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  1. RogueLeader

    Updated - Damnation Wad Released

    Getting the following error: Script error, "skulltag_actors.pk3:actors/misc.txt" line 16: Invalid state parameter a_faceconsoleplayer Guessing this won't work with GZDoom? Too bad if that's the case, this looked like it'd be a cool wad.
  2. Holy cripes, the first one looks like the TD Garden. Throw a Bruins logo at center ice and...
  3. This is one of the coolest maps I've ever played, and I think the graphics are what make it. The sense of vertigo makes what is otherwise a straightforward and easy map challenging.
  4. RogueLeader

    Space Station Omega is getting a sequel

    I'm getting an error when I run the game and try to use the radio. It says unknown command: "ge_cycle". What is that?
  5. RogueLeader

    Help with Deus Vult playthrough on MAP05.

    You can use IDBEHOLDA to get the regular automap item, which won't show enemies and such but will show unexplored areas grayed out.