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  1. Okay, gonna cut right to the chase. Next time you prepare yourself a cheeseburger, rather than putting the cheese on the patty and serving it on a bun serve the patty and all its other accouterments between two grilled (or toasted) cheese sandwiches.

    You'll thank me later. Reply with pic if you actually try it. Also, I usually split mine in half and save half for later to avoid over-gorging.

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    2. SYS


      A couple of bars I've been to have this on their menu. One called it the "Sasquatch Burger", the other "Anaconda Burger". Same idea, burger using two grilled cheese sandwiches for buns.

    3. printz


      Linkrulezall said:

      serve the patty and all its other accouterments between two grilled (or toasted) cheese sandwiches.

      That sounds fat.

    4. Ledillman


      printz said:

      That sounds fat.

      And i will take it :P

  2. As a result of a combination of moving to college, being pretty burned out on Doom in general, and keeping most of my inane ramblings confined to the Twoism forums, my recent outings with Doom and Doomworld have been few and far between. I've been getting back into a lot of old grooves lately (for instance, I forgot how much I loved Pearl Jam for a while), it looks as though I'm ready to jump back in.

    Expect to see some new WADs/PK3s coming from my general direction at some point in the future. I've had plenty of ideas in my absence. Not going to specify what any of them are or when they'll be coming out, since it's a lot easier to live up to expectations when people expect nothing.

    Stay tuned!

    1. dg93


      Welcome back

  3. And it was good.

    Yeah, that's pretty much it. I thought I had more to say, but apparently not.

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    2. Linkrulezall


      Funny how my threads with the least substance end up starting the most discussion, eh?

    3. j4rio


      TheCupboard said:


      Yeah, powder. It wasn't too bad for a legal high, but I can imagine how somebody gets to freak out from the side effects. I guess that's why almost nobody has bothered with banning it. It's an interesting thing, nobody is really too sure what causes the effects, it's definitely not myristicin alone though. I'd say if you want to mimic the desired effect without involving the side effects, combination of myristicin and elamicin (4:1) would be the closest you can get to it, but that's only my hypothesis. There's only safrole in high enough concentration blamed as cause of side effects. Well, it is hepatotoxic on its own, but it's debatable whether it's in high enough dose to really cause something notable. The prolonged set of effects indicates it's a metabolite of either myristicine or elamicine (or both) that is the active form, and both are anticholinergic, so the cottonmouth and tachycardia will most likely persist even if you take extracted myristicin alone.

    4. SYS


      Nostradamus supposedly performed his "scrying" sessions by snorting nutmeg and then gazing into the reflection of a bowl of water.

  4. I'd like to interrupt the steady stream of news articles being linked in the Everything Else board to ask for some assistance with a conundrum that has been affecting me for a considerable amount of time now. Sometimes I carry loose change around in my pocket, but whenever I exit my car there it is sitting on either the floor or the seat. And that's a best case scenario. Sometimes I may want to buy something from a vending machine or make a call from a payphone because my cell phone is dead, but lo and behold, my change is gone. I can't for the life of me figure out why this is happening, but I have a few hypotheses:
    -Money just doesn't like me
    -I'm being pickpocketed by bums without realizing it
    -God himself is removing the change from my pocket
    -The government and/or college is removing the change from my pocket
    -Coins are just spontaneously melding with the pants
    -I collected 100 coins and they disappeared in exchange for an extra life
    -At some point I keep getting repeatedly mugged by pirates and forgetting it

    If anyone can offer me any assistance, please do. This is one of the few issues in my life right now that I can potentially do something about as soon as I find out what it is. I will personally mail you 2 quarters if you can give me a solution that works.

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    2. Snakes


      There's always your cornhole.

    3. Megalyth


      I don't want to scare you, but... I think gravity may be the cause.

    4. zap610


      Snakes said:

      There's always your cornhole.

      You may want to sit down for this

  5. What's the point of doing an internet call when the person you're talking to comes back sounding like this? http://puu.sh/eaWhz/e0204cacbf.ogg
    This happens all the time. Frontier Communications is my ISP, in case I didn't make that clear enough. Also, before you recommend switching to someone else keep in mind that the only other choice around here is the local cable company who's even more expensive for roughly the same quality.

    1. SyntherAugustus


      I thought you were talking about Frontier Developments for a second.

  6. NOTE: At the time I wrote this post, I wasn't exactly thinking clearly. Things ain't as bad as I made them out to be. Feel free to disregard everything below.

    I know someone, somewhere who's undoubtedly got it worse off than me would probably read this and laugh at me for thinking that I've got "real" problems, but I need to get this shit out of my system.

    For the past couple of months I've been dealing with quite a bit of depression and anxiety. A lot of it has to do with school. There's a couple of other factors, but they're pretty insignificant by comparison. Anyways, how many of you are aware of the International Baccalaureate? A quick google search will bring up thousands of people who describe it as something akin to "A fancy euphemism for Hell." They weren't kidding.

    I'm already taking 6 of the hardest classes that my school has to offer, which I could probably deal with if that was all. The thing that's really driving me up the wall is a 7th non-class that they call Center Of The Hexagon. So in addition to the heaviest workload I've had in my entire life (including actually having a real job), I have to write two extra essays (The EE, which is 2,000-4,000 words long over a chosen topic and the TOK essay that's 1,200-1,600 words long over a prescribed title that makes no sense) and do 150 hours of community service. Think about that for a moment. Getting caught driving drunk would net less mandatory community service hours.

    By now you're probably wondering "If you're so miserable with this system, why not drop it and go with AP or something?" Well, not only would that mean I'd be wasting 3.5 years worth of effort but I'd also be blowing my chances for the biggest financial advantage that I could ever hope for in my entire life barring the Rolling Cash 5 jackpot (which ain't happening). I've been going to this school for 4 straight years, so if I get accepted to Oberlin College then they'll pay my tuition. There's no way that my family and I would be able to afford something like that on our own, and we're already living significantly less than extravagantly. The staff has told me that at least 2 students last year got turned down for not taking the hardest classes, and that they're looking for IB diploma candidates (Take note for later that I said CANDIDATES, not graduates). This is my last-ditch effort at reaching above the bar for acceptance, and it's killing me.

    The one thing I've done 100% right is getting a 30 on my ACT. My GPA is a 3.0 cumulative (because I didn't care freshman year and the flu killed my grades sophomore year) and a 3.3 so far senior year. I had straight As with the exception of 1 B and 1 D+. Why do I have a D+, you ask? There was one 100 point project that was worth 40% of my grade for the quarter in Environmental Studies that I turned in later than the 3-day grace period they gave me after being incapacitated for a few days by sickness. I had been turning in "A" work that entire class, and even that assignment was "A" work, but because it was late they gave me 50% and pulled my grade down from a B+ to a D+. That single-handedly brought my GPA down below the college's average right there. If I want to have a shot, I really need to focus all my efforts on getting my grades up this quarter. The problem is that I can't do that and keep ahead on my Center of the Hexagon shit at the same time. I already gave it all I had last quarter and they still fucked me.

    However, I've been doing some thinking, and what's really the point of focusing on Center Of The Hexagon at all when it has no effect on my GPA and by the time any college knows whether I actually got an IB diploma or failed the Diploma Program and just got a regular one I'll have already either been accepted or denied in advance? Every single college I've looked at says they're looking for IBDP CANDIDATES, not actual recipients of an IB diploma. Even if I fail Center Of The Hexagon and end up with a normal high school diploma, I still took the hardest classes they had to offer and the colleges wouldn't know any different. However, if I go up front and drop it altogether so that I can focus on my other work then I'll technically no longer be an IBDP candidate.

    I'm faced with a bit of an existential crisis here. I just wish I could know in advance which path would lead to me getting accepted (or if all of my options right now lead to failure) so that I could stop agonizing about it already and just know where my efforts need to lie and power through it all. It's tearing me apart inside even though it probably shouldn't be.

    Does anyone have any advice before I completely lose it and end up doing something stupid that I'll regret later?

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    2. Linkrulezall


      Krispy said:

      I do not think that word means what you think it means.

    3. Cupboard


      150 hours of community service sounds like a lot but you have, what, 6-9 months to do it all in? That won't be so bad and by the time you are done you will have more topics about how you helped people/society/mangled puppies & kittens to write about for all those really long essays you were mentioning earlier.

      Also I think you should consider going to a talk therapist or guidance counselor because they are good at allowing you to vent your depression (depression and anxiety are anger turned inward toward the self) and helping you figure out which kinds of service work you would find least painful and matches your skill set.

      edit: also bring your homework with you to those service work opportunities. You might be surprised that a lot of that time helping others you are actually sitting on your ass waiting for them to approach you.

    4. durian


      The community service does sound like it could be a ballache, but - as TheCupboard said - if it's spread out over the year then it needn't be too bad, and could even add some nice balance to your week if you're spending a lot of your other time on school stuff. To what extent are you able to choose what you do?

      Two short essays doesn't sound like it should give you too much trouble - what's the title that makes no sense?

      Nothing you've said indicates to me that you should drop it.

  7. My sleep cycle has been all out of whack ever since summer started. Far too many days where I've stayed up until the early hours of the morning and woken up at some time between Noon and 2PM. It came to a head yesterday when I accidentally slept in until 3PM after staying up until 4AM the night before (not by my own choice, but because I simply couldn't fall asleep) so I figured I'd try a little experiment. As I'm typing this I've been awake for nearly 33 hours, thinking that if I exhausted myself enough that I'd be asleep by now and finally be able to start waking up before noon again. Surprise, surprise, despite feeling like I was about to just pass out on the floor earlier today I'm somehow not tired again.

    Does anyone have any advice on how to resolve this issue? Better yet, does anyone else have a sarcastic response that won't help in any way whatsoever? That would be much appreciated.

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    2. geo


      Half serious answer: Purple urkle. I heard it on a TV show so I looked it up. Weed that helps insomnia.

      Dead serious answer that works for me: I think the real way is stay up late a day or two before you need to have a sleep schedule. Set your alarm clock early, wake up do a whole day to the point you'll be tired enough to sleep on time. Fight falling asleep or napping until the time you're supposed to sleep. Then have an alarm to start your schedule. That seems to be the quickest way to jump start my being on a schedule, but everyone is different I guess.

      Eventually you'll get to the point where you won't need the alarm it'll just be natural. I've had some fucked up sleep schedules in the past. Waking at 11pm for work, 4 am to help on my uncle's farm at 5 am.

    3. TwinBeast


      Browse Post Hell in the middle of the night. It's bright yellow/orange, which helps making you sleepy. Blue color makes you stay awake. Try using f.lux with computer. Basically you need blue light during the day and orange light during evening.

      Go outside during the day, and do some physical stuff somewhere around mid day. After 6pm, do something less intense.

      If none of that helps, try getting some melatonin. I haven't tried it myself, but it probably works. For me it was enough to do the stuff above.

      Also after long wake period, it's possible to be "too tired" to sleep. May take a few hours before you can fall asleep.

    4. 40oz


      What have you been doing up late at night? If you've been playing games or obsessiely doing other mentally occupying tasks, its not easy to immediately switch to sleep mode, even when physically tired. Your mind might still be racing with all the mental stimulation and needs a lot of extra time to wind down. It's especially more difficult if you have a tv or computer in your bedroom where you do these things. Keeping your bed seperate from your living space helps your mind transition from active to sleep. When they're in the same room, there's a lot of gray area between the two times.

      If it's actually insomnia, I don't really have any comment on that as I've never had to deal with it.

  8. This was also posted in the Doom Videos thread, but I wanted to mirror it here to prevent it from getting lost in the sea of other doom videos from said thread.

    *Except in Nebraska. Restrictions apply, results may vary, not for use with other prescription medications. Linkrulezall may not be held responsible for any disappointment, hurt feelings, leg spasms, enthusiastic dishwashing, internal thunderings, indigestion, heartburn, random breakouts of impromptu breakdancing, amnesia, spine loss, explosive vomit, guts becoming huge, and/or untimely demise which may occur as a result of this not actually being the best Zandronum server in the world.

  9. For the summer I'm working at the IT department across a private school district in northeast Ohio. It mostly involves setting up new computer equipment, mounting hard drives, setting up the software and whatnot, and cleaning things. Other days I might work at the facilities department and do groundskeeping or painting-type jobs.

    Yeah, that's about it. $10/hour. I would post a picture of my ID card here but that would involve revealing my full, real name.

    1. Cupboard


      That sounds better than working at a place where you come home and smell like food the rest of the day. Also sounds better than the night shift because then you go home, sleep, and basically have no life.

    2. Blastfrog


      I know I said I wouldn't post for at least a month, and I'm still holding myself to that, but this is in blogs (and thus arguably doesn't count as a real forum post) and it piqued my interest. As I'd like to voluntarily lay low for at least a month to collect my thoughts after recent events, I'm going to write as little as possible publicly. This'll likely be the only thing you'll see me post on DW for several weeks, and I didn't even really want to pop out from under my rock to write this.

      Ordinarily, I'd just use the PM system and avoid posting altogether, but Linkrulezall seems to be unaware that I've left him a PM from a couple weeks back, so this is likely the only way to get his attention.

      So, uh, Linkrulezall, please check your PM inbox, I just sent you another one pertaining to this blog entry.

    3. Linkrulezall


      Sodaholic said:

      So, uh, Linkrulezall, please check your PM inbox, I just sent you another one pertaining to this blog entry.

      Done, and replied. This site isn't exactly the best about letting me know when I've got new mail.

  10. :v

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    2. Linkrulezall


      What you guys didn't see was the rest of that convo with Carn. Or just about any conversation I have with most people. It gets crazy fast.

    3. Carnevil


      Linkrulezall said:

      What you guys didn't see was the rest of that convo with Carn.

      I saw it, and I have this to conclude:


    4. Clonehunter


      And just in time for breakfast.

  11. So yeah, there's this intersection up the street from me that always has shit going on in it because of damn fools who don't know that they're gonna get t-boned by the oncoming traffic if they just go out into it without looking. The reason why I bring this up is because earlier today I was stopped at said intersection and someone in a Jeep decided to pull out and turn, failing to notice the oncoming old lady. The old lady smashed into the jeep, and then one of them (I can't remember which, it happened too fast) skidded into the front of mine and fucked it up (front of the frame's all bent out of shape and the wheel housing's smashed).

    Have any of you guys had shit like this happen to you?

    In case you're wondering nobody went the way of Lüt and died, in fact everyone walked out fine. (not that you'd be able to tell by looking at the cars)

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    2. FireFish


      i have been ran over with my bike 3 times. the first two times i escaped with severely bended bike wheels and a white face because some idiots used a small parking space between two roads as a shortcut without even breaking...

      The third time my legs where against the wheels of the car, and stuff broke on the cars bumper while my bike its pedal was inside that bumper. for some odd reason the car driver did not notice that so i gathered the crap that fell off and hid it...

      so yeah, some drivers need to check their stuff.

      i do not know if this counts as an answer to your questions, but i experience this as idiotic card drivers fit for the topic.

    3. geo


      There's an infamous cross traffic crossroads in the middle of a corn field around here. There are no stop signs and no posted speed limit signs. Even though its not a traveled road, it still results in horrifying car crashes every few months at night when the corn is tall enough.

      The farmer that owns the land around the area has even had to pay fines from the city.... why? He put up his own stop signs to ensure no one dies. He's not the city. He can't do that. He even moved the stop signs so they're off the 'village property' next to the road and onto his property. Still got fined again and needs to either pay the fine or go to court. The farmer is pretty poor and can't afford the sign, so he takes them down and puts them back up when he thinks no one cares anymore.

      The village doesn't want to pay for a sign, yet there are maybe 4 accidents there per year. The village cries too poor for a sign that's on a paved road... so they collect fines from this farmer.

    4. CorSair


      Pedestrian crossing can be real nightmare to get across, especially in town or city. You have good chance to be hit, since some folks just simply don't respect them. Even if it's in the law.

  12. You know what I love? Writing nearly 40 pages worth of dialogue only to have GZDoomBuilder crash. You know what I love even more? Realizing that the last time I saved was on page 7. I know all of you want to experience the same amount of ecstatic pleasure that I am currently experiencing, and I can tell you how right now!


    Never! Don't do it! If you save anything, your life will be boring! Don't you want the excitement of being able to do it all over again? Of course you do! But why stop there? You can find new and exciting ways to deliberately crash the editor so you can have all the fun and excitement of doing whatever you were just doing again! You can set up glasses of water precariously all over your workspace and "accidentally" knock one of them over! Or two! Or three! Hell, why not just knock them all over? They make an extremely satisfying sound when they shatter and will most certainly fuck up whatever you were working on, causing you to not only get to redo all your hard work, but buy a new computer! Doesn't that sound like fun? Of course it does!

    Stop having a boring life, follow my instructions now! No, I'm not bitter about anything, why would you ask?

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    2. Ribbiks


      stop having a boring tuna, stop having a boring life.

    3. Fletcher`
    4. GreyGhost


      Joshy said:

      Oh god XXXX, ughhh.

      Any truth to the rumour that Castlemaine was sued by four rugby players for using their signatures to endorse the product without their consent?

  13. Here's a list I made of all the B-sides and rarities that I happen to have in my personal collection at this time. These are strictly Pearl Jam, not Bad Radio, Temple Of The Dog, Birdman Sessions, etc.:
    -Act Of Love (live)
    -Against The '70s (live)
    -Agyptian Crave (Gossman demo)
    -All Night (Lost Dogs version)
    -Alone (Go Single)
    -Alone (Lost Dogs version)
    -Alone (Rough Mix)
    -Angel (Xmas Single)
    -Anything In Between (Unreleased)
    -Be A Star, Boy (live)
    -Beast Of Burden (Live Improv)
    -Beast Of Burden/Rats (Live)
    -Bee Girl (Lost Dogs version)
    -Bee Girl (Live on Rockline)
    -Better Days (from Vitalogy expanded edition)
    -Better Man (Alternate Take)
    -Black, Red, Yellow (Live)
    -Black, Red, Yellow (Lost Dogs version)
    -Blues Jam (Mookie Blaylock demo)
    -Brass In Pocket (Jam)
    -Breath And A Scream (from Ten Redux)
    -Brother (Instrumental, Lost Dogs version)
    -Brother (from Ten Redux)
    -Brother (Rough Mix w/ Different Lyrics)
    -Catholic Boy (from Catholic Boy soundtrack)
    -Chinese (Demo)
    -Chinese Firedrill (Live with Mike Watt)
    -Cold Confession (Demo)
    -Corduroy (Alternate Take)
    -Crazy Mary (from Vs. expanded edition)
    -Cready Stomp (from Vs. expanded edition)
    -Daddy Could Swear, I Declare (Mookie Blaylock demo)
    -Dead Man (from Lost Dogs)
    -Devil Doll (Demo)
    -Dirty Frank (Alive Single)
    -Dirty Frank (Lost Dogs version)
    -Dollar Short (Gossman Demo)
    -Don't Gimme No Lip (Lost Dogs version)
    -Don't Gimme No Lip (Rough Mix)
    -Doobie E (Gossman Demo)
    -Down (from Lost Dogs)
    -Drifting (from Lost Dogs)
    -E Ballad (Gossman Demo)
    -Education (Lost Dogs version)
    -Education (Rough Mix)
    -Evil E (Gossman Demo)
    -Evil Little Goat (from Ten Redux)
    -Evolution (Live Eddie Solo performance)
    -Extemperaneous Wanderings (Live Improv)
    -Falling Down (Unreleased)
    -Fatal (Lost Dogs version)
    -Fatal (Rough Mix)
    -Folk D (Gossman Demo)
    -Footsteps (Jeremy Single)
    -Footsteps (Lost Dogs version)
    -Forever In Blue Jeans (Live)
    -Fuckin' Up (Live)
    -The Golden State (Demo)
    -Good Woman (Live Eddie Solo performance)
    -Gremmie Out Of Control (from Lost Dogs)
    -Hard To Imagine (from Lost Dogs)
    -Hitchhiker (Lost Dogs version)
    -Hitchhiker (Rough Mix)
    -Hold On (Lost Dogs version)
    -Hold On (from Vs. expanded edition)
    -Hold On (Rough Mix)
    -Hunger Strike (Live Improv)
    -I'm Still Here (Unreleased)
    -I Got Id (from Merkin Ball)
    -I Got You (Live)
    -In The Moonlight (Lost Dogs version)
    -In The Moonlight (Rough Mix)
    -Instrumental 1 (Mookie Blaylock demo)
    -Instrumental 2 (Mookie Blaylock demo)
    -It Ain't Like That (Mookie Blaylock demo)
    -Just A Girl (from Ten Redux)
    -Just A Girl (Rough Mix)
    -The Kids Are Alright (Live)
    -The King (Gossman Demo)
    -Last Kiss (Lost Dogs version)
    -Last Kiss (Xmas Single)
    -Leatherman (Single)
    -Leavin' Here (Live)
    -Leavin' Here (Lost Dogs version)
    -Let It Ride (Demo)
    -Let Me Sleep (Lost Dogs version)
    -Let Me Sleep (Xmas Single)
    -Letter To The Dead (Rough Mix, early version of Sad)
    -Little Wing/Maggot Brain (Live)
    -Long Road (from Merkin Ball)
    -Long Road (Live Improv)
    -Love You, Want You, Hate You (Live Improv)
    -Lukin II (Live)
    -Man Of The Hour (Single)
    -Master/Slave (Long Version, Mookie Blaylock demo)
    -My Generation (Live Improv)
    -"New" Jeremy (Live from Red Rocks)
    -No Jeremy (Xmas Single)
    -Nonsense (Live)
    -Of The Earth (Live)
    -Olé (Live)
    -Olympic Platinum (Xmas Single)
    -Other Side (from Lost Dogs)
    -Out Of My Mind (Not For You single)
    -Patriots (Live)
    -Price Of Pain (Live)
    -Puzzle and Game (Unreleased)
    -Reach Down (Live, Xmas Single)
    -Redemption Song (Live)
    -Richards' E (Gossman Demo)
    -Rockin' In The Free World (Live)
    -Sad (from Lost Dogs)
    -Santa Cruz (Xmas Single)
    -Santa God (Xmas Single)
    -Ship Song (Live)
    -Sleepless Night (Live, Xmas Single)
    -Small Mosquito (Demo)
    -Smile (Live, Xmas Single)
    -Soldier Of Love (Live, Xmas Single)
    -Sonic Reducer (Xmas Single)
    -Sonic Reducer (Live, Xmas Single)
    -State Of Love And Trust (Mookie Blaylock demo)
    -State Of Love And Trust (from Ten Redux)
    -Strangest Tribe (Xmas Single)
    -Strangest Tribe (Lost Dogs version)
    -Sunburn (Unreleased, Stone on Vocals)
    -Swallow My Pride (Live, Xmas Single)
    -Sweet Lew (Lost Dogs version)
    -Sweet Lew (Rough Mix)
    -Three Little Birds (Live Improv)
    -Times Of Trouble (Gossman Demo)
    -Touch Me I'm Dick (Mookie Blaylock demo)
    -Touch Me I'm Sick (Mookie Blaylock demo)
    -Turning Mist (Xmas Single)
    -U (from Lost Dogs)
    -Undone (from Lost Dogs)
    -Wash (Alive single)
    -Wash (Lost Dogs version)
    -Weird A (Gossman Demo)
    -Whale Song (from Lost Dogs)
    -Wishing Well (Mookie Blaylock demo)
    -Wishing Well (Live)
    -Yellow Ledbetter (Jeremy single)
    -Yellow Ledbetter (Lost Dogs version)
    -Zoom (Drunk Eddie and Jeff calling radio show)
    -2000 Mile Blues (from Ten Redux)
    -4/20/02 (from Lost Dogs)
    -7 Up (Gossman Demo)

    This is not at all excessive.

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    2. Snakes


      May I recommend you use the excellent Even Flow midi that's an exceedingly popular hit throughout the Doom community.

    3. Memfis


      Link was actually the author of the thread where it was discovered :) - http://www.doomworld.com/vb/doom-editing/65763-why-are-there-no-good-pearl-jam-midis/

    4. Snakes


      My ability to research these forums continues to be stunningly underwhelming