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  1. I just got a new Sun Microsystems GDM-5010 21" CRT monitor. This is a Trinitron display made for Sun workstations but is fully VGA compatible (though you have to supply your own cable since the one included uses Sun's 13W3 connector). Absolutely superb picture quality. Unfortunately it's about the only thing superb about my ailing Dell Dimension 4300 retro PC, but fortunately I have almost all the parts I need to build a new machine around an AMD Athlon Thunderbird.

  2. Finally got the DOS sound card drivers working. The version of the Aureal Vortex Advantage I bought was some no-name version whose included drivers disabled the MPU-401 for some stupid reason, forcing me to remove them and install the reference drivers, and I had to disable bus detection in the .inf or the drivers would complain about being plugged into the secondary PCI bus and refuse to turn on the SB Pro emulation or the MPU-401. But it finally works, I've finally got Doom running in its full glory.


    (the wavetable synth in the Vortex Advantage sounds like shit though!)

  3. Once you beat the exploding nVidia driver and reinstall the Windows 98 networking components you're supposed to win, aren't you? Aren't you? Where's your fat reward and Doom v1.9? What the hell is this? It's not supposed to end this way! It stinks like rotten meat, but looks like your Sound Blaster emulation won't load. Looks like you’re stuck on the shores of DOS Driver Hell. The only way out is through.

    1. Joshua Schäferhund

      Joshua Schäferhund

      If you're using a PCI sound card like the SB Live! or YMF724, I'd suggest checking to see if your motherboard supports SB-Link. I don't know the complete gist of it, but I believe you have to plug the cable into the PC/PCI port on your sound card.


      Otherwise, if your mobo has at least one ISA slot, I would strongly recommend using an ISA card. If it doesn't one, well I hate to say you're pretty much shit out of luck and you need to get a mobo that does have one.

    2. Woolie Wool

      Woolie Wool

      I'm almost certain the Aureal Vortex does not have SB-Link and does its emulation thing entirely in software.

  4. Windows 98 decided not to install all the network drivers because of reasons, so I had to remove all the network stuff and reinstall it from the OS CD. But it works! I have internet on my Windows 98 box and no missing .vxd errors!


    Well at least this wasn't quite as annoying as when installing my sound card drivers fucked up my video card drivers and I had to go into Safe Mode, remove the GeForce 2 MX from Device Manager, and reinstall the drivers to even boot the thing up.


    And now it's time to set up the DOS drivers...

    1. Woolie Wool

      Woolie Wool

      In modern Windows, typing "cmd" into the address bar makes the command prompt appear. In 98, it makes the GUI crash. Yay!

    2. Maya Amano

      Maya Amano

      1st or 2nd version of Windows 98?

  5. Is it me or are consumer and gaming cases becoming actively hostile to people who still use hard drives? Migrating my Phenom II's HDD over to my new Ryzen box made me almost want to kill myself. The best part was when I had finally gotten the stupid clip that holds in the HDD cage seated, only to have to push it back out of its seat so I could close the case without the SATA power cables bulging out. Stupid stupid stupid. I kind of wish I had bought a high-end workstation or server case instead. The "toolless drive cage" will make you wish you could just screw the fucking HDD in too.


    (my case is the Corsair Crystal Series 460X, if you care. I do not recommend it to people lacking in manual dexterity or cable management skills.)

    1. Jaxxoon R

      Jaxxoon R

      My case's front fan is in some kind of cage that's like, riveted shut, so if I ever need to replace the fan then tough shit, not even Houdini could magic himself out of there.


      It's already made itself an issue when the foam air filter strip became dislodged and stuck in between the blades, so I had to hover over the hard drive and push the strip back into place using sewing needles.

  6. Recently installed Windows 98 on an old Dell as practice for building a retro PC, but it won't boot because the CMOS battery is dead. Hopefully I can find a live CMOS on another old box.

  7. Steam levels are the dumbest thing. For spending another $100 on TF2 crates, you are now a Level 27 consumer whore! You can now cast Commodity Fetishism twice per day!

    1. geo


      I thought it was crafting badges that got you a customer level. TF2 crates mean nothing other than you have a gambling problem.

    2. torekk


      It's not too bad, I got level 24 by basically just playing games I got for free or from the humble bundle. Took some time though, sure.

    3. Ichor


      Still better than wasting spending $100 on that ridiculous TF2 "wedding ring".

  8. Alien Vendetta map20 is one of the few maps that actually plays better on skill 3 than 4. Skill 4 is just an endless single shotgun meatslog that is dreary to play.

    1. Demon of the Well

      Demon of the Well

      At first reading I found this musing frankly baffling, like something out of a bizarro parallel dimension, but then it occurred to me that you in all likelihood chaingunned a certain cacodemon--the 28th monster in the map, if memory serves--wedged into a certain early narrow corridor in such a way that its bullet-riddled corpse was pushed back and landed directly atop the SSG sitting in what would otherwise be plain view at the end of said corridor, thus obscuring it from view.


      Assuming one doesn't have the misfortune to miss the SSG in this or some other way, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to ever fire the basic pump-action shotgun at any time in any situation in the map after that point, through all the rest of the level's considerable duration.


      That being said, of course, for some tastes the level remains a meat-clogged exercise in corridor-plumbing, SSG or no, by dint of its fundamental design and structure, which of course is a different can of worms entirely!

    2. Woolie Wool

      Woolie Wool

      Wow, the whole time I was wondering if the SSG was pushed later back in the map on skill 4, and why I have to plink at archviles with the single shotgun, eventually giving up due to the seemingly endless grind, and the fucking thing was there the whole time. Goddamnit. Would have saved me so many shells too.

    3. Demon of the Well

      Demon of the Well

      Ah, I knew it! If so inclined you could probably have successfully stubborn'd your way onwards quite a bit deeper in regardless, as at one point the plasma rifle and a glut of cells starts showing up for a time, but the map also has a really pronounced (presumably intentional) sudden severe drought in ammo that occurs in the temple at the top of the mountain-climbing segment, and without the SSG up there all forward momentum may well have ground to a halt, leaving you little choice but to fisticuffs long strings of hell nobles for a while before eventually regathering some steam.

  9. I just finished a massive marathon of both episodes of Back to Saturn X. You know how when you eat a sufficiently huge meal you just want to pass out? That's kind of how I feel right now. I think I'm going to hear MIDI prog metal and see that teal blue range in my dreams for the next month. Great maps though!

  10. Recently replayed Eternal Doom map12 ("Darkdome") and Alien Vendetta map20 ("Misri Halek"). I wish there were more adventure/concept maps like these.

    1. Demon of the Well

      Demon of the Well

      Try Epic 2, by Eternal. It's an Egyptian-themed set (with surprise twists) with homages to other WADs, including Alien Vendetta. One of its final levels, "Ogdoad", is a loving tribute to "Darkdome."