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  1. Daryn

    UAC Dragon Sector

    I have all of the files for R3D on hand since I needed to install them recently. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/h5ogte3g8j2h1wv/AACLHgbyc86BS0g8llfcR94za?dl=0 Go ahead and grab what you need from my Dropbox until they get their site sorted out.
  2. UAC Dragon Sector is a partial conversion for Risen3D created by The Barefootstallion. It is a singular base with a cohesive theme that runs throughout. Each of the nine maps was crafted from the ground up with loving attention to detail. The name of the game is atmosphere; it's all about recapturing the same sense of dread you had when you first played Doom II. You can find more info and the download link here.
  3. Daryn

    UAC Dragon Sector for Risen3D released

    UAC Dragon Sector is a partial conversion for Risen3D created by The Barefootstallion. It is a singular base with a cohesive theme that runs throughout. Each of the nine maps was crafted from the ground up with loving attention to detail. The name of the game is atmosphere; it's all about recapturing the same sense of dread you had when you first played Doom II. You can find more info and the download link here.
  4. Daryn

    UAC Dragon Sector

    I've just uploaded the new v101 version of the wad. This fixes the issues that GRB brought up earlier. It's available as a full package, as well as an update only file for those that already downloaded v1. Enjoy! Glad I could help out. We hope you enjoy the maps!
  5. Daryn

    UAC Dragon Sector

    I ran into this too. Try running the regular DOOM II wad first. For some reason, that worked for me. You might also want to right click on the Risen3D options and choose Compatibility and put a check box in Disable Display scaling for this program.
  6. Daryn

    UAC Dragon Sector

    I've added a link to Dropbox to the original post. If there's other places that are better suited to host it, I'll put them up. Just let me know.
  7. Daryn

    UAC Dragon Sector

    This is a set of 9 maps made by a friend of mine over the past, oh, 3+ years. He's a bit of a perfectionist, but he's finally happy with how they all look and play. So here I am today posting about it and releasing it to the world. First thing to keep in mind is that this map pack is built for Risen3D v2.2.31 which you can grab over here: http://risen3d.drdteam.org/ This was just released, and Dragon Sector is one of the first wads to make use of the new features. It was developed alongside R3D for a good while. After installing Risen3D and all the hi-res packs, simply unzip the Dragonsector file into the Risen3D root folder and run the launcher. EDIT 2/11/2017: Version 1.01 of the wad has been released with a few map fixes. It's available as a full package as well as a wad only download for those that already downloaded v1. The full wad package can be downloaded from here: https://mega.nz/#!bxwXVCyZ!g1O1MqU4eUrnx1_OWCIU_ixgqru2wQzg5NTXEEJ2JOQ Or from here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ggx42ebkn9bhv1q/DragonSector_v101.zip?dl=0 The wad only update can be downloaded here: https://mega.nz/#!P8IVjACa!64d1IAOBejhPKtH4F6nzOXD2WBLoduCIbxoQzU4Zg4M Or from Dropbox if you prefer: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sxyggzenwsxh7ox/DragonSector_v101_Update.zip?dl=0 This is based on DOOM II, so you'll need a copy of the DOOM II wad. No doubt you guys have a few copies of that kicking around on your hard drives already. Here is the synopsis of Dragon Sector's back-story. It's taken a lot of time, effort and heart to get here. It's a little scary to let it out into the world, but I think some of you guys will enjoy these maps.
  8. Daryn

    DD_DEFNS Error on Load - Risen 3D

    If these expanded features are easy to convert to, you can bet we'll be looking at it. I'll be following the development, for damn sure. Anyway, other than capitalization I have no idea what's different. We have working defs now, so that's what's important. Thanks to everyone that helped. You guys rock!
  9. Daryn

    DD_DEFNS Error on Load - Risen 3D

    @didy, @Danij Okay, with what didy pasted in I was able to throw that into my DD_DEFNS lump and get it working. I then added in the defs for Maps 1, 2, and 3 and all of those work. Modified the shortened strings and all of those work as well. Danij, After saving out the working defs I pasted the one you said was formatted correctly and fixed the missing ". Saved it and tried to load it. Syntax error. WTF? On the plus side we have working defs. On the minus side I'm still unable to see what's wrong. Does Doomsday support slopes, 3D Lines/floors/water dynamics, ambient sounds, that sort of thing? It's such an elegant engine.
  10. Daryn

    DD_DEFNS Error on Load - Risen 3D

    Sure, no problem. This is the first one I tried. https://www.dropbox.com/s/3a7fgh6uicpp5te/DD_DEFNS.txt?dl=0 And the second one. https://www.dropbox.com/s/szs4c4uf1t3jrt8/DD_DEFNS-e.txt?dl=0
  11. Daryn

    DD_DEFNS Error on Load - Risen 3D

    Just gave that a try. Made a single DD_DEFNS lump with all the definitions and moved it to the very top. No change in the syntax error message. All of the entries have the semicolons too, since that's the formatting used on the wiki. Thanks for the suggestion. It was worth a try, at any rate.
  12. Daryn

    DD_DEFNS Error on Load - Risen 3D

    Hi guys. I'd like to add a bit to this since I'm helping out with this project in a small way. First, if you missed it that URL again is http://www.barefootstallion.org/doomstuff/rdtextest.7z That'll get you the file to try out. What we're running into with DD-DEFNS is happening regardless of whether or not we edit the script inside of Doom Builder 2 or SLADE 3. Initially MAP01 and MAP02's DD_DEFNS were working without the semicolon. So we followed that with 3/4/5. I checked the syntax for DD_DEFNS on the wiki and saw the semicolon there, so we tried it with that as well. Neither worked. I exported all the DD_DEFNS lumps out and removed them from the WAD. As BFS said, that gets the maps to loading again. There's stuff I'd like to do with the DEFNS though, so leaving them out isn't an option for the long term. Here's the kicker though. When I re-imported the lumps back into the wad, the ones that were working, maps 01 and 02 now came up with syntax errors when trying to run in Risen3D. Yeah, the ones I'd just exported no longer work. BFS also mentioned slopes not working in MAP06. He didn't fat finger the definitions. They were right. Risen3D was coming up with unmerged vertices. He got around this by moving the whole map closer to the center of the grid. I have no idea why that would even be an issue, but when he did that the map loaded with slopes just fine. Another detail I can add is that when we look in script editor in Doom Buiilder only the SCP_ZOFF script appears there, even though we do have DD_DEFNS and SNDINFO lumps. Neither of those show up, but they do in SLADE. So after all that, I'm left with one theory: Maybe we need to switch to a different nodebuilder? Thanks guys. Really hoping that with our collected knowledge and experience we can sort this out.
  13. Daryn

    [Risen3D] Need clarification on sound def

    I gave this a try today and wasn't able to get anything to happen. What I'm trying to do is define a new sound, and then use that sound in an Ambient through the SNDINFO. My Defintion in the DED looks like this: Sound { ID = "CHIME"; Name = "Chime"; Priority = 70; Flags = "SF_SHIFT2"; File = "Data/Sounds/chime.wav"; } And my SNDINFO looks like this: chime chime $AMBIENT 1 CHIME POINT 1.0 CONTINUOUS Nothing happening thus far. I'll keep poking at it, but if anyone got any ideas, let me know.
  14. So we're looking at adding some external sounds to our project. We're running into an issue where after converting sounds to 8-bit Mono wavs we either are unable to convert them into Doom format sounds using XWE or Slade3, or it will convert the sound but Risen3D will not be able to play it. So I thought maybe if we sourced our files outside the WAD it might be easier. I found some reference in the DEDDOC about defining sounds, but it's a little sketchy. Could someone who's had more experience with this clarify what the various fields do? Sound { ID = ""; Lump = ""; Name = ""; Link = ""; Link pitch = 0; Link volume = 0; Priority = 0; Max channels = 0; Flags = ""; File = ""; } Thanks all, and I hope someone's able to help me get this sorted out.
  15. Daryn

    Annoying Doom Builder quirk

    Thanks for the help guys. Setting the texture to - does work. Now if only Doom Builder 2 had support for Risen3D specific stuff in Visual mode. One step at a time I guess.