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  1. Was it because I suddenly showed up and released a map when we already have thousands of other people doing the same thing and people are exhausted of playing new maps?

    Or was it because they didn't even see my thread?

    Or maybe they saw my thread and ignored it? But why would they ignore it? Exhausted? Jealousy? Or perhaps they expect a little "give and take" where I give reviews of their maps first before I take (ask) for reviews of my map?

    Or maybe people are on vacation? However, I see few other new maps (threads) since mine and seen other people (forum regulars) playing those but they didn't play mine. So, what's up with that?

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    2. hex11


      Cool... a classic-style map. I don't have Chocolate Doom installed ATM, so played it with prboom -complevel 2. No problems, so it should probably work in vanilla engine also. This one's pretty easy (finished on my first try) but it was fun to play. Kept thinking I was getting towards the end, but it proved me wrong several times!

    3. KiiiYiiiKiiiA


      40oz said:

      Generally a mapper becomes popular by leaving a history of maps behind them. I can't name a single mapper I really like who has only ever created one single map. It's very rare that some one shows up and makes a one-hit-wonder.

      Martin Aalen Hunsager is as close as I can find to someone who only released one map and is relatively well known.

      Ok technically he released two maps, but those two maps are the only maps I have ever been able to find by him. And they are two of my favorite maps ever.

      The two maps in question: MAP01 and MAP11 of Alien Vendetta. Map 11 particularly is a defining map in Doom's history, as impressive as even AV map 20.

      (Feel free to correct me if he has released any other maps tho. I have asked on this forum before about this and iirc no one else really knew either. Or they did and missed my question and so didn't reply. Or they just didn't want to reply.)

    4. hex11


      How about the dude who made uac_dead.wad (Leo Martin Lim), that's the only one from him?