a darker brown like in the original Doom. I am not sure how the zombies should have been designed, but I would have preferred that they not look like strogg. I guess one thing that would have made it better for me is if it was a bit more colorful. Not as colorful as the original, but some of the colors should stick out more. Everything just looks kind of washed out. The gunplay didn't look all that satisfying for some reason. I think it has to do with the feedback that the player should get from shooting a demon. The feedback isn't quite right yet. For example, sometimes when the player shoots an enemy with a shotgun, blood doesn't always fly off of it, therefore, it looks like the player didn't do any damage to the monster. Blood should always fly off when shoot a demon. There just needs to be more feedback. The game is pretty gory, but it needs more blood. Sometimes when the monsters fall apart, their chunks of flesh leave no splatter on the ground. That needs to be fixed. Anyway, some other things that I don't like thus far is the pinyata effect since it removes the incentive to go search for health and ammo. Why search for health and ammo when you can just kill a demon? The ridiculously low ammo caps need to be gotten rid of as well.
  12. doom_is_great

    Sergeant_Mark_IV is remaking the original Doom

    I would hope so honestly. The plasma rifle needs to be a lot more devastating.
  13. doom_is_great

    If this game flops, what does that mean for Id and Doom?

    I hope you're right. Nothing would suck worse than this game flopping, resulting in Id shuttering its doors for good. Then we would be "doomed" to years of endless COD clones. It would probably be years before anyone would touch any of Id's IPs.
  14. If the health and ammo pinyata effect is balanced out, it could work. What I don't like are the ridiculously low ammo caps. That pretty much makes it mandatory that your perform executions to get more ammo.
  15. doom_is_great

    Baron of Hell

    Doomguy is not a caring person, at least not to demon life.
  16. doom_is_great

    Disappointed with the monster designs

    But then there would be no surprises. Plus, looking at the polarization and division present in this forum, there's no way we would ever come to consensus.
  17. doom_is_great

    Baron of Hell

    It's a Doom game. It's supposed to be bloody, gory, and pretty disturbing. I hope they have a lot more of that stuff in the game. Not necessarily ripping up corpses, but having to find inventive ways of solving problems like a locked door. Part of Doom's fun was problem solving and solving puzzles. Hopefully Id hasn't forgotten that.
  18. doom_is_great

    Baron of Hell

    That's my feeling too. If I was the producer for this game, the moment that I would have seen the artist's designs for the cybie, I would sent them back to the drawing board and told them to make it look more like the original and more satanic looking. The zombies also look a bit too stroggish. Makes me wonder how they are going to differentiate the stroggs from the zombies in Doom if they ever decide to make a Quake game within the strogg universe.
  19. doom_is_great

    Secondary fire modes?

    It's this kind of xenophobic attitude which prevents Doom from ever evolving or changing and becoming a more interesting game. Of course, Doom should not incorporate every modern trend that has come into existence ever since 1994, however, there are some new things that would fit just fine in the Doom universe, alt firing modes being one of them.
  20. doom_is_great

    For those concerned about the plasma gun's halo-ish design

    I think it looks like the same one only it has some sort of attachment.
  21. doom_is_great

    Veterans: What are your thoughts on the reveal?

    Been dooming ever since my dad brought home doom from work back in the mid 90s. It looks alright. Wasn't as mind blowing as I had hoped, however, that doesn't mean that the final product won't be mind blowing. Hopefully they will make improvements to the game between now and when it releases. Anyway, the gun play looks intense. However, it still lacks a certain something to be satisfying. I am not sure what. The gore could use a little more work. Gibbing monsters still seems not that satisfying. There definitely needs to be more blood splatter when the demons get shot. When you shoot a demon with a double barrel shotgun and its whole upper body explodes, then the wall behind it should be covered in blood. The chunks of flesh and body parts that fall to the floor should leave blood splatter and also form pools of blood. Demons that lose limbs should spray blood from their bloody stumps momentarily. Anyway, enough with the gore. I don't like the pinyata effect of demons dropping ammo and health. Part of the incentive to explore was to find ammo and health. The pinyata effect totally removes that incentive. I would do away with that if was Id. Or at least remove the effect on higher difficulties. I would also remove the ridiculously low ammo caps. Seriously? You can carry only 20 shells at a time? For cryin' out loud, the original Doom allowed carry 50 to 100. Only 60 bullets at a time? WTF? You will only be able to shoot the chaingun for less than 10 seconds with such a small amount. I am also worried about the game's atmosphere and story. I don't want a completely non-existant story in this Doom. When you have context and purpose behind all your actions, more purpose than just killing demons, that makes the whole game more engrossing and immersive. Atmosphere is super important. I don't want to feel like I am playing a game. I want to feel like I am on a Mars base battling the forces of hell. So please Id, don't forget about the atmosphere. Try to suck us into the game.
  22. doom_is_great


    I think they need to give a preview of snap map and show all the tools and even a tutorial on how to make a simple map. Then we will know of its true capabilities.
  23. doom_is_great

    Art Direction talk in 1 hour.

    The only thing that I could find was an article from gamespot where Marty Stratton talks about how the game is actually challenging contrary to some people's impressions from the demo the other night. He also said some other pretty interesting things like how none of the monsters' movements were scripted. All their flying, jumping, and crawling was completely unscripted according to Marty. You can read the whole article here: http://www.gamespot.com/articles/ne...d/1100-6428235/
  24. doom_is_great

    Gameplay Hit or Miss

    Atmosphere though is what really sucks you in and makes you feel like you are actually there, on Mars, fighting monsters. I don't want to feel like I am playing a game. I want to be sucked in and feel like I am actually there, trying to survive against seemingly impossible odds. Even Classic Doom had some pretty good atmosphere. There are some really good wads out there like KDiZD that have really good atmosphere as well. Atmosphere is just as important as all the other elements of Doom.