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  1. Are there any great fun free games with small download size, 10 MB being an upper limit, which you can recommend, please? Preferred genres: Action platformer, 2D or 3D shooter (not rail shooter), logic (actual logic, nothing like match-3). Playability > graphics. I've read this thread. Jetpack is awesome, I've played it on DOS since my childhood, going crazy with the level editor. I've tried Canabalt, it was OK and fancy looking, but too basic in gameplay.
  2. scifista42

    Doomworld Omega Project 2018

    Introduction This is a community project that branched off the Doomworld Mega Project series when its newest installation introduced additional restrictive rules. Since the former rules being very relaxed was a big appeal of the DMP series for many people, this project was created to continue that tradition. The basic premise is to collect maps from as many mappers as possible. Everyone from complete novices to veterans is welcome to join and submit a map in any format, for any port, and of any quality. To join the project, post in this thread to say that you're interested in joining. You can join at any time during the year 2018. To contribute to the project, post in this thread with a link to your map and its description. You can contribute at any time during the year 2018. Deadline is December 31st, 2018. After this deadline, all submitted maps will be compiled into one or more wads and published on the /idgames archive. Rules - Make a map for the Doom 2 IWAD. - The map can be in any map format and compatible with Doom source port(s) of your choice. - No map will be rejected on the basis of its quality. However, abusive/malicious content will not be tolerated. - The map must be playable in single player mode and contain an accessible exit leading to the next map. - New: The map must have basic coop support (just add 4 player starts and don't lock off areas that would trap coop players inside). - The map must not use boss death actions or other effects hardcoded to special map slots. - Custom music is allowed. - New: The music can be in any format that your target source port supports. - Other custom resources (textures, game objects...) are allowed as long as they don't replace the game's stock content (not even RSKY1/SKY1 for skies, they instead have to be defined as unique named custom textures and applied via something like Boom sky transfers or MAPINFO). - Always credit authors/sources and don't use anything without permission where one would be needed. - New: No need to use any prefixing or other conventions for resource names. - New: No absolute resource size limit. - Only one map per person will be accepted to the project. - You can make any changes to your map at any time before the deadline. - New: After deadline (strict end of 2018), only fixing major bugs will be allowed. Map description When you post a map, provide at least the following info: Map name: Compatibility: (vanilla / limit removing / Boom / GZDoom / other source port name) Tested in: (list source port names) Jump/crouch: (yes/no, only relevant if compatibility is specific to an advanced port with jump/crouch) Difficulty settings: (yes/no) Build time: Tools used: (editors used to create the map) Resources: (credit all authors/sources of custom resources) Music: (name + author/source) Maps Pinchy - Tarmac Beat (post) Roofi - Fantasia (post) Uni - Lady Palace (post) Interested mappers AD_79 Bridgeburner56 CarboxylicAcids CWolf DanielAlexander danielhday dmg_64 DukeWooze Eradrop Eris Falling Garbage gaspe HUNdebLeonidasX jazzmaster9 leodoom85 Major Arlene Marlamir mArt1And00m3r11339 MrD!zone Myst.Haruko Ninehills42 obake pcorf Pegleg Pinchy RonnieJamesDiner Roofi Sasha scifista42 Solmyr SOSU Spectre01 StevenC21 StormCatcher.77 The_SloVinator therektafire THMG Uni Voltcom9 Walter confetti YukiHerz
  3. scifista42

    Pedantic KDITD Texture Pack

    Many variations of KDITD textures and flats for your comfortable mapping of KDITD style techbases. The player might not even notice that they're custom textures. Highlights: -72 unit tall compatible locked door trims! -64-tall STARTAN! -STARTAN gradients of all colors and heights! -Dim nukage flat + alternative nukage falls! -Numerous custom switches out of stock patches! -90-degree rotated versions of flats! Highlights #2: -BRN midtextures with bigger holes in them -BRN walls with improved vertical or horizontal tiling -BRN walls with UAC signs -COMP variations -walls with FLAMPs on them -stairs of unlimited height -STONE walls with improved alignment and tiling -Medium dark grey flat -simple TLITE variations (red light on brown ceiling, white light on dark ceiling) Other stuff: -fixed BIGDOOR1 -mirrored start door -vertically tiling DOORSTOP and SUPPORT2 -vertical SHAWN2 (with and without UAC sign, 64 or 128 wide) -32-wide blue LITE -non-tiling white and blue LITEs -192 unit tall PLAT1 (needs limit-removing port to display properly!) -more variations of SHAWN* -64 tall TLAMP variations (white and blue) -POISON and RADIATION signs on various walls Download: https://www.sendspace.com/file/fjsd6v Note: Currently in will only work in Doom 1 mapsets, due to the TEXTURE1/PNAMES structure being based on Doom 1's one. If you want to use this pack with Doom 2, you need to copy the textures from my TEXTURE1 to your own D2-compatible TEXTURE1; or you need to wait for me to create a ready-made Doom 2 version, which I'll probably eventually do. UPDATE May 14th: Now both Doom 1 and Doom 2 versions are included in the zip. UPDATE May 16th: Slight improvement of textures with UAC logos. UPDATE May 21st: Added new flats: Centered hexagonal FLOOR tiles for better alignment with grid, several other flats with improved tiling, and medium dark grey flat + unicolored COMP-shade flat + their variants with TLITE lights. UPDATE May 22nd: Added 3 new variants of common BROWN textures + extended DIRT switch + changed the UAC logo on the COMP background into a SHAWN-esque one. Credits: idSoftware - base of the textures. NiGHTMARE, Cage, DrDoctor, authors of RETRES.wad - some textures were taken from their packs. Myself - most of the texture edits. Feel free to use the pack for your purposes. Also feel free to tell me what you think, particularly whether you're satisfied with the pack, and if there are any problems to be fixed.
  4. scifista42

    Switcheroom 2 - Alpha 2

    What is Switcheroom 2 A sequel to Switcheroom. Goal is the same - recreate original id maps in a different thematical style, to provide an interesting experience - you'll relive the originals in a new, unexpected way. But for a change, Switcheroom 2 focuses on Doom 2 maps instead of D1 ones. The project aims to be vanilla compatible. Alpha release The megawad was in slow progress for a year and a half. Now, finally, we have enough decent maps to compile a full 32-map alpha release. Testing phase starts now. >>> >>> >>> Download Switcheroom 2 - Alpha 2 <<< <<< <<< (from October 2nd, 2015) Playtesting Anybody feel free to play through the alpha, share observations, report bugs and suggest improvements of any kind. I will appreciate it! The project is still on a way to improve - particular maps can be improved, reworked, or replaced if needed. However, I will let the tuning-up work on respective authors themselves. I don't plan to do changes to anyone's maps against his will. Once things get moving, I will try to keep contact with the authors about it. Map names Even though I asked them, some mappers didn't give a name to their maps. To be honest, I also don't like many of the current generic names. I don't plan to change any existing map names against the author's will, but we've yet got to discuss it, and I'm accepting suggestions for map names from anybody. Specially for the maps that don't have a name yet. Map order changes During development of the project, each map had to be claimed for a certain map slot. However, the only goal was to recreate a general theme (Base or City or Hell or Nazi). Not all mappers followed it, but anyway, the maps can be shifted now. The general order Base -> City -> Hell (with Nazi secret maps) should stay the same. But I'd be willing to change map order within each episode according to their difficulty and complexity, for the sake of improved continuous playthrough. I want input from playtesters, participants and possibly anybody else about this idea, or suggestions for particulars map orders. Screenshot galore (clickable thumbnails, one picture per map) Even more screenshots here: (due to forum software limit of images per post) MAP25: http://i.imgur.com/18W6jJk.png MAP26: http://i.imgur.com/X4uq9NA.png MAP27: http://i.imgur.com/ZA25X78.png MAP28: http://i.imgur.com/vUpPetD.png MAP29: http://i.imgur.com/9NpTs15.png MAP30: http://i.imgur.com/lCPNx8q.png MAP31: http://i.imgur.com/XALEsgQ.png MAP32: http://i.imgur.com/hgnNvI5.png Maplist MAP01 - "Iconic" (by Jayextee) - MAP30 in Base style MAP02 - "Coolant Zone" (by Magnusblitz) - MAP15 in Base style MAP03 - "Nirvantlet" (by Cell) - MAP21 in Base style MAP04 - "Low Power" (by Magnusblitz) - MAP22 in Base style MAP05 - <needs name> (by walter confalonieri) - MAP19 in Base style MAP06 - "Nukeage Underworld" (by sincity2100) - MAP29 in Base style MAP07 - "The Facility" (by traverds) - MAP12 in Base style MAP08 - "Sector Zeta" (by Getsu Fune) - MAP16 in Base style MAP09 - <needs name> (by Fernito) - MAP27 in Base style MAP10 - "Starport" (by Megalyth) - MAP28 in Base style MAP11 - "Death Yard" (by sincity2100) - MAP18 in Base style MAP12 - "Underfactory" (by scifista42) - MAP02 in City style MAP13 - "Misanthropia" (by tourniquet) - MAP05 in City style MAP14 - "Ruins" (by joe-ilya) - MAP25 in City style MAP15 - "Wolfencity" (by scifista42) - MAP31 in City style MAP16 - "Waterside" (by cannonball) - MAP24 in City style MAP17 - "Projects" (by Blue Feena) - MAP04 in City style MAP18 - "Infected Well" (by cannonball) - MAP09 in City style MAP19 - "Abandoned Market" (by Getsu Fune) - MAP26 in City style MAP20 - "The Gantchlet" (by C30N9 and Jaws In Space) - MAP03 in City style MAP21 - "Church of Evil" (by Blue Feena) - MAP06 in Hell style MAP22 - "Dark Descent" (by Megalyth) - MAP01 in Hell style MAP23 - "Unhallowed Fortress" (by Tactical Stiffy) - MAP10 in Hell style MAP24 - "Fellowz Keep" (by cannonball) - MAP14 in Hell style MAP25 - "Camp Blood" (by cannonball) - MAP13 in Hell style MAP26 - "Brutto" (by scifista42) - MAP32 in Hell style MAP27 - "Seoreh Cinatas" (by tourniquet) - MAP17 in Hell style MAP28 - "Spirit Traps" (by Inkie) - MAP08 in Hell style MAP29 - "'O' of Life!" (by C30N9) - MAP11 in Hell style MAP30 - "Yuggoth Sins" (by Archi) - MAP20 in Hell style MAP31 - <needs name> (by Megalyth) - MAP23 in Nazi style MAP32 - "Grosse Simple" (by joe-ilya) - MAP07 in Nazi style Original project rules
  5. scifista42

    Add TID

    Many action specials usable on linedefs have a "Tag" argument. Also, Doom format. I wrote "Line Tag" to drive the point home in as few words as possible.
  6. scifista42

    Add TID

    The worst is "Line Tag" vs "Line Index" vs "Line ID" in Hexen format. They're 3 different concepts!
  7. scifista42

    Secret levels

  8. scifista42

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I've once made animated flats and animated textures supposed to sync with each other, but abandoned the idea after testing in many different ports and seeing all sorts of inconsistencies in sync.
  9. scifista42

    A quick thought on the "Is Doom 3D" debate

    The term "vertex" has its own meaning in the context of the Doom engine. It's not a point on a side of a polygon in 3D space. It's a point in 2D space. It's not a limitation, it's a definition. The word is the same, but the intended meaning is different. Vertex as a point on a side of a polygon in 3D space is supposed to define a point in 3D space explicitly as x/y/z coordinates. Vertex in Doom is not supposed to define a point in 3D space at all - not by itself alone, that is. Doom engine doesn't define 3D geometry via explicit x/y/z coordinates. It defines 3D geometry as a combination of vertexes (points with x/y coordinates), sectors (floors and ceilings with z coordinate each) and linedefs (connecting vertexes and sectors). This approach comes with its own limitations. The point is - it's an entirely different concept than using 3D polygons. Some of your statements about the engine make no sense and it might be because you keep thinking of polygons, even though you haven't used that word in this thread yet. (Also, let's say this again - all players/monsters/projectiles/items/decorations/blood-chunks/bullet-puffs/things in Doom have explicit x/y/z coordinates used for moving and colliding with geometry and each other. I simply can't think of that as not 3D.)
  10. scifista42

    Black Bar When rendering Foreground HP Bar

    The wiki does mention here that background image defaults to black and assumes the same size as foreground image, so I assume that's what it is. Make sure the graphic lump/file itself has zero offsets and set the offsets exclusively as DrawBar parameters. If it doesn't help, try setting background image to the same graphic as foreground image.
  11. scifista42

    A quick thought on the "Is Doom 3D" debate

    In every engine, geometry has limitations. In Doom engine, geometry has different limitations for x/y and different limitations for z. Things in the game move on all 3 axes, floors and ceilings move only on z axis, and walls can't move at all, so what are you talking about? Some nonsense.
  12. scifista42

    Add TID

    There wasn't, but... ...now there is.
  13. scifista42

    Decorate time delay(timer)

    Frame duration not only can be, but even has to be specified on every frame. Nothing could possibly be more redundant in DECORATE than a delay action function. Honestly, I don't understand why did you ever think that checking only once per few minutes was a better idea than this.
  14. scifista42

    Potential for improvement in vissprites sorting

    Did you do the intermediate step of appending lists with non-overlapping ranges? Because of course that merge-sort won't be as fast as radix-sort if you didn't. When used on vissprite-like data, that step should significantly reduce the number of lists to be merged by the standard merge-sort logic, speeding up the most critical part.
  15. He was talking about Ultimate Doom though, where the name of the patch is actually SKY1 too.
  16. scifista42

    Things about Doom you just found out

    It's actually vice versa - the left picture shows the 4 flats and the right picture shows the texture.
  17. scifista42

    Potential for improvement in vissprites sorting

    @jval I was originally under an impression that you were doing these tests to improve performance of a specific source port, but since you didn't provide any source port specific info in your last post, I guess you're after solving the problem in general. I'm going to look at it more abstractly, then. The pattern in the data looks very exploitable and makes me think of an algorithm like this: As vissprites are being added, store a list of sectors that have at least one vissprite each, and for each such sector, store a list of its vissprites and also store the minimum and maximum vissprite scale of all the sector's vissprites Sort the lists of vissprites within each sector, the algorithm may vary for each list depending on its number of vissprites and on the difference between the maximum and minimum vissprite scale in the sector and even on how well the list was already sorted Check for pairs of sectors (in the list of sectors with vissprites) where the first sector's maximum vissprite scale is lesser or equal than the second sector's minimum vissprite scale, append the second sector's list of vissprites to the end of the first sector's list, change the first sector's maximum vissprite scale to the second sector's one, and remove the second sector from the sector list Merge the vissprite lists of the remaining sectors by mergesort's merging logic Basically mergesort with an intermediate step of simply appending sorted lists whose ranges of vissprite scales do not overlap. EDIT: Nevermind, anotak already said it, and with less words, too.
  18. scifista42

    I need the vanilla list of DOOM sounds

    Open IWAD in SLADE3, sort lumps alphabetically and look at the block of lumps that start with "DS" and have type "Sound (Doom Format)".
  19. scifista42

    Doom Builder X 2019.1 (August 30) - map editor

    You can go to sector mode and select geometry, then go to thing mode and select things, then go to edit selection mode (press E) and move both.
  20. scifista42

    Potential for improvement in vissprites sorting

    What exactly is the number by which they are sorted? What does it represent, where/when is it computed, where/how is it stored. (EDIT: I just want to understand how does the pattern in the data emerge, whether there would be any advantage in computing/storing additional data along with computing them to be used for the sorting later, also where/how the data is stored may affect performance of different sorting algorithms differently.)
  21. scifista42

    Trigger lines that don't cross the whole sector?

    Finding texture width is the biggest problem? Come on, you already have so much fancier features.
  22. scifista42

    Sprite movement while performing action

    When using A_Chase inside an attack animation, make sure to use it with appropriate parameters and possibly flags (see here) to prevent it from automatically jumping into melee attack state when coming into melee range or back at the start of the ranged attack animation when randomly deciding to perform another ranged attack despite being in the middle of performing one.
  23. scifista42

    Vanilla Doom smooth weapons

    I doubt it, your DEHACKED patch doesn't change any Demon-related frames. However, I can see right away that: The patch completely removes Pain Elemental's resurrection animation, which prevents the Pain Elemental from being resurrected as a ghost if its corpse gets crushed into gibs before its death animation completes. The patch changes the overall duration of some monster's death animations, which can change at which particular moment they will respawn on Nightmare or otherwise with monster respawn enabled. EDIT: Actually, if there's an Archvile near the monster right when its death animation is about to finish, it can change at which particular moment the monster will be resurrected, on any difficulty level.
  24. scifista42

    Vanilla Doom smooth weapons

    Maybe I or someone can help, tell us all you know about it.
  25. scifista42

    Sprites 16 rotations

    GZDoom automatically detects when extra rotation frames are included in the wad and automatically uses them alongside the basic 8 rotation frames with the same sprite name. High resolution sprites can be defined in GZDoom either in TEXTURES, or in DECORATE (along with the monster/thing that uses them), or even by putting the sprite lumps/files into hi-res namespace if they're only supposed to replace stock sprites.