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  1. If I'm gonna watch a playthrough with commentary, whoever's playing better make absolutely sure they know what they're doing (and preferably more about the game than the average player). There's few things that cause me to lose interest in an LP faster than players who barely try to understand what they're doing so they can dedicate more mental resources to re-hashing the latest stale memes and being "quirky".
  2. I always end up getting interested in these things, maybe this year I'll finally work up the motivation to actually submit something.
  3. Haven't been to this thread in a while so here, have this:
  4. That's it, close down Doomworld. Our purpose has been fulfilled. There is no way that anyone is ever going to even come close to making a project as excellent as this one within our collective future.
  5. For the last month or so, my gaming has been a consistent rotation of Shadow Warrior, Donkey Kong Country (now 2), Tetris & Dr. Mario, and occasionally GTA Online (when I can get some friends in on it)
  6. I'm talking specifically about this movie
  7. When are we getting the video game tie-in?
  8. I currently hold a highly esteemed job at the most prestigious of companies in which I make enough money to sustain not only my own life but also a potential family if I ever decide to start one because I just make that much.
  9. Because I couldn't think of any other relevant threads for this:
  10. Okay, gonna cut right to the chase. Next time you prepare yourself a cheeseburger, rather than putting the cheese on the patty and serving it on a bun serve the patty and all its other accouterments between two grilled (or toasted) cheese sandwiches.

    You'll thank me later. Reply with pic if you actually try it. Also, I usually split mine in half and save half for later to avoid over-gorging.

    1. Voros


      So the formula is this-
      1-toasted or grilled bread
      2-melted cheese
      3-toasted or grilled bread
      7-toasted or grilled bread
      8-melted cheese
      9-toasted or grilled bread.

      Seems more like using sandwiches to make a burger/sandwich.
      The idea is savory though.

    2. Chezza


      I like making what I call "Pizza Toast", my mum use to make it for me.

      Toast sliced Bread on Grill (Or use Toaster) then spread some Tomato Paste and add a slice of Tasty Cheese. Grill until Cheese melts. Then add a couple slices of Tomato followed by ham. Finally, to give it a unique European flavour simply pour a little olive oil and sprinkle Oregano on top. Then I personally put it back in the Grill to heat up some more.

      Very simple and damn delicious. It's just a matter of having the general ingredients. For an Italian blooded Australian like myself, I always buy more than I actually need.

    3. SYS

      A couple of bars I've been to have this on their menu. One called it the "Sasquatch Burger", the other "Anaconda Burger". Same idea, burger using two grilled cheese sandwiches for buns.

    4. printz


      Linkrulezall said:

      serve the patty and all its other accouterments between two grilled (or toasted) cheese sandwiches.

      That sounds fat.

    5. Ledillman


      printz said:

      That sounds fat.

      And i will take it :P

  11. Spyro 3 and Earthbound gave pirates hell for a while back in the day, Just Cause 3 is giving pirates hell now. I don't think we've got much to worry about.
  12. If there's not, then there should be. Fakery is also a pretty big problem in the Boards Of Canada community, definitely no shortage of hokum or jive there.
  13. Who else remembers back in the dark ages, when anyone could just upload anything to Napster or Limewire and claim that some big famous act was responsible for it? Anyways, I've been trying to track down some of the more interesting ones and as a result I have a little collection here. As far as I can tell the Astronomy Domine and Piggyback "demos" are both from an old hoax tape known as the "Freak-Out Demos" which has been circulating as far back as the 80s and was assumed to be legitimate for a while. Fuckin' awful to actually listen to, though. I've been trying to find the rest of the Freak-Out tape, but upon repeated listening to these I think they might be better off lost. Still, if you've got 'em I'd like to hear 'em (for some reason). The version of Interstellar Overdrive in here is of slightly higher quality, though that's not particularly difficult. Still fake, though. Susan's Lungs is one that my dad got back in the late '90s and we didn't figure out the deal behind it until recently. Apparently the backing track is real (lifted from the Silas Lang backing track) but whatever that is on top if it is fake. I've also got a fake Beatles tune under the name "Pink Litmus Paper Shirt" that uses the same lifted backing track, but didn't bother including it here. I believe there's a copy of it on Youtube. Chooka Chooka Chug Chug, Stanley The Simpleton, and Cinnamon Toast are entirely original. Out of anything in here, I'd honestly recommend giving Cinnamon Toast a listen or two. It's funny. Stanley The Simpleton is alright too, though definitely not up to the Floyd standard. Have any of you got any interesting fakes that you got off a P2P network years ago and appear to be pretty much unavailable on the net today? I'd like to hear 'em!
  14. Since it's a 2GB download with about 15 different wads containing all the data, I doubt it. Also, here are some other superior jokewads that Grezzo 2 stole from: -Mandrill Ass Project -What Da Fuck?/wdf.pk3 (Play at your own risk)