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  1. You know what I love? Writing nearly 40 pages worth of dialogue only to have GZDoomBuilder crash. You know what I love even more? Realizing that the last time I saved was on page 7. I know all of you want to experience the same amount of ecstatic pleasure that I am currently experiencing, and I can tell you how right now!


    Never! Don't do it! If you save anything, your life will be boring! Don't you want the excitement of being able to do it all over again? Of course you do! But why stop there? You can find new and exciting ways to deliberately crash the editor so you can have all the fun and excitement of doing whatever you were just doing again! You can set up glasses of water precariously all over your workspace and "accidentally" knock one of them over! Or two! Or three! Hell, why not just knock them all over? They make an extremely satisfying sound when they shatter and will most certainly fuck up whatever you were working on, causing you to not only get to redo all your hard work, but buy a new computer! Doesn't that sound like fun? Of course it does!

    Stop having a boring life, follow my instructions now! No, I'm not bitter about anything, why would you ask?

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    2. Ribbiks


      stop having a boring tuna, stop having a boring life.

    3. rf`
    4. GreyGhost


      Joshy said:

      Oh god XXXX, ughhh.

      Any truth to the rumour that Castlemaine was sued by four rugby players for using their signatures to endorse the product without their consent?