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  1. Here's a list I made of all the B-sides and rarities that I happen to have in my personal collection at this time. These are strictly Pearl Jam, not Bad Radio, Temple Of The Dog, Birdman Sessions, etc.:
    -Act Of Love (live)
    -Against The '70s (live)
    -Agyptian Crave (Gossman demo)
    -All Night (Lost Dogs version)
    -Alone (Go Single)
    -Alone (Lost Dogs version)
    -Alone (Rough Mix)
    -Angel (Xmas Single)
    -Anything In Between (Unreleased)
    -Be A Star, Boy (live)
    -Beast Of Burden (Live Improv)
    -Beast Of Burden/Rats (Live)
    -Bee Girl (Lost Dogs version)
    -Bee Girl (Live on Rockline)
    -Better Days (from Vitalogy expanded edition)
    -Better Man (Alternate Take)
    -Black, Red, Yellow (Live)
    -Black, Red, Yellow (Lost Dogs version)
    -Blues Jam (Mookie Blaylock demo)
    -Brass In Pocket (Jam)
    -Breath And A Scream (from Ten Redux)
    -Brother (Instrumental, Lost Dogs version)
    -Brother (from Ten Redux)
    -Brother (Rough Mix w/ Different Lyrics)
    -Catholic Boy (from Catholic Boy soundtrack)
    -Chinese (Demo)
    -Chinese Firedrill (Live with Mike Watt)
    -Cold Confession (Demo)
    -Corduroy (Alternate Take)
    -Crazy Mary (from Vs. expanded edition)
    -Cready Stomp (from Vs. expanded edition)
    -Daddy Could Swear, I Declare (Mookie Blaylock demo)
    -Dead Man (from Lost Dogs)
    -Devil Doll (Demo)
    -Dirty Frank (Alive Single)
    -Dirty Frank (Lost Dogs version)
    -Dollar Short (Gossman Demo)
    -Don't Gimme No Lip (Lost Dogs version)
    -Don't Gimme No Lip (Rough Mix)
    -Doobie E (Gossman Demo)
    -Down (from Lost Dogs)
    -Drifting (from Lost Dogs)
    -E Ballad (Gossman Demo)
    -Education (Lost Dogs version)
    -Education (Rough Mix)
    -Evil E (Gossman Demo)
    -Evil Little Goat (from Ten Redux)
    -Evolution (Live Eddie Solo performance)
    -Extemperaneous Wanderings (Live Improv)
    -Falling Down (Unreleased)
    -Fatal (Lost Dogs version)
    -Fatal (Rough Mix)
    -Folk D (Gossman Demo)
    -Footsteps (Jeremy Single)
    -Footsteps (Lost Dogs version)
    -Forever In Blue Jeans (Live)
    -Fuckin' Up (Live)
    -The Golden State (Demo)
    -Good Woman (Live Eddie Solo performance)
    -Gremmie Out Of Control (from Lost Dogs)
    -Hard To Imagine (from Lost Dogs)
    -Hitchhiker (Lost Dogs version)
    -Hitchhiker (Rough Mix)
    -Hold On (Lost Dogs version)
    -Hold On (from Vs. expanded edition)
    -Hold On (Rough Mix)
    -Hunger Strike (Live Improv)
    -I'm Still Here (Unreleased)
    -I Got Id (from Merkin Ball)
    -I Got You (Live)
    -In The Moonlight (Lost Dogs version)
    -In The Moonlight (Rough Mix)
    -Instrumental 1 (Mookie Blaylock demo)
    -Instrumental 2 (Mookie Blaylock demo)
    -It Ain't Like That (Mookie Blaylock demo)
    -Just A Girl (from Ten Redux)
    -Just A Girl (Rough Mix)
    -The Kids Are Alright (Live)
    -The King (Gossman Demo)
    -Last Kiss (Lost Dogs version)
    -Last Kiss (Xmas Single)
    -Leatherman (Single)
    -Leavin' Here (Live)
    -Leavin' Here (Lost Dogs version)
    -Let It Ride (Demo)
    -Let Me Sleep (Lost Dogs version)
    -Let Me Sleep (Xmas Single)
    -Letter To The Dead (Rough Mix, early version of Sad)
    -Little Wing/Maggot Brain (Live)
    -Long Road (from Merkin Ball)
    -Long Road (Live Improv)
    -Love You, Want You, Hate You (Live Improv)
    -Lukin II (Live)
    -Man Of The Hour (Single)
    -Master/Slave (Long Version, Mookie Blaylock demo)
    -My Generation (Live Improv)
    -"New" Jeremy (Live from Red Rocks)
    -No Jeremy (Xmas Single)
    -Nonsense (Live)
    -Of The Earth (Live)
    -Olé (Live)
    -Olympic Platinum (Xmas Single)
    -Other Side (from Lost Dogs)
    -Out Of My Mind (Not For You single)
    -Patriots (Live)
    -Price Of Pain (Live)
    -Puzzle and Game (Unreleased)
    -Reach Down (Live, Xmas Single)
    -Redemption Song (Live)
    -Richards' E (Gossman Demo)
    -Rockin' In The Free World (Live)
    -Sad (from Lost Dogs)
    -Santa Cruz (Xmas Single)
    -Santa God (Xmas Single)
    -Ship Song (Live)
    -Sleepless Night (Live, Xmas Single)
    -Small Mosquito (Demo)
    -Smile (Live, Xmas Single)
    -Soldier Of Love (Live, Xmas Single)
    -Sonic Reducer (Xmas Single)
    -Sonic Reducer (Live, Xmas Single)
    -State Of Love And Trust (Mookie Blaylock demo)
    -State Of Love And Trust (from Ten Redux)
    -Strangest Tribe (Xmas Single)
    -Strangest Tribe (Lost Dogs version)
    -Sunburn (Unreleased, Stone on Vocals)
    -Swallow My Pride (Live, Xmas Single)
    -Sweet Lew (Lost Dogs version)
    -Sweet Lew (Rough Mix)
    -Three Little Birds (Live Improv)
    -Times Of Trouble (Gossman Demo)
    -Touch Me I'm Dick (Mookie Blaylock demo)
    -Touch Me I'm Sick (Mookie Blaylock demo)
    -Turning Mist (Xmas Single)
    -U (from Lost Dogs)
    -Undone (from Lost Dogs)
    -Wash (Alive single)
    -Wash (Lost Dogs version)
    -Weird A (Gossman Demo)
    -Whale Song (from Lost Dogs)
    -Wishing Well (Mookie Blaylock demo)
    -Wishing Well (Live)
    -Yellow Ledbetter (Jeremy single)
    -Yellow Ledbetter (Lost Dogs version)
    -Zoom (Drunk Eddie and Jeff calling radio show)
    -2000 Mile Blues (from Ten Redux)
    -4/20/02 (from Lost Dogs)
    -7 Up (Gossman Demo)

    This is not at all excessive.

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    2. Snakes


      May I recommend you use the excellent Even Flow midi that's an exceedingly popular hit throughout the Doom community.

    3. Memfis


      Link was actually the author of the thread where it was discovered :) - http://www.doomworld.com/vb/doom-editing/65763-why-are-there-no-good-pearl-jam-midis/

    4. Snakes


      My ability to research these forums continues to be stunningly underwhelming