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  1. Woolie Wool

    Doom 2 the Way id Did

    Did you like doom2.wad? This is like doom2.wad, only harder. In that respect, D2TWID succeeds quite handily. That said, I find the maps are good in pretty much inverse proportion to how "experimental" they are, "experimental" being a euphemism for "forget everything the community has learned since 1994 on what makes maps fun to play" or "relive Sandy Petersen's worst ideas". There are many great maps like 3, 6, 11, 13, 15, 18, 23, and 29 that have either fast, fluid combat, rewarding exploration, or both, interspersed with "experimental" maps like 5, 9, 10, 19, 24, and 28 that "experiment" with every possible way to annoy and frustrate the player--mandatory treks across damaging floors sans radsuit, health-tax teleports into crowds of enemies at close range, irritating teleport puzzles, heinous Pain Elemental spam encounters (the entire wad could be treated as a course in how not to use Pain Elementals), awkward platforming, hideous texture combinations. Overall this map has more highs than lows but the lows can get really, really low.
  2. Woolie Wool

    This is Woof! 12.0.0 (Sep 15, 2023)

    So what exactly will I need to do for this? Will I need to download a specific branch from github and compile it manually? Currently I'm using the Arch AUR build script which I think is just straight from github master.
  3. Woolie Wool

    This is Woof! 12.0.0 (Sep 15, 2023)

    I could use portmidi, but ALSA is definitely better--it has less of a chance of introducing errors (e.g. hanging notes) when playing midis, and I do not have to open helvum to run a patch from the UM-ONE adapter (which runs to the Sound Canvas) to "Midi Through Port 0", as the low-level ALSA interface seems to detect my UM-ONE immediately.
  4. Woolie Wool

    This is Woof! 12.0.0 (Sep 15, 2023)

    I forgot you had forked from WinMBF instead of PrBoom and thus there never was an original Linux version to add features back from. SDL does have midi but I have no idea how to assign it a device under Linux. PrBoom-plus has both SDL and ALSA midi as well as OPL and (I think) FluidSynth. I know some soft synths like Timidity present virtual devices so if you did add ALSA midi you would not need hardware to test with.
  5. Woolie Wool

    This is Woof! 12.0.0 (Sep 15, 2023)

    Guess I'll be using prboom-plus under Linux then and have to forgo the HRTF and other fancy things Woof has, at least for now. Is there any possibility of this being added back? Especially if you can address MIDI devices directly like GZDoom instead of making me fuck around with patchbays every time I want to play Doom (and I still haven't figured out SDL midi on Linux).
  6. Woolie Wool

    Playing big, modern maps on old machines

    Set your resolution to 320x200 (4:3) or 426x200 (16:9) in prboom-plus, it is an older port than Woof and might give you better performance. However, don't expect an old computer to play just any map. On my single-core Athlon XP rig there are many maps I cannot play, and I have the advantage on the Athlon of being able to use native 320x200 with a CRT under a legacy prboom version that has much, much less overhead than modern ports--the code that lets low resolutions display on modern-ish displays and GPUs has a performance cost. Things like "Kythraessos" from Legacy of Heroes or "God Machine" from Sunlust are still unplayable unless I switch to my modern Ryzen rig. I would strongly consider getting a better computer, even a used laptop that is a few years younger would be a significant improvement and will cost much, much less than a new computer. E: in general (though there are of course exceptions) older versions of source ports will generally give you better performance. Features add overhead, and overhead is the enemy of low-spec computers. If that means you have to live without modern amenities like HRTF audio or rewinds or other newfangled features, and miss out on MBF21 wads, so be it.
  7. Woolie Wool

    This is Woof! 12.0.0 (Sep 15, 2023)

    Does the Linux version of this support ALSA midi at all? I finally got an (annoying, inconvenient) way to get my SC-88 working with Doom source ports under Linux, but Woof does not seem to allow me to use it.
  8. Woolie Wool

    MIDI in Linux ports

    Does anybody know how to set up the default MIDI device in Linux? GZDoom can address my hardware synth directly but other ports generally use something like "portmidi" or "midi port 0" and I have been unable to figure out what exactly this is or how it works.
  9. If you have a desktop, just use both. My main PC runs two SSDs (for Windows and Linux) and three HDDs (for data).
  10. Woolie Wool

    This is Woof! 12.0.0 (Sep 15, 2023)

    Running pacman -Qs cmake yields: local/cmake 3.26.3-1
  11. Woolie Wool

    This is Woof! 12.0.0 (Sep 15, 2023)

    Building on Arch Linux through either AUR or github results in the following errors: CMake Error in src/CMakeLists.txt: Imported target "SDL2_net::SDL2_net" includes non-existent path "//include/SDL2" in its INTERFACE_INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES. Possible reasons include: * The path was deleted, renamed, or moved to another location. * An install or uninstall procedure did not complete successfully. * The installation package was faulty and references files it does not provide. CMake Error in src/CMakeLists.txt: Imported target "SDL2_net::SDL2_net" includes non-existent path "//include/SDL2" in its INTERFACE_INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES. Possible reasons include: * The path was deleted, renamed, or moved to another location. * An install or uninstall procedure did not complete successfully. * The installation package was faulty and references files it does not provide. I reinstalled SDL2_net and rebuilt another program that uses sdl2_net (ECWolf) to ensure it wasn't SDL2_net's fault. Note that I have built the previous version of Woof from AUR successfully. E: also successfully built DSDA Doom to further test SDL2_net, no issues
  12. Woolie Wool

    Do Not Buy Dell

    I guess it depends on what you want to do with it. My Lenovo ThinkPad T520 is 12 or 13 years old and, with a RAM and SSD upgrade, still works great as an internet appliance using Arch Linux/KDE (the P key on the keyboard is going however, and I might have to eventually replace the keyboard if I want to keep using it). Gaming on it, however, is just a non-starter for any game made after around 2001, especially since I disabled the nVidia GPU to extend its miserable battery life and avoid having to deal with nVidia's shitty Linux drivers. As far as "gaming laptops" go, if I wanted to play serious games on a laptop I would just get a Steam Deck or a Nintendo Switch.
  13. Woolie Wool

    Laz Rojas - an old Doomer in trouble.

    Unfortunately I am in a pretty hard financial situation and have no money to spare, but this is a horrifying story and I wish Laz the best in clearing his name and getting his life back together. His mods (especially the WolfenDoom versions) were a tremendous influence on my Wolf3D modding career and were also the first Doom pwads I ever played, getting me into both Doom wads and source ports (the first port I played back in 1999 was MBF because he recommended it). E: Laz was also the way a lot of PC users (myself included) learned of the "Mac Family" of Wolfenstein with its different mechanics and Second Encounter level set, and he contributed tremendously to raising awareness of these versions of the game and preventing them from sinking into obscurity beneath the shadow of the far more popular and accessible PC version.
  14. Nearly all modern ports support resolution scaling, so have you considered reducing your resolution? I assume you're using a software renderer since GL renderers tend to vastly outperform them in terms of FPS. Reducing your resolution by half will mean your CPU has to do only a quarter of the work to render the scene. And speaking of that, I've been replaying 2022ADO under DOS and discovered that the set is almost fully compatible with MBF-SNM 2.04. The only problems are E3M5 (causes a segmentation violation on map load), E5M9 (level progression is hardcoded in MBF-SNM so the secret exit is in the wrong map), and the M10 maps (but I didn't like them anyway). Aside from that the set runs beautifully under DOS on my Athlon, with no FPS drops even in the largest setpieces.
  15. Woolie Wool

    Tartar (EE-fork, DOS)

    New bug found while playing E3 of 2022 A Doom Odyssey: E3M5 in Ultimate Doom exits to the end of episode rather than to E3M6. I confirmed this also works with a bare iwad, not just in 2022ADO. E: is there any way to define new episodes in Tartar? Even if we can't have full UMAPINFO, it would be really nice to have 2022ADO fully playable under Tartar.
  16. Woolie Wool

    Your favorite colors in WADs?

    A whole -complevel 9 or MBF21 mapset focusing on the heaven theme from OTEX would be cool. E: holy shit somebody bumped a four year old thread and I didn't even realize it
  17. Woolie Wool

    Tartar (EE-fork, DOS)

    I used the latest build because previous builds corrupted the whole map on loading (presumably because they used 32-bit nodes). e: turns out it was map04 that was causing me such trouble. I've attached a save game at a point where it is likely the page fault will trigger if you keep playing and saving. The savegame file is over 2 megabytes unzipped! SAVEGAME.ZIP
  18. Woolie Wool

    Tartar (EE-fork, DOS)

    Tartar has an issue with page faults when loading or saving games on map03 of Boomer: Beyond Vanilla. It is not guaranteed to happen, you might have to do it several times for it to happen, but it corrupts saved games when it happens during saving.
  19. Woolie Wool

    Tartar (EE-fork, DOS)

    Got a new mouse today so I was able to try out Hydrosphere. Excellent work fixing it! For my part, I had no problems at all with the outdoor scene in map06, but real hardware at 1733 MHz is probably faster than DOSBox on all but the most insane modern systems (and maybe not even then considering how much rides on a single thread) E: Running in 320x200 will massively improve performance BTW.
  20. Unfortunately LCDs caught on a few years before running every game at native resolution was realistic for most computers, so you had a few years in the 2000s where you often had the choice between blurry linear scaling or poor framerates, and the image quality was often worse than CRTs too. Early consumer LCDs blew goats and I missed my Samsung CRT for years after it died.
  21. Woolie Wool

    DBP54: Steamy Bathhouse

    I really enjoyed this one. A lot of DBP projects are really hit and miss for me, with a mixture of good maps and awful ones, but these maps were consistently high quality and I loved the weird abstract hammam theme that kind of reminded me of ikblue/ikwhite maps for Quake. I know a few people rag on DBP projects for the "comfort food" difficulty level but I have been feeling pretty shitty lately and in such bad spirits it's great to blaze through a set with modern architecture and gameplay that is just challenging enough to be exciting without killing me 50 times a map. Speaking of ikblue/ikwhite, would you guys ever consider doing a set based on those textures?
  22. Woolie Wool

    Tartar (EE-fork, DOS)

    The mouse problem turned out to be a problem with my mouse itself. I have gotten it to do the same thing in MBF, and it also does it in Windows games, though in Windows the mouse control comes back after a second or two (just long enough to eat a bunch of revenant rockets). This is my second MX518 I've bought for this retro computer and I'm starting to wonder if I should get some sort of active USB to PS/2 converter so I can use a more modern mouse.
  23. Woolie Wool

    Tartar (EE-fork, DOS)

    Yes it does.
  24. Woolie Wool

    Tartar (EE-fork, DOS)

    This indeed fixed the sound problem, but now there is a new bug where the mouse input will randomly stop working, which is preceded sometimes (but not always) with a quarter-second or so moment where the game freezes. There is no apparent pattern to how it happens but some maps seem to trigger it more than others.MAP07 of Memento Mori does it a lot.
  25. This version is less "raging demon slayer" and more "17-year-old wannabe school shooter".