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  1. So yeah, there's this intersection up the street from me that always has shit going on in it because of damn fools who don't know that they're gonna get t-boned by the oncoming traffic if they just go out into it without looking. The reason why I bring this up is because earlier today I was stopped at said intersection and someone in a Jeep decided to pull out and turn, failing to notice the oncoming old lady. The old lady smashed into the jeep, and then one of them (I can't remember which, it happened too fast) skidded into the front of mine and fucked it up (front of the frame's all bent out of shape and the wheel housing's smashed).

    Have any of you guys had shit like this happen to you?

    In case you're wondering nobody went the way of Lüt and died, in fact everyone walked out fine. (not that you'd be able to tell by looking at the cars)

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    2. FireFish


      i have been ran over with my bike 3 times. the first two times i escaped with severely bended bike wheels and a white face because some idiots used a small parking space between two roads as a shortcut without even breaking...

      The third time my legs where against the wheels of the car, and stuff broke on the cars bumper while my bike its pedal was inside that bumper. for some odd reason the car driver did not notice that so i gathered the crap that fell off and hid it...

      so yeah, some drivers need to check their stuff.

      i do not know if this counts as an answer to your questions, but i experience this as idiotic card drivers fit for the topic.

    3. geo


      There's an infamous cross traffic crossroads in the middle of a corn field around here. There are no stop signs and no posted speed limit signs. Even though its not a traveled road, it still results in horrifying car crashes every few months at night when the corn is tall enough.

      The farmer that owns the land around the area has even had to pay fines from the city.... why? He put up his own stop signs to ensure no one dies. He's not the city. He can't do that. He even moved the stop signs so they're off the 'village property' next to the road and onto his property. Still got fined again and needs to either pay the fine or go to court. The farmer is pretty poor and can't afford the sign, so he takes them down and puts them back up when he thinks no one cares anymore.

      The village doesn't want to pay for a sign, yet there are maybe 4 accidents there per year. The village cries too poor for a sign that's on a paved road... so they collect fines from this farmer.

    4. CorSair


      Pedestrian crossing can be real nightmare to get across, especially in town or city. You have good chance to be hit, since some folks just simply don't respect them. Even if it's in the law.