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  1. Is it me or are consumer and gaming cases becoming actively hostile to people who still use hard drives? Migrating my Phenom II's HDD over to my new Ryzen box made me almost want to kill myself. The best part was when I had finally gotten the stupid clip that holds in the HDD cage seated, only to have to push it back out of its seat so I could close the case without the SATA power cables bulging out. Stupid stupid stupid. I kind of wish I had bought a high-end workstation or server case instead. The "toolless drive cage" will make you wish you could just screw the fucking HDD in too.


    (my case is the Corsair Crystal Series 460X, if you care. I do not recommend it to people lacking in manual dexterity or cable management skills.)

    1. Jaxxoon R

      Jaxxoon R

      My case's front fan is in some kind of cage that's like, riveted shut, so if I ever need to replace the fan then tough shit, not even Houdini could magic himself out of there.


      It's already made itself an issue when the foam air filter strip became dislodged and stuck in between the blades, so I had to hover over the hard drive and push the strip back into place using sewing needles.