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  1. Halo is NOT a reason to buy an X-box. It's an above average game but is not nearly as revolutionary as it's makers and M$ would like you to think. Take it as evolution not revolution. And even then it's not THAT good. I reckon Timesplitters 2 will be the definition of console FPS fun. The original is an under-rated masterpiece. Halo will be out on PC soon enough anyway, and like I said, I'm not in any particular rush to buy full-priced games. (Last ones I bought were Jak & Daxter = ACE, and Devil May Cry = most overhyped rubbish ever. Camera alone kills it for me). Next up? Metal Gear Solid 2. If I want to play a FPS game I'll stick to Wolfy which is the way to go (online rocks!).
  2. It's not the case that I earn lots, although I am old enough to have a proper income, but because I can buy games for lots of different consoles doesn't mean I buy more games, simply that the few that I do buy will be the best from all formats, rather than just the one or two I'd own otherwise. Oh, plus my brother worked for Sony until recently so we got all PS1 and 2 games either free or ridiculously cheap - not to mention we got given a PS2 for free :) The only console I'm currently not considering buying is X-box. I have a PC - what's the point? And yes - budget games rock. Let's face it, if we were too proud to play slightly older games, we'd hardly be in this Doom forum would we? Graphics may improve, but playability is timeless!
  3. Heh, didn't mean to turn it into a console vs debate, but! I own virtually every console known to man plus a PC. Why? So I can play the best games on every format :) People who go on about their format being better than the rest are just a wee bit tragic methinks. As long as you enjoy what you have, be happy!
  4. YAY! My latest 3D project has just gone live on the Norwegian version of Big Brother's web site. Why is this of interest? Because I created the level in a Doom editor, that's why :) It uses hardware acceleration in your browser, and is a measly 240k to download. Go take a look :) Also, if you are Norwegian, enter the competition there - you might win an X-box (we managed to snaffle some Microsoft sponsorsship - 7 X-boxes to be won!). To get there go to: http://www.bigbrother.no/ Click on the 'spill' button near the top right (just below the pics of all the people). Then click on the 'start spillet' button which will open up a pop-up window. If you don't have shockwave 8.5 then this is your chance to get it :) Otherwise click on 'Start spillet' near the top left of the popup window. And then let it load and enjoy :) Oh, and the competition to win an X-box is only open to Norwegian residents - sorry :( And finally - it's not perfect - you can mess up the collision detection in a few locations, but there shouldn't be any actual crashes or anything, just a few tiny graphical glitches, which hopefully I'll be able to fix soon, but this was a bit of a rush job to say the least! Barry gerbil@theburrow.co.uk
  5. Gerbil

    new doom port to test!

    OK, I lied about the title. First a bit of explaination. 1) It's not a port. It's completely new source code that simply uses Doom levels as a format for me to load 2) It's not ever going to recreate Doom. 3) It's not finished - I've just done hopefully the majority of the collision detection. 4) Visibility culling is not in, I'm testing something - so sectors pop in and out a lot. Oh, you'll need the latest shockwave plug-in. Here is my game: http://www.theburrow.co.uk/d85/demos/3dgame_03.htm It's got more stuff in it, but if you don't look up and down or jump, and set graphics to Doom standard (errrr n key I think) then it looks fairly similar! Note I'm using cylindrical collision, not box like Doom did, so you can get places you couldn't in the original. If you fall out a window and get stuck it's your own tough - just restart :) I've posted this here because last time I posted a demo (admittedly ages ago) on this site I got so many hits I had a huge bill from my ISP for exceeding bandwidth! Anyway, all comments / thoughts welcome to gerbil@theburrow.co.uk Cheers, hope you enjoy! If you think you can break the collision (other than being crushed or not hitting sprites - I ain't got that far yet) let me know ASAP! Gerbil gerbil@theburrow.co.uk www.theburrow.co.uk
  6. Gerbil

    Where can I get freedoom from?

    My sincerest apologies for wasting your time forcing you to read and answer this thread not once, but twice.
  7. Title says it all - I'm after the freeware WAD replacement!
  8. Ullo, I've finally got moving again on my Doom-in-a-browser project (even if the name is misleading, it'll just use WADs that follow a strict set of rules as it's level format). However, I've implemented a look up/down feature, and what is painfully obvious is that I am getting join errors where polygon edges are between different height sectors. I know why this is, it's because they are a T-junction of edges. What I can't think of is an easy way to get rid of them. What do people who've worked on Open GL and DX ports do to get around this problem, it's kind of annoying :( Gerbil gerbil@theburrow.co.uk
  9. Gerbil


    For everyone who considers violence without considering consequences: When you advocate hate against nations, for a few of that nation's people, and when you wish to kill nations for the acts of a few of those nations people. Take a look in the mirror - you'll see a terrorist staring back. What happened is a great tragedy. People the world over are united in their voices that this is intolerable, indescribable, and totally reprehensible. There can be no question about that. BUT to all Americans screaming for blood (anyone's blood - doesn't matter as long as they are foreign) - be grateful your current government is taking the time to react properly. They are searching for facts, making decisions wisely and not rashly. Follow their lead, and focus on two things: 1) Retaliation where retaliation is due. Find those responsible, don't pick on countries they happen to be in. 2) Root out the CAUSES of terrorism. Prevention is better than cure. Killing terrorists does not work. You create martyrs who inspire more terrorists. Take away the root causes and means of support of terrorists and they won't be able to fight or have ANY reason (whether justifiable or not) to do so. And finally - don't promote hatred of others. This is how these things start. Peace is not gained through violence. We are better than these terrorists, let's not forget that and sink to their level where life is meaningless. Barry gerbil@theburrow.co.uk
  10. Gerbil

    I'm famous!

    Aw c'mon, us newbies can be sweet - honest...
  11. Gerbil

    I'm famous!

    Cheers guys. Since it appears there might be some media interest in the game, (especially since any self-respecting games-journo will reminisce about Doom :) when I get it finished I'll try to push it to mags - get it on cover disks etc. Obviously I may well feel the need to add a link to this site for the great support everyone gives! Long live Doom!
  12. Gerbil

    I'm famous!

    Well, kinda..... Without actually being informed (a friend told me!) me and my doom demo have been featured in the September issue of PC Gamer mag (the 100th issue - in big foil wrapper thingy). Page 102, top left. Not exactly much, but I'll be autographing stuff outside HMV on Sunday at approximately Midnight. Probably.
  13. Gerbil

    ION Dallas Closes

    Good riddance for Romero. It's been known in the industry (and publically it seems) that for ages he's been an incredible fool. Daikatana was shite, and deservedly so. Romero's business plan was: 1) Get lots of investment on my name 2) Claim to be creating a game that is far beyond my ability to create 3) Hide Well, they caught up with him eventually. The only question was why wasn't the company shut up before Diakatana was ever released, since it was so obviously a money pit that would never work. The figures didn't add up right from the beginning. Anyway, let's hope he and others learn the lesson that being famous simply isn't enough. Barry gerbil@theburrow.co.uk
  14. Gerbil

    How do i make Deep water effect

    If you hold down the mouse over the rect tool, it should pull out a little menu with rectangle, circle and crop options.
  15. Gerbil

    A doom demo written in java

    BTW thanks for everyone who's tried out my doom demo and given me feedback on it! I got a fair number of mails about it, but only realised that it was popular when I received a nice bill for £80 for exceeding my bandwidth limitations in the month I posted the link up. I used up a gig more bandwidth than normal, which since the game is approximately 500K means that the demo alone counted for 1500 views (no my maths isn't rubbish, the demo was a meg for half the month then I squashed it to half the size) - maybe I shouldn't have posted the damn URL up to so many sites :)