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Everything posted by Zahid

  1. just finished it cant say i like new weapons or monsters much other than caco.... chaingun is extremely powerful while rocket launcher is plain dumb i didnt like the design of map 1 and similar progression is there in all 3 maps secrets are smart....combats are fine too i am 99% sure that i played the map 2 earlier sometimes in some megawad or else but i played it cant finish map 3...appreciate the efforts myprboom cl2 uv demos 1.zip
  2. i tried it 3 times but all 3 times player turns into ghost after very start... maps looks fun though
  3. this is top quality stuff just finished it after 3 days maps are huge and really fun to explore fights are medium in most maps but map 6 is my fav from every aspect great custom monsters esp eye shape lost soul thrower and former scientists but why lady scientist scream in male voice? still its super duper to play my first exit demos using prboom cl2 uv skill and iddt used demos.zip
  4. great map....esp if its your first map very exciting start and splendid homages to e4m1 although gameplay later is much easier coz of armor and blue sphere which aren't there in original map secondly i feel fights after dark room switch are bit easy and not offering much challenge but i like what you create and RL secret is very smart and worth hidden as its too rewarding coz i finish map without it,no need to change anything imo my fdas and first exit uvmax i played it on latest prboom cl9 and it works fine demo.zip
  5. very fun to play mapset difficulty is very nicely balanced imo maps are way too small should be bit bigger and with more monsters brilliant reminisce to plutonia my fda for all 6 maps 6 is first exit demo as i died a lot here as its very tight on ammo but worth it prboom cl2 uv skill 6.zip
  6. nice staring map super easy but fun size and alright design btw it works for on prboom too fda cl9 uv skill used popi9.zip
  7. Zahid

    Devive [Grid 64][MBF21][1 map]

    not great visuals but fun and exciting combats esp at start later on ammo go surplus like the starting manc and later cyberdemon fight my prboom fda on uv with some starting deaths popi9.zip
  8. the effect of swept away by tide and use of conveyer belts is great.... like outdoor maps more esp start of e1m5 was savage dont like the idea of too much optional areas and monsters or understand why only 5 maps per episode still very much enjoyable...difficulty is medium to easy designs are awesome my all maops demos e1 is fda while for e2 its non fda first exit demos e1e2all.zip
  9. after reaching map 4.5 i realized i played it before my thoughts first 4 maps are dull map 4 to 8 are good and map 8 to map 12 are best esp map 8 and 9 10 are wonderful architect and connectivity.... my fdas and first exit uv maxes there is a bug in map 11 where player fcan stuck and some monsters never appear in some maps prboom cl9 used 1-12.zip
  10. Zahid

    Which wad was this slaughtermap in?

    its in doomworld mega project series of early era i guess
  11. i have played some maps with similar design and concept fun and frustrating when playing my first successful effort after some deaths prboom cl9 uv demo iddt used popi9.zip
  12. Zahid

    Grid 64 [Single][Coop][Boom]

    it is a good map esp like the window usage which enables far enemies to attack lost souls usage was fine to health and ammo placement was good but ending was sudden and spoil the map for me my fda prboom cl9 uv skill popi9.zip
  13. start was bit dull but after map 2 wad feels nice although difficulty seems very tame and in control even on UV secondly doom1 wads mostly offer threats from lava floors which is missing here, also missed lost souls,design and architect is great though but as i earlier said fights are simple and basic my 9 map demos amp 1,2 and 9 are second exit demos and rest are first attempt fdas prboom cl9 uv and iddt used 1-2.zip
  14. Zahid

    Infested Cargo (TNT)

    very tight space map i guess wormhole was inspiration fun to explore map found all secrets but 2 monsters never show up playable in prboom with some missing textures but limit removing cl2 didnt work so i applied cl9 my semi fda prboom cl9 uv used popi9.zip
  15. just finished it.... its really good megawad....one of best i played recently.... designs and visuals are interesting.....esp like the retro homages..... fights are fun mostly my fda and first exit demos for all 32 maps cant finish map 25 prboom cl9 uv and iddt used demo.zip
  16. Zahid

    The first maps I ever made.

    it seems a map from early era of mapping with plain boxy design and visuals, moody and random gameplay mot bad though it ended unexpectedly though my prboom cl2 uv fda popi9.zip
  17. Zahid

    Palace of Pestilence

    retro style map with dry visuals and tough starting fights later half is extra easy got frustrated by slime death my 4 death fda prboom cl3 uv iddt used popi9.zip
  18. Zahid

    Short Episode 1 Themed Map I Made

    map feels like some 90s map with old fashion design and alright gameplay i miss the pinkies here as most monster feels similar not a bad map but not very good either my first attempt some how turns out to be uv max coz i dont know how some secret areas unlocked prboom cl3 uv demo popi9.zip
  19. great design and combats modern vibes..... my fda of first 3 maps i quit after a cruel trap will play again orboom cl9 uv demo popi9.zip
  20. little too much switches and teleporters but still not over confusing great use of monster and balanced fights with right proportions of ammo and health smart secret placement cant found 1 secret and that wasnt showing on automap took 20 min my prboom cl3 uv fda popi9.zip
  21. great map, simple but effective design, fights, secrets, balance and atmosphere all aspects are fine prboom demos popi9.zip
  22. i enjoy exploring it more than fights fights arent very hard but you created a very goof balance of health and ammo to keep player alert on uv you placed some monster in all 3 maps just to be killed without posing much threat which was fun too btw.... i finished all 3 maps pisto; start on uv without any deaths like the m3 most my prboom cl3 uv fdas popi9.zip
  23. Zahid

    Feedback for a first map

    gets better as it move on.... ammo is too much and many monsters fights were optional.... not bad for first try my 1 death fda prboom cl9 uv demo popi9.zip
  24. just finished it.... its a awesome mapset with great design, smart secrets, abstract architect and mostly tight spaces a very tight ammo balance makes it quite hard, darkness also makes it hard i skipped map 6 for its huge size now but try it later my 6 map demos which are not first attempts as these maps are really cruel on no save blind tries and would be boring so these are first exit demos prboom cl9 uv skill and iddt used 1-7.zip
  25. took me 3 days to finish it was overall a very fun wad to play visuls are great design are good, though after 20 maps design and progression start to get predictable ammo and health is mostly generous, and majority of maps offers a lot of space to run, i like sniper monsters usage in your maps, my most fav is map 10 the city level map 22 is bit too repetitive and throws monsters at players face but cool idea secrets are simple mostly you put chainsaw in every map no matter how useless it is even slaughter maps got it too.... megawad didn't got specific maps for ssg or chaingun as most common and frequent weapons are plasma gun and rocket launcher which are fun but i think variety would be better here are my 25 fda and first exit uv demos i skip map 26,27,28 and 29 prboom cl9 iddt uv used evil return.zip