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  1. Windows 98 decided not to install all the network drivers because of reasons, so I had to remove all the network stuff and reinstall it from the OS CD. But it works! I have internet on my Windows 98 box and no missing .vxd errors!


    Well at least this wasn't quite as annoying as when installing my sound card drivers fucked up my video card drivers and I had to go into Safe Mode, remove the GeForce 2 MX from Device Manager, and reinstall the drivers to even boot the thing up.


    And now it's time to set up the DOS drivers...

    1. Woolie Wool

      Woolie Wool

      In modern Windows, typing "cmd" into the address bar makes the command prompt appear. In 98, it makes the GUI crash. Yay!

    2. Maya Amano

      Maya Amano

      1st or 2nd version of Windows 98?