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  1. Sorry for the delay. Had no messages of any kind until now. Just try it with the new oblige first, since custom monsters were unavailable for earlier versions. There's a readme file attached, so everything should be explained to setup there, there's no reason why it shouldn't work. Let me know how your experience goes for you.
  2. Because I just posted it. Might be a while till a playable map comes, but it's still under progress
  3. Doomguy THE Riptearer (WIP title) is a mixture of DOOM and Sonic 1. But wait a minute, Sonic projects have been done before. Yes, that's true, but not quite like this. This project is currently planned as a 22 map WAD that has levels based around the theme of the Sonic 1 Zones, and having Doomguy fighting demons from there. Unlike a standard level pack, this game will have slight alterations of its gameplay as well as other changes built in. For example, all non-weapons items will be replaced with Sonic related custom items and a possibility of newly designed Bosses added to the game, also based upon the Sonic 1 Bosses. The Project is in very early into development, but I wouldn't be posting here if there's a good chance it won't be created. I've really enjoyed playing around with this, and I believe I can complete it, aiming for next year. More details will be posted here about the changes in good time, stay tuned. For the meantime have some screenshots (ignoring alignments). I was going to keep the easter egg hidden, but it made me laugh too much to not show now.
  4. Sorry for the delay, but here's the Final Version. I've cleared up as much balance as possible, so I hope you can enjoy these monsters added to your OBLIGE maps or other Monster generators wads. I've also updated Spellcross Arena for those who want to fight the Custom Monsters outside of the OBLIGE maps, available here: https://www.doomworld.com/vb/wads-mods/84554-wip-spellcross-the-last-battle-new/. This will be my last ever project in the DOOM community, so I thank everyone who helped try out my project. Any final thoughts would be most generous. Download here: https://mega.nz/#!MIt30YwA!6UB18HTvIvJodO8c6LBGqwKswz1tGyCuzOtBy0yIm_Q
  5. Nah, its 7.5. Just picked the first screenshot, looks like old OBLIGE.
  6. I give that a go, any recommended Zandronum settings? The last patch is pretty good and may have one more final one to fix minor things, I have a video alongside that
  7. Yeah, it's great but the 30 seconds maximum "free" length means I can't make anything with it, even if chopped together. It's what I worked with for the earlier Spellcross Arena trailer. But everything I try is either that, or poor quality. I thought it be easier than it currently is
  8. Spellcross - OBLIGE Custom Monster pack V1.01 is now available! This is quite a big patch, as not only is there a decent list of "Monster Balances" and "OBLIGE random settings" changes, but I also like to introduce you to three new monsters to add to the monster variety, making a total of 35 monsters. Ka-Orc Kommander, Shadow Magotar and Shadow Magotar (Air) will now be part of the collection, shown here in the Spellcross Arena. Also included is a "Spellcross Monster Control" setting, so you can add or remove certain Spellcross Monsters to create a more enjoyable (or experimental) experience. Various other fixes are included in this patch as well, including a change to one of Magician's attacks, and an "Icon of Sin" change which spawns Spellcross Monsters alongside Doom Monsters. http://www.mediafire.com/file/w98mq1aqpxb595e/OBLIGE_Spellcross_Monster_Pack_V1.01.zip Enjoy! Let me know what you think. I would've included a Gameplay Video this time, but I can't find a free recording device of decent quality and length. Could anyone recommend one?
  9. Hi Doomworld Forums. Last year I create the "Spellcross" 32x (now 35) Monster Pack, new original monsters based on the enemies of the turn-based game of the same name. In the past you could only test them in the Arena Map provided by the wad, but now I have created a custom monster collection ready to be used for OBLIGE, just load the file and you have 35 new monsters include your random maps, with many providing new gameplay elements which the classic monsters did not. Download here, instructions within: https://mega.nz/#!MIt30YwA!6UB18HTvIvJodO8c6LBGqwKswz1tGyCuzOtBy0yIm_Q Wad Requires HARDWARE (OPENGL), a semi-modern source port (Zandronum etc) and OPENGL's Adjust Spirit Clipping settings turned to "never". v1.00 completed 1st October v1.01 completed 23rd October -> v1.02 completed 27th February -> Current and Final Version
  10. Blackgaze

    OBLIGE 7.50 released!

    I've released a 32 Custom Monster Pack earlier this year called "Spellcross", based on the turn-based game of the same name (where the monsters the based on). I thought a good example than my arena-map would be random maps for them to be played on, and behold! Spellcross Oblige Custom Monster Pack! Download here, instructions within: https://www.mediafire.com/?alrdihaashx1f20 Wad Requires HARDWARE (OPENGL), a semi-modern source port (Zandronum etc) and OPENGL's Adjust Spirit Clipping settings turned to "never". Having these monsters + DOOM classics is really fun, and its quite intense if you don't have the DOOM monsters in at all sometimes. I love to watch a video of someone playing these monsters and oblige combined. I've created a thread for the pack also now.
  11. After 6 months I'm back, and my last return also. Spellcross Version 1.03 is out, and intended to be my last version, and 1.04 will be minor fixes if needed (including a current unfixable sound bug, and reduced Music File sizes if requested) https://www.mediafire.com/?da7ac1msf76rywv V1.02 never officially got posted, as V1.03 was already in the works many months ago, but this was left for so long since receive much feedback, and I have moved on to other things. This patch was needed as it fixed the major multiplayer bugs involving the teleporting monsters, and cleaned up a few other things along the way. I hope for one last time for some people to make use of these, and I may even host the wad online from time to time. But for those who did have a look, you have my thanks and I leave you with the last of the updates. Any future extensions have been cancelled. Enjoy V1.03! let me know what you think.
  12. Spellcross Arena V1.01 Is now Out! Download here: https://www.mediafire.com/?90zy7618d7s0914 Notes: Although shared elsewhere and hosted online, I like to hear what people think from here. And i'm curious if anyone has any intentions to use any of these monsters for their own projects.
  13. IT'S HERE! http://www.mediafire.com/download/4ta6poh3gh066fb/Spellcross+Arena+V1.0.zip Wad Requires HARDWARE (OPENGL) and a semi-modern source port (Zandronum etc) After months and months the pack is finally out! More than that it's now a Randomly Generated Arena for you to try these new monsters out! I'm so happy I finally got this done to show everyone. As you can tell I really love Spellcross and this is the best way I can think of it to share it with others, and I hope you enjoy it and make use of the new monsters. Of course you can always try the game itself too. Let me know what you think here or at spiderhead @ hotmail .co .uk I would've created a Poll for favourite monster, but max 10. Let me know here also. If things go successful I may bring the "Alliance" side units to DOOM featuring Infantry, Tanks and Helicopters. Maybe even finish the uncompleted Other Side/Forces of Darkness monsters Time to sit back now. -EDIT- I've noticed "Adjust Spirit Clipping" is needed for OPENGL otherwise the monsters look weird. Are there any downsides to not having this as "never" to prevent this problem? My goal was not to force people to change their settings unless it was part of the wad.
  14. Ok I've cleared up the majority of the monsters and although it's not ready yet for open testing I will allow closed testers to try out these new monsters, give me a message or add me on Steam if you're interested, Id "Blackgaze". The plan order for the next few weeks: - Fix Missile Graphics Right now, a lot of the Missile Graphics still need angle improvements due to the source they were ripped from. It require my full effort in the last weeks to complete as it can't be rushed in a few days and will be the main concentration of this work. - Complete Blood Effects Certain enemies DO leave behind blood graphics, but again WIP. Should be an easy fix and hoping to complete by tomorrow. - Testing Arena While the monsters can be loaded by console and placed in general maps, I would like to create a simple arena for players to test (think Psychophobia) so you can test 1 monster at a time, and hopefully create battle formations by mixing the enemies up. This is work in progress but won't be available for Closed Testers and they have the load the standard way. - Slizoid troubles While every monster is ready, Slizoid is not and is having too many bugs and might cause a delay in the project. While I can make a more simple version of what is planned, I would like to keep at the idea that I have for the monster. Every other idea has worked, so will this. And of course various bugs and balancing improvements.
  15. True, but a Cyberdemon being blown up a Pistol is similarly weird as well. But seriously, I think the Spellcross Monsters have a lot to offer to extend the Custom Monster database both in gameplay and visuals. If the blood remains work, which will be in the final testing this would help a lot with this side of things, but I'm not expecting it to work at this stage.