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Status Updates posted by scifista42

  1. 1AMZfZb.png

    1. scifista42


      I'm more than OK with not having one. I'm not even the person with the largest post count who doesn't have one yet.

    2. Doomkid


      scifista's custom title should totally be "more than OK with not having a custom title"

    3. BigDickBzzrak


      That one 3's kinda redundant, don't you think?

  2. After a year (see this thread), I was again in a mood to make a speedgame in Flash.

    This game was made from scratch in less then 1 hour and a half. You control a player with arrow keys ("left+right" to turn, "up" to move forward, impossible to move backward), collect pickups and avoid enemies. The enemies constantly move into the same direction and - what's important - once they leave the game board, they respawn on its opposite side under the same angle - which makes them predictable in long term, and makes the game much less luck-based than you'd think at first glance (because the enemies move a little faster than you and each pickup will spawn one more enemy) and more strategical. The key to success is to observe the entire board, including the enemies who are about to leave it to respawn on its opposite side, to determine which places are safe to move to.

    Download: http://www.filedropper.com/walkers


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    2. scifista42


      Fonze said:

      More-so, it can be tough to put your project ahead of others in the view of your potential audience,

      I don't even want that. I made these speedgames to entertain myself, and released them only as an afterthought, with the idea that feedback would be fine if anybody provided it, but not worth putting any effort to make sure that they really will. I don't think these games would have much value for people other than myself, so I certainly do not want to compete for attention against other projects (I'd actually prefer to get no feedback over that), I just put the games here for potential viewers who would be spontaneously interested.

      RaphaelMode said:

      I wish I could be able to backpedal, is this inability a deliberate desing choice?

      Yes. :D

      RaphaelMode said:

      Good game, I like the gameplay and the background color.


    3. Fonze


      Fair enough scifista, but you got feedback in the sense that someone thought it was interesting and "wanted" to play it, even if they never did, to which you responded in a dismissive fashion, showing that you took nothing from the feedback, no matter how little it was or how little its significance.

      My point was, though I do tend to speak in general terms because things tie together, as it relates to this: that was the feedback that you received. It's not worthless feedback, if anything it's the perfect feedback on your presentation. But regardless of whether-or-not you expressly care about feedback, that's feedback none-the-less and the more positive the initial responses are, the better your chances of feedback on the actual material. Everything is a lesson that can be learned, you just have to see it.

    4. Tracer


      scifista42 said:

      ^ Memfis was right, comments like that mostly end up by the person not showing up anymore. (I took the opportunity of pointing that out to also reupload the link in the OP that has expired in the meantime.)

      Damn. Spot on.

      I was at work when I saw it, ans then when I finally got home I told myself I'd do it tomorrow.

  3. Try to control 2 spaceships at once! You have no weapons, just avoid the asteroids and survive as long as you can. Don't crash the spaceships together.

    Download: http://www.filedropper.com/gprockets

    It's a Flash swf file, programmed in Action Script 2 (I think). It's only 7.9 kB big. Please don't fear it (or do, if you want).

    I made this game from scratch in a few hours. I designed it specifically to be playable by 1 player (left hand on WASD, right hand on IJKL), but things might get easier when you get 2 people to control 1 spaceship each. The number of asteroids on screen gradually increases, but it increases slower and slower.

    My personal record is surviving for 51 seconds - and that was before I slowed down the increase of asteroid count - but admittedly, after practicing for several hours.

    I made the game just for myself, but do you have any idea what should I do with it if I wanted to share it properly? I have no experience with that. I'm not even specially eager about doing it.


    1. Phml


      Can't survive more than 10 seconds, but I love the idea. Controlling two characters at once is such a fun, underused idea.

      I've been playing a lot of agar.io lately. It could be a fun game like this, using a gamepad (use the two joysticks to move two blobs, and shoulder buttons for respective actions).

    2. Eris


      Through sheer luck I managed 13.6, though most attempts I didn't even survive 5 seconds heh. Nice idea!

  4. I've just suddenly found out that I got a custom title - which I had to Google to find out what the phrase means, actually. Not sure if I got it because I'm predictable or because I post in a lot of threads, not sure if I should feel honored or not really. Still better than the upcoming Forum Spammer title would be, so thx to whoever did it.

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    2. GreyGhost


      Eris Falling said:

      Avoozl: They're all pretty recent additions I think. I never got Pistol Start, Evil Member or Doomed Member.

      Yep, seems to be only the last couple of years that anyone's noticed them. The par time for Doom 2 is 5700 seconds, so that might be another to watch out for.

    3. scifista42


      GreyGhost said:

      The par time for Doom 2 is 5700 seconds, so that might be another to watch out for.

      I'm the closest member without a custom title to reach that post count, so we will see within a month or two.

    4. scifista42


      <-- Nope. I have post count 5700 right now, and the title is default.