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  1. Alien Vendetta map20 is one of the few maps that actually plays better on skill 3 than 4. Skill 4 is just an endless single shotgun meatslog that is dreary to play.

    1. Demon of the Well

      Demon of the Well

      At first reading I found this musing frankly baffling, like something out of a bizarro parallel dimension, but then it occurred to me that you in all likelihood chaingunned a certain cacodemon--the 28th monster in the map, if memory serves--wedged into a certain early narrow corridor in such a way that its bullet-riddled corpse was pushed back and landed directly atop the SSG sitting in what would otherwise be plain view at the end of said corridor, thus obscuring it from view.


      Assuming one doesn't have the misfortune to miss the SSG in this or some other way, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to ever fire the basic pump-action shotgun at any time in any situation in the map after that point, through all the rest of the level's considerable duration.


      That being said, of course, for some tastes the level remains a meat-clogged exercise in corridor-plumbing, SSG or no, by dint of its fundamental design and structure, which of course is a different can of worms entirely!

    2. Woolie Wool

      Woolie Wool

      Wow, the whole time I was wondering if the SSG was pushed later back in the map on skill 4, and why I have to plink at archviles with the single shotgun, eventually giving up due to the seemingly endless grind, and the fucking thing was there the whole time. Goddamnit. Would have saved me so many shells too.

    3. Demon of the Well

      Demon of the Well

      Ah, I knew it! If so inclined you could probably have successfully stubborn'd your way onwards quite a bit deeper in regardless, as at one point the plasma rifle and a glut of cells starts showing up for a time, but the map also has a really pronounced (presumably intentional) sudden severe drought in ammo that occurs in the temple at the top of the mountain-climbing segment, and without the SSG up there all forward momentum may well have ground to a halt, leaving you little choice but to fisticuffs long strings of hell nobles for a while before eventually regathering some steam.