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File Reviews posted by scifista42

  1. Beyond the veil


    Even though the visuals are technically good, the frequent repetition and lack of contrast makes them dissatisfying. The same negative points apply to gameplay, which is also too flat. There's little action and practically no excitement, also there's no point in exploring dead end corridors without enemies. My impression got slightly better as the map progressed, but only very slightly, possibly because I accustomized to the style. The map is just average at its best. 3/5
  2. Celestial Site


    Hmm... Awe-inspiring usage of detail and textures, but the gameplay is too monotonous and one-sided. Too cramped areas that impede player's movement, monsters have way too much health (making them overpowered) and combat consists of peekaboo shot-and-pop style, again and again for too long time. Also, due to horrendous random ambushes, the challenge is harsh and sometimes unfair, while tedious for the rest of time. 3/5, and I'd rate lower if it wasn't for the great visual aspect.

  3. Way too blocky architecture, too flat gameplay, too much monster meat, too little ammo at the beginning, too much uniform darkness without light contrast, and rather ugly visuals despite the fact that there was effort put into detailing. 2/5
  4. Dinner


    The level structure was too Wolfenstein-like, heavily maze-y and orthogonal more often than not, it was like playing Wolfenstein with Doom features. The maps were gradually getting better at utilizing these Doom features, but the principle stayed, and I only got massively overwhelmed in the later levels. Gameplay itself was very slow. Aesthetics looked okay for an oldschool wad, more or less, but rather less. Interesting ideas with barrels (start of E2M4), but not enough efficiently executed. 2/5

  5. I didn't expect much, but these maps surprised me pleasantly. Despite the limiting concept, they provide a fun and comfortable continuous ride, and a reasonable, challenging and fair practice from pistol starts. The mapper has practised efficient design, and succeeded. That's what I admire. Low bow. The maps are imperfect, but IMO, they're the best (most enjoyable) thing that could be done within the concept. 5/5.

  6. I liked it. Short experience, but at least it didn't drag too much. Good use of ZDoom features. The boss fight was pretty cool, both challenging and kinda fair (you CAN dodge the projectiles), it's one of the better ones I've ever experienced, even though it takes place in a simple box room. I couldn't find a yellow card on the 2nd map. 4/5
  7. Hellbound


    Top-notch excellent looking megawad, awe-inspiring usage of detail and lighting in each map. Gameplay was good, although the combat and wandering around the maps felt unnecessarily prolonged and tedious at times, and overally it could have been better done to be entertaining. 4/5
  8. Phobos Massacre


    KDITD-like maps in a great way. They didn't rip off E1 level design and ideas, like it usually is. Relatively easy difficulty, but the simple joy from shooting, the exploration factor, nice classic visuals and bits of nonlinearity were there. Also quite a lot of symmetry, though, more than needed, plus there could have been lesser amount of rectangular shaped rooms - but the maps seemed to be designed competently anyway. 4/5

  9. Pretty neat, awesome looking wad with Quake 2 style playability, which is inevitably different than Doom's native one. I prefer the Doom's one, but still, I've enjoyed this wad a lot. One star down because there was a hardly noticeable mandatory switch in MAP01, which made me cheat and then quit during my first attempt. 4/5

  10. Nice looking, large scaled, classic style map. I would give 4 stars if the gameplay wasn't so sloppy: Too many monster's meat, too little threat, instead it just takes time. The map was also pretty linear, but well playable anyway. Good music. Better 3/5.
  11. B/\|_||-|/\|_|S


    I wasn't fond on the texturing inconsistencies in this wad (stock textures + unicolored ones + other nice-looking exotic ones). First map was too easy and the last one rather confusing at times. Balance wasn't done badly at all, but sometimes it dragged a bit, or otherwise displeased me. Overally, I wasn't as impressed by this as I was by "Monster Hunter Ltd.", but either way, I've enjoyed playing through this mapset, there were lots of various cool designs and gameplay setups. 4++/5 stars. :)

  12. Great idea and good mapset, but I wasn't keen on most of E1 and E3. I prefer Doom's E1, but in this mapset, E2 seemed better to me (on average). Also, I've played D1 for the first time much later than D2, so that's why nostalgia didn't strike me so much. I feel that this wad is a bit too overrated. Lastly, I think that emulating little design imperfections (unfitting texturing or alignment etc.) in the style of original id mappers wasn't a good move. Still, 4/5, these maps are quality and enjoyable.

  13. This wad contains "My Little Pony" themed HUD face, a status bar made of brown bricks and SKY1, several childish sound replacements, and Doomguy's hands are redrawn as stick-shaped cartoony hands in "My Little Pony" style. 1 star for effort.

  14. I'm sorry, but these maps lack the slightest sign of a reasonable gameplay, progression, or balance. Everything after MAP02 is just about rushing to the exit, no need to fight at all, just press one switch nearby and you're out of there. The symmetry is also quite disgusting, by the way, even though I understand that you wanted to replicate your source closely. I cannot recommend this, not a good gameplay experience at all. 1/5
  15. Insano-Plutonia


    Nice vanilla-style mapset, I liked the layouts, clean visuals and pacing of fights. All monsters and even all linedefs in the maps seemed to be there on purpose - that's great! The room with torches and self-referencing sectors in MAP03 was horribly bugged: I could go up first and fall into an illusio pit with PEs, then I couldn't get back on the bridge from the switch platform and had to jump down. Other than that, pretty good! 4/5
  16. Deimos Deja Vu


    One star down for blatant IWAD references in each map. You know, it's not so fun to see the same old designs being repeated in new maps, again and again. And in this wad, it's not just homages - it's also the progression, puzzles, ambushes, and whole rooms and layouts being too closely imitating Doom's E2 - actually, the entirety of Doom's E2. Other than that, though, it's a nice classic-style mapset. 4/5.

  17. Good mapset. Aesthetics were average, I thought, occasionally better, occasionally uglier. But layouts and gameplay were mostly more than okay, continuous play seemed to be considered as well as pistol starts. 4/5