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  1. The one thing that the new Dooms lack that would really make them feel more like the originals is non-disappearing corpses and gore. Maybe we could even call it perma-gore. When playing the old Dooms, there is a certain level of satisfaction when you look around after a big battle and see the corpses of your enemies strewn all over the battlefield. Makes you feel like a badass.

  2. I like the categorization of boomer shooter that has come into being in recent years to classify games like Doom, Duke Nukem, Quake, etc. Games which prioritize high-speed action over immersion, story telling, or realism. Perhaps those games already had their own category but I was just ignorant of it (classic shooters?).


    It makes me wonder what type of game like Half-Life would be classified as since it is not a boomer shooter, but it is not a game like COD or some other military sim either that tries to be overly tactical and "realistic". It seems to be in the middle of the two. It has reloading, but doesn't require you to aim down sites to hit something. You can sprint and shoot at the same time and carry all your guns at once just like boomer shooters. It's combat seems to be somewhere in the middle of boomer shooter and the super tactical modern shooter, perhaps leaning more towards the boomer shooter.


    It's levels are more linear than the boomer shooter, but they don't necessarily have to be. Their levels are designed to be more immersive and feel realistic, like they could be real places. They aren't nearly as abstract as Classic Doom levels. 


    And obviously they are much more story driven.


    Other games that probably fall into this category are games like Doom 3, Half-Life 2, FEAR, new Wolfenstein games, etc.


    It seems like these type of shooters are on some sort of hiatus from the mainstream, which saddens me since these honestly are my favorite type of shooters.


    Anyway, what type of name would you give to these type of FPS games? Would you like to see a revival of these type of shooters?

  3. Appreciate the info, I'll see what I can do. I'll try and modify the nightmare mode as you said in the DoomConfig.cfg and also in the pak000.pk4. Sounds really interesting. I've always wanted to try to mod the game myself. I'll let you know if I need any help. Thanks!

  4. I am having a blast replaying this classic. I am looking for a way to make it more challenging. Is there a way to have the same damage level of nightmare mode while playing Veteran? I would just like to the monsters to do the same level of damage, but without having the constantly draining health and not starting out with the Soul Cube.

  5. Hey y'all, I got Doom 3 to work using Dhewm 3 source port. Back in the day, there was this mod that I used in combination with the nitro gore mod which made the bullet wound decals different depending on the weapon used. I don't know if anyone remembers that mod or knows what I am talking about. I've been looking all over the internet for it and cannot find it. Does anyone remember that mod or know where I could find it?

  6. Hi y'all. I am trying to play Doom 3 off of Steam on my laptop. However, the framerate for some reason is SUPER slow. I am not talking about even the in-game framerate. Like the framerate in the menu and even the opening cinematic showing the id company logo is extremely slow. Is there some sort of fix for this? I have been playing through Doom 3 BFG edition but I want to play through the original to get the absolute original experience. Any help would be really appreciated.


    Laptop specs if applicable:


    Windows 10 Home

    Intel Core i7

    Nvidia GeForce GTX 970M

  7. 6 hours ago, Edward850 said:

    You have indirectly answered the problem with this thread: Doom is serious for you. That doesn't mean that it is or was intended to be.


    Except one of the id devs (cannot remember exactly who) said that if they had the technology back in the early 90s, Doom 3 would have essentially been the game they would have created. So YES, Doom was intended to be a serious game. 

  8. I hope its not. Doom was always a serious game for me. While I'll still probably buy and play Doom Eternal, I would much prefer a darker, heavier, and more oppressive atmosphere and tone than some of the cartoony goofiness we're seeing in some of the gameplay videos now. 

  9. On 11/10/2018 at 6:30 PM, XLightningStormL said:

    Have to admit, the writing on the script of that video isn't bad, it's got a good flow, and Akie isn't a bad actor, but the issue I'm seeing is that too much lore and exposition might be dumped. Knowing Doom fans, exposition, story and lore don't matter unless it's an optional codex entry, and I could see many getting the shits that there's "too much" expositionary dialogue and not enough demon-killing.


    Meh. This Doom fan hopes there is a decent amount of exposition and lore, as well as lots of demon killing and blood, guts, and gore. Honestly, if the film were all demon killing with absolutely no exposition and lore at all, then the movie would suck in my eyes.  

  10. 53 minutes ago, Aquila Chrysaetos said:


    Doom was a serious gaming experience for me when I started playing, it wasn't cartoonish. It has its weirdo funny moments, but it's fairly serious. Brutal Doom is cartoonish. I can't speak to Project Brutality, but I suspect it probably is, as well.

    Doom 2016 is enjoyable, but not like classic is. I still go back to classic to play some of my favorite maps, like Pandemonium, The Living End, and Impossible Mission, because they're just that much fun for me.

    Am I going to get Doom Eternal? Probably. Will I like it? Remains to be seen. My expectations for Eternal are higher now, but it's unlikely to ever be my favorite.

    My sentiments exactly. It's like no one remembers playing maps like Halls of the Damned or The Waste Tunnels. Those maps were dark, shadowy, had creepy music and a foreboding atmosphere. No, all anyone remembers is bright, flashy colors, lots of lighting, and heavy metal.


    Brutal Doom can provide a more serious gaming experience if done right. Some of my favorite custom Doom experiences included Brutal Doom J by Johnny combined with Knee Deep in Zdoom and the Doomambience pack. One of the best Doom experiences ever for me.  

  11. Sadly, it seems the cartoonish visual aesthetic and goofy tone of the game is a deliberate design choice on part of the team. 


    Hugo Martin:


    "...the goal is that it looks like a AAA version of the 1993 Doom. That’s what I’m so proud of with that footage. If you were to modernise Doom in a AAA game from 1993, that’s what it would look like.


    There are a lot of little things that we do to pull that off. I know some fans who love certain aspects of Doom 3, and totally, I do too. This is a cartoon. This is supposed to be fun. That’s what Doom was in 1993, so we take a lot of the dark shadows out of the world. We bring up the fill light. It kind of flattens the world a little bit, but it creates all of this visual detail and it does give it this cartoonish effect, which ultimately kind of balances out the ridiculous amount of violence in the game.


    The gore is handled in a cartoonish way, which is totally consistent with the original Doom games. And if it wasn’t done that way, you’re blowing off all of this flesh on this guy’s arm and he’s coming at you. We’ve had internal devs comment: “How is this guy still standing? He just has a femur on his leg holding him up.” It’s just a cartoon…"




    Sigh. Growing up, I never thought of Doom as just a cartoon. To me it was a more serious gaming experience, a game about survival and overcoming overwhelming odds. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed Doom 2016 and will still probably enjoy Doom Eternal, but it just isn't my vision of what Doom is.

  12. 1 hour ago, bigbossbalrog said:

    All the people yelling about the Doomguy being a coward and "not badass"

    No one is saying that Doomguy was a coward and not badass. Doomguy was a badass because he was a survivor. That despite all of the overwhelming odds, through sheer grit, determination, and lots of guns and bullets, he overcame them all. At least that's always how I imagined him.

  13. 31 minutes ago, RightField said:

    there's something that some gamers here don't understand. doom was based of total recal and aliens which where both films that went over the top in a cartoonish style to make it interesting. even if you are too young to remember this the creators are not, and a cartoonish style was probably the real intention all along. the original doom wasn't designed by kids even though we experienced it that way. the cartoonish feel was intended, which is what the new doom and hugo martin really understands

    Aliens was cartoony? Maybe Total Recall (it was a Schwarzenegger film after all), but I wouldn't exactly consider Aliens a cartoony film. Of course, I haven't seen the whole film, only parts of it. But if I recall, the whole scenario of the movie is a group of space marines who think they are going to kick ass and destroy whatever they're up against only to find out that they're up against seemingly impossible odds. The rest of the movie is just them struggling to survive, with only Ripley, another marine, and a child surviving the encounter. Doesn't sound like a cartoony, goofy film to me. Of course, if I am wrong, feel free to correct me.

  14. 23 minutes ago, jazzmaster9 said:

    Oh no its Cartoonish!!

    Look at the original revenants and Cacodemon and Daisy, totaly not exagerated and silly cartoons 

    0/10 NOT TRV DOOM. Wheres my 320×200 pixels?

    They were cartoonish looking because that's the best the technology could produce at the time. I believe one of the developers at id said that if they had the technology back when they made Classic Doom, Doom 3 would have essentially had been the game they would have made. Of course, if no one ever said that, feel free to correct me.

  15. 7 hours ago, RightField said:

    Oof, I guess I can always count on doomworld for negative pessimistic opinions on pretty much everything, including what looks like to be the best new fps this decade. It looks like they made everything more fun, and I like fun, so I'll love this.

    Or maybe people just have different opinions on what the atmosphere and tone of Doom should be like. It's not just pessimism for the sake of pessimism. In Classic Doom, there were definitely moments where you felt like a bad ass and were just annihilating everything in sight. There were other moments in the game that felt darker and more sinister and it felt like you were struggling just to survive. Unfortunately, it seems the team over at id simply took one aspect of the tone of Doom, the "I'm the biggest bad ass that ever lived!" part, and have just gone full bore with it and have forgotten everything else. And although it is a little disappointing, it is something that I can live with for now. I still liked Doom 2016 and I will probably still like Doom Eternal. I hope that as the game is further developed, that the environments and the monsters will look a little less cartoony and comic book like and that the team will find that good aesthetic balance that was struck in Doom 2016.  



  16. Well, I like the fact they're expanding the lore. Can't wait to see how they flesh everything out. The design of the demons still looks a little too cartoonish for my taste. Colors are a little too bright and popping. I hope they continue to improve the gore and gibs. Overall, I was pretty satisfied with what I saw.